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    Your fault. Overwriting your running version with higher alpha version is big mistake. If you starts testing new alpha version you have to start testing with clean installation on new SD card.

    Now you can start LE installation from scratch. Clean install on SD card -> installtointernal.

    ok, i must learn something, when i start with a clean 9.0 , how tvheadend you prefer? 4.2 oder 4.3, can i use my complete tvheadend config folder?

    I don't quite understand... You used the latest version of what? If tvheadend is a problem you can downgrade it and disable updates on the package.

    i´m new on libreelec, (have a new KII pro Box with S905D). I update for tests with Amazon or netflix. But the most used Addon here ist Tvheadend for watching Live TV.

    I use your latest, update from a worked, i see thatadd on migration, but after 20 minutes i make a reboot. After reboot some addons have new Versions (tveadend 4.3) After 10 Minutes Live TV i see a complete Freeze, Nothing is possible, no ssh, only a hard reboot.

    I restart, downgrade to Tvheadend 4.2 (my old running version) after 10-15 min the same, complete freeze!

    Can i everything do for this issues, debug log or so? But how can is do this on the complete freeze.

    regard Frank

    Update: I use the LE 8.0.2c-I image on a new Box (S905D) , start backup from my old S905 (without "D") start Restore and installtointernal, Job finished .

    After a restart without Card comes libreelec Screen, on the left side top, and comes

    LibreELEC Community Version 8.0.2c-I

    ..and nothing else, no boot from internal. i use my Backup from the old S905 K2 (S905 without"D")

    is it possible that have the Backup wrong dtb or others Informations from old 905 useinside?

    äi will check it, thx a lot!

    after reading the specs on alibaba/aliexpress/ etc pp, i dont check the real differences from Ki plus/pro and new Kii pro

    The most difference i think is DDR III and DDRIV RAM, right? i will check of new KII have a 100 or 1000 LAN

    I search for new buying the best for our Experience with DVB included (please with DVB-C)

    No its Time for a new Thread.

    after some experience i see my failure and a have a old and new device, the old one have 905 inside, the new Boxes

    arrived me some days ago, have a very small sticker "S905D"

    after test with some images from afl1 i can say: the the LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.90.2-K.img runs.

    i have tested K1 and K2 dtb. But i dont see a lan Port, only Wlan inside.

    I test the new Adam image, but dont boot, with K1 and k2 dtb the same.

    afl1, can you support this?

    now i answer myself, i hope everyone can help with this following issues (after sleeping now 5 hours experinces,,,):

    --------i have a complete great working box "KII Pro", i need to clone this box 1:1------

    on the box works 8.0.2c-I

    i download LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.2c-I.img.gz

    put it on my SD card (rufus) , download gxbb_p200_k2_pro.dtb and replace it to dtb.img

    libreelec starts, checking/resize storage and reboot, kodi picture starts, the screen goes black and the box shut down (green LED goes Red)

    i can start the box new, libreelec/kodi comes, (only the kodi 17.3 Picture) but the box goes shutdown!

    When i start this SD card on my working kodi box, a new Kodi starts! with default settings!

    Ok, the box is damaged? I have more then one, new Box packed out and start again! The same one, libreelec starts, kodi pictures start, black screen, box goes shutdown itself.

    Ok, i see from @sinancetinkaya the Image


    i burn it on SD, put right dtb on the SD....starts again on a new Box, that Kodi works! but i cannot use my old settings from 8.0.2c-I, something dont works, and i see i dont have a Lan Port, only WLAN works. I must have LAN. Anyone have a Idea why only WLAN works on this Version?

    i have tested a Version wirth 8.9-k, works too, but Kodi 18, and then i must do complete new all addons.

    Can anyone help me with my issues?

    sure i delete the orginal dtb.img and rename after then gxbb_p200_k2_pro.dtb to dtb.img. but it will dont boot


    i have test it, and it runs ! but i need my complete settings from my first box to my second, and i must learn, i can restore settings only on the same libreelec version, right?

    i tested this 8.2 from afl1, and on my KII Pro works only with Wlan, i dont find settings for a lan port!

    i tar and copy my complete storage dir from first to second device but some things dont work. yes i can check all things and repare, but

    thats not the right way for many devices, i think i need to learn something and search the failure,

    What is my problem?