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    The PR was only submitted to fix Subtitles on S912's anyway so it's no big deal if it gets rejected anyway. Makes for a bit of Dev discussion about various things which is always good. ;)

    It really is not needed for other Chipsets.

    When i get time I will amend the PR so it's specifically S912 only.

    If you are planning on doing S905 builds at some point would it not be better to keep it as is? I'm very interested to see the feedback it get's from other users in your builds. Curious if you have tried r8p1 yet? I have attached the user-space binary to this post.

    No devices found this error indicates your using the wrong DTB, put the CoreELEC update back in your update folder and do not copy any other files like DTB's into the folder and reboot.

    I only briefly tested it so I'm not speaking from my own experience. I'm personally all for bumping packages to the latest versions as r5p0 or whatever it is we are using is over 2 years old now whilst r7p0 is much newer. I have a fully operational 4.x kernel that I have wanted to use for months now but it has no support for S905 (only S905X/W/912), Amlogic in their great wisdom decided to abandon the ailing chip in the latest Oreo updates.

    Anyway afl1 tested 4k with r7p0 changes and said there was regressions and we also collaborated with Sam from OSMC who had noticed regressions on the Vero4k, the OSMC builds are using 17.6 Krypton like yourself so I don't think it is related to Leia at all, I will try and poke afl1 for further clarification on what he meant though.

    Again this is not my experience it is just what I was told, I don't have a 4k tv (yet) so I'm not able to do the same level of testing that they did.

    On a side note the PR you made to CE was only blocked and not rejected, given it is quite a significant change I do believe it needs more testing as past experience has made me cautious with experimental changes due to the backlash I received when things go wrong so I'm interested to see the feedback it gets in your build, I'm very grateful for the PR and hope we can work closer in the future anyway.

    Looking to be the ultimate 8.2.x version.

    Btw, any chance to solve "blocked merge" for the updated Mali drivers to r7p0 on CE?

    A number of CE team members tested these changes and found there was regressions with 4k video playback, the same subtitles fix can be achieved just by changing the dirtyregions in advancedsettings without the r7p0 mali blob but this setting is being phased out in Leia anyway.

    People with remote issues may have to wait for the next build for them to be resolved, due first week in May

    Team Kodi introduced changes in IR that broke it completely, we just did the best we could at the time to get it working again.

    Since then we have refined the remote control problem some more but like I said these will only be in the next build.

    I really would recommend people get themselves a proper RF remote or use CEC rather than the garbage that comes with these boxes, they really don't cost much at all.


    I have updated my Vorke z6 to CoreElec 8.90.0.

    The FD628 Display service version 1.1.100 in CoreELEC Add-ons 9.0.0 repository is still working wrong. The only way to make my display work properly, showing all the symbols, is by installing the version 1.1 you pointed me.


    Uninstall the add-on and make sure your addons/packages folder is empty before reinstalling otherwise your box will reinstall the cached old version.

    Hi guys, I bought this device some days ago reading your good reviews. I unboxed it today and everything works out of the box with the latest GDPR-2 build, thanks! :)

    I noticed however that from the system panel the build does not see the internal memory; I have two partitions active, a system one (smaller, 512Mb) and a storage partition of 31.something Gb. Seems to me it's the Samsung microSD I use to boot LE, but the device should have 32Gb of internal eMMC...
    Can anybody hel me out troubleshooting the issue? Thanks ;)

    Edit: found another issue. Sometimes, e.g. In YouTube plugin, if I click on a video it seems the tv goes out of sync (no hdmi signal) for a fraction of a seconda, then everything goes fine & smooth. It might depend on the hdmi cable ( i use the crappy one that came with the tv box), I'll try another one but if The issue tells something familiar to you, kindly suggest me how to solve


    Have you installed to internal?

    You can only use the internal eMMC if you have.

    It never ceases to amaze me that no sooner is 1 issue resolved that new ones are reported.

    It is widely known that there is no fbdev mali blob for the T820 gpu, there is very little that can be done as for libhybris related issues and if you buy a box that you know to not be fully supported or compatible then issues should be expected.