Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide

  • What is LibreELEC ?

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    Lets start with the quality AML boxes, with known working out of the box - WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI CEC, IR or Wireless remotes and some with SPDIF (Optical), from well known brands like WeTek, ODROID and MINIX.

    Not all AMLogic devices are created equal - the Brands above usually have higher quality, faster Samsung eMMC flash storage and RAM. There is also no easter egg hunt needed when searching for the correct device tree (hardware interface file). They just "work" :thumbup:

    EDIT: I've also recently been informed by kszaq, that with ultra dirt cheap S905X boxes DDR RAM speed can be so slow they struggle with high bitrate 4K video playback.

    Some devices are even LibreELEC developer reference hardware, that get LibreELEC Autoupdates.

    AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options:

    AMLogic seller Brand names to look for include:

    ODROID C2, MINIX U1 / U9, WeTek Play2, WeTek Hub, Vero, Khadas Vim, Videostong(MECOOL), Beelink + the whole Zombie Army of other AMLogic S905 / S905X / S912 clones sold under different Brand names and configs. Further help:

    List of S905/S905X Boxes that work with kszaq's build

    Even 1GB RAM LibreELEC devices are fine to playback high bitrate 4K video with no loss in performance.

    LE Audio Setup HELP with example configs by blakey click HERE

    Have you got a slow LE Kodi setup ?

    NOT all microSDHC card are created equal.

    Do not base your purchase decision on sequential speeds, Its Random 4K Read / Write performance that is the most important for Kodi and LibreELEC speed. Bang for the buck - Samsung EVO(+), Samsung EVO Select and Sandisk Class 10 U1 microSDHC's work well with AML Hardware.

    The Best microSD Cards (click)

    Best WiFi = MINIX U1 / U9 packing MIMO (Dual Antennas) AC WiFi.

    Best engineered thermal (heat) control = MINIX U1 / U9 - click for U1 / U9 heatsink Pic vs regular S905(x) / S912 heatsink

    Best for CPU software decoding of 1080p Hi10P / Anime = S912 - however beware you will quickly heat up the chipset and a quality heatsink them becomes important.

    Best Plug n Play - Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard remote = MINIX A2 lite (can be added to any media player with its USB receiver dongle)

    Best Simple Mini bluetooth remote = the superb top quality $11 Xiaomi Mi Box Bluetooth remote - now supported in LE.

    Best HDMI-CEC control = ODROID C2

    Best for Overclocking = ODROID C2

    Fastest AML S9xx LE device (no HDR) = ODROID C2 with high quality Samsung 5.1 eMMC flash storage.

    Fastest AML S9xx LE device with HDR support = MINIX U9 with LE / Kodi data stored in Internal eMMC Flash (see simple mod below)

    Best for real easy Dual boot = WeTek Hub / Play2

    Best unofficial Android TV ROM's is on the WeTek Play2, next best is the S912 MECOOL M8S Pro L, and the S912 MINIX U9 has a decent Android TV ROM. When running Android - S912's are faster than any other AMLogic box.

    ** WARNING ** - flashing AML LibreELEC to internal eMMC storage is fraught with danger - you WILL come unstuck with a bricked box sooner rather than later if you start experimenting with all sorts of LE community releases. If you want to experiment with different releases do it by using a microSDHC card first. Nothing worse than a non booting box.

    The following method is much much safer. DO NOT use the AML Android USB Burning tool after doing this:

    Best simple Mod for a faster LibreELEC on a Dual boot box - [HOW TO] Boot from SD card, use internal eMMC for data (click)

    Next if you need WiFi, make sure the box has Linux WiFi drivers available for the specific chipset used as they will be needed by LibreELEC:

    Unknown WLAN Chip

    WiFi chips that will usually be supported by LE out of the box:

    AP6xxx - Ampak

    Realtek RTL8xxx - such as the Edimax USB dongles

    QCA9377 / Aigale AW-CM273SM



    Avoid 2.4GHz only WiFi where possible.

    Dual Band 2.4/5GHz AC WiFi recommended.

    However ! - Do not count on any form of WiFi to be able to deliver reliable high bitrate 4K video streaming.

    A dirt cheap v4.0 CSR Bluetooth USB dongle can be added to any AML LE box to add BT capabilities.

    Finally look at the following chart to check AML Chipsets capabilities (click on it)

    Important NOTE: Some S905, S905D and S912 devices have an extra Gigabit Ethernet chip added = GMAC

    Triple check a box's tech Specs if GigaE (1000M) is important to you.

