Tanix TX7 (Amlogic s905x, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM) for LibreElec

  • Hi guys, I bought this device some days ago reading your good reviews. I unboxed it today and everything works out of the box with the latest GDPR-2 build, thanks! :)

    I noticed however that from the system panel the build does not see the internal memory; I have two partitions active, a system one (smaller, 512Mb) and a storage partition of 31.something Gb. Seems to me it's the Samsung microSD I use to boot LE, but the device should have 32Gb of internal eMMC...
    Can anybody hel me out troubleshooting the issue? Thanks ;)

    Edit: found another issue. Sometimes, e.g. In YouTube plugin, if I click on a video it seems the tv goes out of sync (no hdmi signal) for a fraction of a seconda, then everything goes fine & smooth. It might depend on the hdmi cable ( i use the crappy one that came with the tv box), I'll try another one but if The issue tells something familiar to you, kindly suggest me how to solve


    Have you installed to internal?

    You can only use the internal eMMC if you have.

  • Have a read [HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data


    That may well be adjust display refresh rate changing to match video. Not an issue.;)

    Yeah, the refresh rate adjustment was the cause of that flicker: solved! Thanks a lot...

    As per the internal memory; I read that howto but up to now, I'm quite satisfied by the performance of the Samsung evo microsd 😉. What I was thinking is that the internal emmc could be auto-mounted on the boot; that seems not the case, looking at the System information menù where I see only two le partitions microsd side.

    It's a pity as the tx7 has a 32gb emmc that could be use for storage...

  • Have you installed to internal?

    You can only use the internal eMMC if you have.

    Hi adamg, nope, I'm booting from SD by now. I simply thought le automounts System partitions on boot, but that seems not the case. I'll try to ssh the Device in order to check /dev/ and report back.