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    Having a single thread for everything is just not fit for purpose.

    Releases and updates should be in 1 locked thread with rolling updates on noticeable bugs.

    Everything else should be elsewhere be it in their own threads or a single one which everybody contributes to, the current setup is not working.

    I'm growing increasingly tired of all the problems, not just user or build related issues but things that have happened behind the scenes which have greatly effected me and other developers.

    I have asked for issues to be posted on the issue tracker where they can be better managed and where I will happily respond to each and every issue raised, posting issues here accomplishes nothing and just bogs the thread down.

    By opening an issue on GitHub it is not just myself who will respond but also afl1, Raybuntu and others, issues can be dealt with on a 1:1 basis without all of the noise the forums generate and they can be better tracked and issues will generally get resolved much much quicker and in a more orderly fashion.

    The PR was only submitted to fix Subtitles on S912's anyway so it's no big deal if it gets rejected anyway. Makes for a bit of Dev discussion about various things which is always good. ;)

    It really is not needed for other Chipsets.

    When i get time I will amend the PR so it's specifically S912 only.

    If you are planning on doing S905 builds at some point would it not be better to keep it as is? I'm very interested to see the feedback it get's from other users in your builds. Curious if you have tried r8p1 yet? I have attached the user-space binary to this post.

    No devices found this error indicates your using the wrong DTB, put the CoreELEC update back in your update folder and do not copy any other files like DTB's into the folder and reboot.

    I keep seeing the same posts time and time again about IR no matter how many times I explain the issue.

    FernetMenta (member of Team Kodi) broke IR in Leia for all of Amlogic, LE/CE everything and nearly 2 weeks later and he still has not bothered to fix his f*** up.

    We changed IR into Keyboard mode to get it working again but all of the old keycodes do not work in Keyboard mode hence your buttons are not working.

    You have 2 options now

    1. Create a new config from scratch for the MCE remote by following the IR instructions here and use keyboard IR keycodes
    2. Wait for our next release due in the next week where we have added most of the missing keycodes to Kodi.

    Either way please stop moaning about this issue if it is that much of a set back and bothers you that much then go and spend $10 on a decent RF remote or use your CEC remote and you will never have problems again or follow the instructions I have laid out above but either way don't complain about Alpha software!

    I only briefly tested it so I'm not speaking from my own experience. I'm personally all for bumping packages to the latest versions as r5p0 or whatever it is we are using is over 2 years old now whilst r7p0 is much newer. I have a fully operational 4.x kernel that I have wanted to use for months now but it has no support for S905 (only S905X/W/912), Amlogic in their great wisdom decided to abandon the ailing chip in the latest Oreo updates.

    Anyway afl1 tested 4k with r7p0 changes and said there was regressions and we also collaborated with Sam from OSMC who had noticed regressions on the Vero4k, the OSMC builds are using 17.6 Krypton like yourself so I don't think it is related to Leia at all, I will try and poke afl1 for further clarification on what he meant though.

    Again this is not my experience it is just what I was told, I don't have a 4k tv (yet) so I'm not able to do the same level of testing that they did.

    On a side note the PR you made to CE was only blocked and not rejected, given it is quite a significant change I do believe it needs more testing as past experience has made me cautious with experimental changes due to the backlash I received when things go wrong so I'm interested to see the feedback it gets in your build, I'm very grateful for the PR and hope we can work closer in the future anyway.

    Looking to be the ultimate 8.2.x version.

    Btw, any chance to solve "blocked merge" for the updated Mali drivers to r7p0 on CE?

    A number of CE team members tested these changes and found there was regressions with 4k video playback, the same subtitles fix can be achieved just by changing the dirtyregions in advancedsettings without the r7p0 mali blob but this setting is being phased out in Leia anyway.

    Overclocking is pointless, it will yield no benefits especially on the S912 because of libhybris, it will just create more heat then thermal throttling will kick in and lower the clocks back down anyway.

    Maybe a separate addon for AML advanced settings. They did this for the Pi versions of Libreelec and it allowed for simple adjustment of overclocking and other nice Pi specific features. A disclaimer pointing out that it is not part of Coreelec would then at least filter out most of the noise.


    I like this idea and will consider it, thanks.

    Well, there is a dedicated settings section for CoreElec in Kodi System Settings; so is it OK to ask if some more options can find their way there?

    For example a setting for disabling all "Dirty Regions" with a note what it affects.

    And a setting for GPU overclock, with note what it affects.

    I use both settings on my X92 box with all CE versions without ANY issues...

    The problem is each time I add something a ton of people come to ask what it is or change the settings without understanding them then come and complain and it wastes our time tracking down what the issue is.

    I have a ton of ideas I would love to implement to make things easier for everyone and have been put off for this reason.

    Please, stop with this contempt. : /

    I thought there were multiple versions "KODI V18 Alpha" .

    There is, there is hundreds of them, each time a new contribution is made to Kodi then it is in effect a new version.

    Stable versions of LE follow a single individual build/revision of Kodi for example 8.2 follows Kodi 17.6.

    Alpha versions of CE (8.90) follow the latest bleeding edge revision of Kodi which has no version number, it is simply referred to as Kodi-master for all intents and purposes.

    Beta versions will be the same (8.95)

    It will not be until stable (9.0) that CE follows a single individual revision/build of Kodi.

    In my case, I use Kodi only for UHD sources (HDR) (reports and film). So 100% of my content is HDR. It is a shame that the switch interface in SDR every time. Over time, there will be more and more people in my case. It is avangardist to consider an HDR interface, I think, this is only a suggestion.

    Making this an adjustable option in the settings can not be a bad idea.

    Your ideas should be aimed at the Kodi forums, not here, CE/LE is an OS and you are preaching to the wrong choir and if you continue with your antagonistic trolling then I will continue to remove your posts.

    Any problems should be posted to the Issues page as described on the first post.


    Why did you disable/remove sync playback to display option?

    Because as it has been said more than 1000x that these option causes poor video playback.

    Syncing playback to display is already done by default by libamcodec, there is absolutely no need to turn it on in Kodi unless you want to come onto the forums and complain of poor quality playback and then to waste our time whilst we try and debug what is causing it.

    Sorry for the rant in advance.

    People with remote issues may have to wait for the next build for them to be resolved, due first week in May

    Team Kodi introduced changes in IR that broke it completely, we just did the best we could at the time to get it working again.

    Since then we have refined the remote control problem some more but like I said these will only be in the next build.

    I really would recommend people get themselves a proper RF remote or use CEC rather than the garbage that comes with these boxes, they really don't cost much at all.

    If you feel there is a bug or something is not working then open an issue as described on the first page, this is the quickest and easiest way for us to provide support.

    The auto update code is not complete yet, it will notify you that an update is available however you will have to download it manually at present until it is complete

    Rebuilt tonight with coreelec, altho my DVB-T is not being detected any more :( , I cant seem to find ref any where to say if the drivers are no longer in the image..

    Have you tried enabling crazycat drivers?