    Boxes with GigaE will be better for high bitrate 4K HDR REMUX streaming and when Kodi skipping thru 4K HDR video.


  • New AML Chipset section:

    Guinea pigs start here..... =O

    S905W - a slightly slower AML S905X (CPU [email protected]), limited to 4K@30Hz, still has 4K HDR & VP9 Profile2 support.

    Works fine, especially with a little GPU MHz clock tweak.

    S905X2/Y2 - no LibreELEC or CoreELEC support planned or even under development.

    S805X - see HERE

    S905X - see HERE

  • @wrxtasy

    Thank you for your explanations, you have always been very kind. Yes, I thought I would take an S905X or a 905d since both are compatible with 4K at 30Hz and HDR & VP9

    Some clarifications :

    1) Is the 905d a new release cpu recently ?

    2) Is there no difference between the 905x and the 905d ?

    I saw the table, the only device 905d is the S905D K1 Pro that you talked to about me.

    3) Which of you is the best android device with the s905x ?

  • ALL S905 / S905X / S905D can do up to 4K @60Hz the S905W is limited to 4K@30Hz

    1) Yes fairly recent - supported by kszaq LE builds too.

    2) S905D = May have Gigabit Ethernet (GMAC) + DVB Tuner support, S905X = 100M only (look carefully at the chart)

    3) Android S905X only = Xiaomi Mi Box (no LibreELEC) otherwise....

    S905X Vero 4K (running OSMC / Krypton)

    or for LibreELEC:


    Current best DIY Bang for the Buck Box: (dual boot / ethernet only)

    $35 S905X MECOOL M8S Pro + due to also including DRM for unofficial Android TV Netflix, and other DRM streaming Apps.

  • Thank you very much.

    Regarding the 905x boxes, unfortunately the Vero 4k has no android on board.

    The MECOOL M8S Pro + I read that does not have a good wifi, on the forum I found a list, I have no idea what is the best of these models ?

    Beelink MiniMXIII II S905X 2GB / 16GB

    Mini M8S II S905X 1GB / 8GB

    Mini M8S II S905X 2GB / 8GB

    Mini M8S II S905X 2GB / 16GB

    Nexbox A5 S905X 2GB / 16GB

    Nexbox A95X-B7N S905X 2GB / 16GB

    Sunvell T95X S905X 1GB / 8GB

    Sunvell T95X S905X 2GB / 8GB

    Scishion V88 Pro S905X 1GB / 8GB

    Tanix TX3 Pro S905X 1GB / 8GB

    Tanix TX5 S905X 2GB / 8GB

    Nowx TX5 Pro S905X 2GB / 16GB

    QBOX-905X-16 + 2-1031 with the AMLogic S905X does not have the Gigabit Ethernet port ?

    Is the Zidoo X9S not compatible with LibreELEC ?

  • ALL S905X do NOT have Gigabit Ethernet. (please click on the chart above)

    S905X = 100M PHY only.

    Zidoo X9S is not a LibreELEC supported device.

    You need to buy AMLogic S905 devices for dual boot Android / LibreELEC.

    If you want to cover most LibreELEC bases simply buy a S905D = Videostong (MECOOL) K1 Pro

    Do not need HDR then buy a S905 - Gigabit Ethernet box.

    People bend over backwards wanting HDR Support when there is stuff all HDR content available or they do not even have a HDR TV.

    Make no sense IMHO.

    Best unofficial Android TV ROM's is on the WeTek Play2 / Hub, next best is the MECOOL M8S Pro+

  • Greetings,

    The subject is very accurate and very useful, thank you, my friend.

    S905D and S905-H are available on DVB Support, ie, Mecool K1 Pro and WeTek Play 2.

    But I want CAM (CI+) supported chip(s) with DVB. Is there such a work in Amlogic?

    Example: HiSilicon chip has CAM support but (yet) no LE support. :(

    Best regards...

  • You were kind, really thanks.

    Yes, I prefer to take a more recent processor such as the s905d or the s905x, the s905 is great for LibreELEC but as a processor it seems obsolete.

    As you've already explained with the skin estuary, you can run dual boot with the s905x processors ?

    START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated August 2017)

    By summing up:

    Main android box compatible with libreelec

    Wetek play2 (cpu: s905)

    Wetek hub (cpu: s905h)

    Minix neo u1 (cpu: s905)

    MECOOL KI PRO TV (new CPU: s905d, Android 7.1)

    MECOOL M8S Pro + (cpu: s905x, Android 7.1)

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  • wrxtasy I would add that not all S905 and S905D boxes have Gigabit Ethernet and 100M Ethernet is pretty common.

