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    I'm on 1.0.5 (I think this holds also for afl1 8.90 build) and Kodi crashes when I do the following:

    Play LiveTV via TVHeadend, open a video addon like Youtube and play a random video. Screen gets black, box freezes, kodi restarts after about 2 minutes.

    Crash logs via PM.

    Thanks a lot! The airmouse works now. In the future I will try to be more precise with my bug reports, I really appreciate the work of you guys here. Thanks adamg   kszaq and afl1 , you make my box usable.

    It look like you have wrong remote.conf. Try clean install of my image on new SD card and then replace dtb.img. I did same test on my KI Plus and RC was working.

    I did a clean install with your build from yesterday. Just before I put the dtb and the .tar of your image into the update folder, same error.

    I never had to create a remote.conf for the USB airmouse and under 8.2 it is working.

    I installed the keymap editor and tried to set keys from the airmouse but it did not recognise it.

    Thank for report. Booting issue you can fix by setting environment variable hdmimode:

    1. fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p60hz

    In kszaq repository is wrong dtb.img for KI Plus. Use to fix RC issue.

    Thanks for the feedback afl1 . Unfortunately, your KI_Plus_dtb does not help with my remote control problem. Can I somehow debug anything?

    usb-devices is showing my remote, seems obvious because some buttons work.

    cat /proc/bus/input/devices shows:

    There was changes upstream that broke some remote support, however this was resolved for amlogic remotes.

    You said you suffer from "alot" of bugs with my build, I would be interested to know what these are.

    • The remote+ probox airmouse does not work anymore (reported to you already - you told me check remote.conf)
    • Starting my KI Plus without the TV on, I get a distorted screen (reported to you already - you told me bootloader issue)
    • Live TV starts beeing unstable after 2 hours, showing micro freezes every 10 seconds
    • The refreshing frequency seems to jump between 50/60Hz randomly (TV screen does not fit after reboot/playing video from addons...)

    I stopped using the adamg build for now because everything works fine in 8.2.

    The distorted screen problem does not occour anymore for afl1 build. The other bugs I can not really test without a working remote. I'm wondering if I'm the only one facing problems with the remote under 9.0 builds.

    I hope no one gets me wrong here, I'm happy for all your efforts. Without the Libreelec builds the Amlogic devices would receive far less attention.

    I just tried update method but it failed to update. Failed MD5 check or something i saw whilst updating.

    I'll try fresh install?

    I'm still on 5th October build. See signature.

    I updated from adamg but my remote does not work for afl1 build neither. Since 1.0.4 only arrow keys and OK is working, the rest not.

    Maybe afl1 could have a look?

    I use an airmouse without any remote.conf. It was working without configuring anything in 8.2 and since 7.xx.

    Live TV is working flawlessly.

    Wohooo, sounds great. I face a lot of bugs for the build of adamg. Can I update/downgrade from/to 8.2 by placing the image in the update folder or will there be problems?

    My remote is only partly working. Up/Down, Left/Right and OK is working. The rest not. I'm on

    Wow that's quite something, I believe that's a bootloader issue with the HDMI handshake not being performed when your TV is off, the boot arguments are not being set correctly. You could try upgrading to a newer firmware and then reflash libreelec and see if it helps.

    I'm already on the last firmware. This never occured for previous libreelec builds from kszaq or afl1 . I think it is somehow related to your build. Is there any boot option I could set to avoid the error in the meantime?

    By the way, I think I saw this error already for some users of their builds but it got solved somehow.

    After the box crash, the resolution is set back to 1280x720p which causes a double half line image. Once setting it to 1920x1080p it becomes two half images on the upper part of the TV. After rebooting everything is normal at 1920x1080p.

    Did someone see that? It was already the case for the first boot after writing the image to the sd card. Unfortunately after crashes the resolution seems to be reset. Any idea?

    HDMI output on KI Plus.