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    Hi guys, hi devs, really good job as always!


    I noticed a couple of minor issue on my odroid C2 and on a tanix tx7 (905x):

    - [tanix tx7] : got a problem with hdmi cec on a LG led tv. It works flawlessly, but if I switch on the tv... After few mins the tv automatically switches to the box as if a 'Wake on' on the hdmi interface is triggered every N minutes.

    Quite unusable unless the tv box is turned off... I'm workarounding by now disabling the cec interface (LG simplink) and using the tv box'remote (which - however - stutters a bit).

    -[boh c2 and tx7] : it seems that sometimes, triggering a reproduction on a local video content as well as YouTube videos, the focus is not correctly set to the video as it starts playing in background.

    I have to switch to reproduction commands and set the full screen option to correctly see the video.

    Hope the descriptions are clear but in case I can try to get a log on boh the systems.

    Thanks for any feedback! 😊

    ... I do not think we can get to a perfect building for the too many problems encountered.

    I'd avoid shooting generic sentences according to your personal experience on a single box. There are a lot of users here who upgraded from the latest LE build to this first CE release without any hassle.
    For what might count, I switched on the CE build from LE on a S905X box and on an odroid C2: no problems by my side.

    For the sake of curiosity: did anyone try the new libretro integration in Leia to add some retrogaming capabilities to our cheap boxes?
    I tried with Raybuntu's builds long time ago but without effective success, wonder if in latest builds some progresses have been made.
    (sorry for the OT, in case we could start a new thread maybe with an howto to setup a fully working retrogaming platform in Leia).

    Got it, Thanks a lot.

    Not that straightforward to me as I should rely on a live distro (don't have a Linux machine at the moment), but for sue I'll try.

    GDPR-2, GDPR-1 : will you also compile every now and then (e.g., Milestone) to provide ready-to-burn img for generic amlogic devices?

    I'm a complete n00b on the argument, but I've seen the coreelec github Project and I'm still desperately waiting for an howto guide on how to get an img file from that.

    I assume since github is a dev-oriented platform to share and commit modifications that actually there'no way to simply download the latest build... We should compile the entire Project on our own? Is there any guide? Is a *nix OS necessary to do that or could it be feasible also on win machines?


    Have a read [HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data


    That may well be adjust display refresh rate changing to match video. Not an issue.;)

    Yeah, the refresh rate adjustment was the cause of that flicker: solved! Thanks a lot...

    As per the internal memory; I read that howto but up to now, I'm quite satisfied by the performance of the Samsung evo microsd 😉. What I was thinking is that the internal emmc could be auto-mounted on the boot; that seems not the case, looking at the System information menù where I see only two le partitions microsd side.

    It's a pity as the tx7 has a 32gb emmc that could be use for storage...

    Hi guys, I bought this device some days ago reading your good reviews. I unboxed it today and everything works out of the box with the latest GDPR-2 build, thanks! :)

    I noticed however that from the system panel the build does not see the internal memory; I have two partitions active, a system one (smaller, 512Mb) and a storage partition of 31.something Gb. Seems to me it's the Samsung microSD I use to boot LE, but the device should have 32Gb of internal eMMC...
    Can anybody hel me out troubleshooting the issue? Thanks ;)

    Edit: found another issue. Sometimes, e.g. In YouTube plugin, if I click on a video it seems the tv goes out of sync (no hdmi signal) for a fraction of a seconda, then everything goes fine & smooth. It might depend on the hdmi cable ( i use the crappy one that came with the tv box), I'll try another one but if The issue tells something familiar to you, kindly suggest me how to solve


    Sorry for the annoying question, I'm looking for a cheap tv box S905X based, 2gb of ram and - if possible - 32 gb of internal emmc storage. I bought a week ago a tanix tx7 seeing in a forum post that everything on that worked as a charm (WiFi, bt, cec, etc.) with the recent s905x builds; unfortunately the store sent me a mail because the product is no more available. I asked for refund but I'm again on the search for a good - yet cheap - tv box for le. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    Please forgive the nooby question, but... As I'd like to prepare one of these TV boxes for my parents to run LibreElec only, is there any chance to make them boot *always* in LE apart from flashing the internal eMMC? I noticed in other posts there's always a "tricky" combo to perform in order to make these boxes boot in LE (reset buttons, toothpicks, etc.).
    I'm not sure this could be straightforward for my old dad :) , so... can someone suggest me an easy-to-mod TV Box (S905X based, possibly) that can be converted permanently into a LE system (if any) ?

    Thanks for the suggestions and for the patience...

    So, play 'uhd bd from network with HD audio' on those box and watch Netflix etc. on the TV - that's exactly what I do. What's the big issue here discussing pages after pages saying this box cannot do Netflix, that box cannot 720p etc. - that was my question.

    Got an example, considering my parents' setup. They use a 5 years old middle-high end TV (at that time..) from LG, FullHD led.

    Youtube app has been dscontinued due to the change of API, leaving no other chance than using the (buggy) browser of the TV (almost unusable, frame skips even on low res videos, desync, etc.).

    The Netflix app crashes; no more updates are on the horizon as the app store by LG has been left to its destiny (at least, for that model).

    So, considering their needs, a tv box that could easily handle netflix, youtube and access to a NAS for video contents would be awesome.

    As for me... another story even worse :) I own a (sigh!) Toshiba TV (CEVO engine) that was not-so-smart at the launch moment, now has nothing to deal with multimedia: no browser, nor youtube plugin working anymore. Toshiba Places is the worst entertainment platform I've ever seen on a TV.

    This question was answered many times.

    Pls read and accept.

    Do You want developers wasting time answering the same questeions every day ?

    As I've - badly, I suppose - searched in the forum from my smartphone, I have to say it's not that easy to find out already answered questions, the forum is huge and for the specific question I don't even know which section may address the argument. Instead of citing devs, and supposing you're not one of them, why didn't you post a link to the answers? It would be more useful...

    Btw: I usually Read the FAQ in every section of every forum I'm in, seems this question is not part of them.

    I see... So up to now (lemme recap) in LE S905x can run Netflix up to 720p (no 1080p) while S912 cannot even do that. On Android, even FHD streaming via Netflix app col be feasible.

    Assuming I'd like to stick with LE, the choice is quite straightforward: S905x. What I'd like to know is if the 1080p though the Netflix addon is inevitably unreachable due to hardware/technical limitations or it's just software optimization that can - and Will - be performed. As even the S905x should be able to run 4K Hdr265 smoothly, seems strange it can't handle Netflix FHD contents (I know, different streaming format, though).

    Btw: I'm looking for a box to be used in my parents' house: no need of 4k as the tv is a LG FHD. As per their configuration, I'll connect the box through WiFi (no ethernet overthere) and it should be sufficient for their everyday use.

    If you can find a S905X with Gigabit you will cover all bases and avoid the possible Subtitles rending problem on the S912.

    Do not watch video with Subtitles or need 720p Netflix with Kodi Leia then get a S912 box with Gigabit Ethernet (1000M) such as a MINIX U9, Tanix TX92 & others.

    I already have a c2 and I'm quite impressed so far, Amazing sbc and good LE performance. I didn't understand what you said about Netflix; why 720p only on Netflix plugin? While subtitles are not an issue for me (didn't use them), Netflix is indeed one of the key feature. Should I understand that FHD Netflix is not available on any box? And in particular, only S912 are able to stream Netflix @ 720p while S905X are not?

    Thanks for the clarifications!