    You should also add a note that WiFi on Mecool M8S Pro+ is not supported, I suspect that not everyone understands this from "ethernet only". ;)

  • Yes I've changed it for users to triple check if GigaE is essential to them and changed M8S Pro+ to NO WIFi.

    Any other common WiFi chipsets that should work out of the box with LE I can possibly add ?

  • QCA9377 is supported - this one comes under many different names, e.g. "Aigale AW-CM273SM".

    SSV6051 source code is now available and will be supported in my next 8.2 series builds (testing builds available).

  • alexeiyo

    Hi, thanks for the advice, I agree, the higher end boxes have a better wifi module, as the best dissipation is the minix neo u1 however it has the s905 cpu.

    Sorry "overkill IMO" what does it mean ?

    What box do you have?

    The Beelink Mini MXIII II on amazon has a lot of negative reviews. According to you the best box in absolute which is it ?

  • I think Beelink MXIII II is a good one (have good remote and good power supply)

    Between the 905x cpu boxes I have no idea if the Beelink MXIII II is the best ever, any box I choose I'm going to match the minix A2 lite remote control. In my opinion the latest box is updated compatible with libreelec is the MECOOL KI PRO TV, regarding constructive quality I do not know how it is.

  • I think Beelink MXIII II is a good one

    I agree.

    I´m using two of this boxes every day.

    No issues with remote - WiFi works oob - running stable 24/7 - CEC working well with my TV & AVR - installing LE on nand is not necessary it´s fast enough running 'good' sd card - etc.

    My raspberrys are in retirement, only my amazon fire tv is in use by my wife to watch netflix & amazon video in living room.

    But ... I´m old school user - watching TV with dream-box(SAT) - no interested solving addon issues.

    In germany we have a word, impossible to translate perfect -> "eierlegende Wollmilchsau". It means 'chief cook an bottle washer'.

    Many user expect too much using a cheap S90x box, if You buy a FIAT 500 - it will not run as fast as a Porsche.

    You want more power ?

    Get a NUC with I7 cpu - Ups, it´s expensive

    You own a 65" OLED TV and expect perfect video quality ?

    You´ll be disappointed

    You want to listen highres music(24 Bit/192KHz) ?

    Simple(cheap) solution - raspberry pi & hifiberry

    Characteristic of every 905 box running LE is DIY - basic Linux knowledge will help a lot

    Back to Beeling box.

    Using LE on Beelink is very easy - burning sd card using rufus - toothpick - configure language, sound, network, skin etc. - that´s it.

    Update LE using 'update' folder, very easy.

    If You did something wrong - make a clean install

    Just my 5 cent

  • In my situation I do not need exceptional video quality, my TV is a full-hd Led, it's a Samsung 46 F6500.

    In the video file collection for now I do not have 4k movies, some are old divx, many are dvd rips, most videos are tv rip, I have a usb dtt tuner, mpeg-ts hd recorder, using handbrake software, codifier in h264 and mp4 format, finally I have several 1080p mkv downloaded from the network.

    I also have a satellite system, it is a multifeed with 12 LNBs, I had a "clarke tech 3100", since the receiver was broken I left the satellite system, then with the advent of the internet I did not have the satellite most used.

    The NUC intel is too expensive then it has no android aboard.

    A curiosity, with a 65 "OLED TV what box would you take ?

    The minix A2 remote control I'm going to take should work with whatever box.

  • Well, I'm been using Khadas VIM box for several months, as "always on" device. The stock device had no heatsink at all. I've added a tiny (aluminum one) by myself. So far works well. It has dual band wifi and BT. None of them are being used by me.

    A friend of mine bought the Beelink device and I had a chance to play with the box. It had better, classy look and definitely better heat management as well as similar to my device price and features. The friend is happy with the MXIII, that what he told me on several occasions.

  • Well, I'm been using Khadas VIM box for several months, as "always on" device. The stock device had no heatsink at all. I've added a tiny (aluminum one) by myself. So far works well. It has dual band wifi and BT. None of them are being used by me.

    A friend of mine bought the Beelink device and I had a chance to play with the box. It had better, classy look and definitely better heat management as well as similar to my device price and features. The friend is happy with the MXIII, that what he told me on several occasions.

    "overkill" means much more than enough and "IMO" is "In My Opinion".