[READ FIRST] Reporting bugs

  • These are community supported builds so please post all bugs/issues in this forum area only.

    Please also note that most community builds are supported by only one person and you have to be patient. We are not wizards and some hard to solve bugs may never be solved.

    How to report a bug:

    • Always post full log., not only the part you think is relevant. Bug reports without logs or with incomplete logs will be ignored unless logs cannot be collected. Bug reports about video playback have to include a short sample that allows to reproduce the bug.
    • Read a list of known bugs for the latest release. Is it a known bug? If so, there is no need to report it.
    • Search subforum - the bug has been probably already reported by other users.
    • Create a thread in Amlogic subforum for every new bug so that users can easily find solutions and help.
    • Help identify your situation:
      • include device type (S805/S905 etc.) in thread topic
      • write which build you are using and which device tree
      • include brand and name of your device
      • provide a step-by-step information how to reproduce the bug.

    How to provide support logs:

    You can follow visual guide from "Via Samba/SMB" tab: how_to:provide_logfile [LibreELEC]


    1. Enable debugging in Kodi: Log file/Advanced - Official Kodi Wiki
    2. Turn off the box in Kodi menu.
    3. Unplug the power and power the box again.
    4. Reproduce your issue.
    5. After reproducing your issue, go to \\LibreELEC\Logfiles shared folder and grab zipped logs from there
    6. If you're unable to access the share, you can also SSH to the box, execute createlog and download zip file with logs over SFTP from /storage/logfiles