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    @thoradia Would it be possible to include Sickbeard in the list of addons? I know Sickrage is a port of Sickbeard, and is better in most areas, however it is designed for torrents and not usenet. Here in the UK most torrent sites are blocked by our IP providers by (see **) orders, so usenet is the only real option.

    If not possible, I guess I could try a docker container, but I find it so slow (at first) on my RPi, so I would prefer a native application.

    ** For some reason "c o u r t" is a censored word?

  • thoradia

    Excellent your add-ons, I used raspbian kodi with jackett, sonarr and radarr, but I changed through libreelec and everything is flowing better than planned, but I'm having some difficulties.

    - Jackeet:

    is requesting to run as an ordinary user not as root.

    - Sonarr:

    It is not important some episodes I think it may be some permission missing, because it duplicates the torrents and does not move of place.

    thank you again.

    using Google translator.


    Excelente o seus add-ons , eu usava o kodi em raspbian com jackett, sonarr e radarr, porem troquei pelo libreelec e esta tudo fluindo melhor que o planejado, porem estou com algumas dificuldades.

    - Jackeet :

    esta pedidindo para executar como usuario comum nao como root.

    - Sonarr :

    Nao esta importanto alguns episodios acho que pode ser alguma permissao que falta, pois ele duplica os torrents e nao move de lugar.

    novamente obrigado.

    usando google tradutor.


  • I have added Medusa.

    Default port is 18081, adjustable.

    Default priority is 10, adjustable.

    Please report issues here.

    Keep it legal and carry on

  • Hello,

    I have MK808B Plus with Libreelec Krypton installed.

    I Install Thoradia zip repository from github, but into libreelec if I try to browse the repository this message appear:

    Could not connect to repository

    How can I fix this?


  • Make sure that Kodi has rebooted after Thoradia is installed.

    If the problem persists then tell me what is displayed in the settings of the Thoradia add-on.

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  • The problem persists..

    Into settings I can see:

    - LibreElec 8.2/S805/arm

    - Thoradia 8.2/S805/arm

    Into 'Install from repository' screen, I can see

    Thoradia Add-ons thoradia-0.0.0

    When I try to browse the repo, libreelec return me 'Could not connect to repository' message


    -- Update --

    From github I download all the repository...after unzipping I found..

    8.2 directory

    WeTeK_Play/arm directory (that should be the same of my MK808B Plus)...

    Inside I found all the zip...after installing ''

    I can see into 'Install from repository' screen, I can see

    Thoradia Add-ons thoradia-8.2.10

    and now I can browse the applications...

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  • I do not build the add-ons for S805, yet.

    Also building the add-ons for S805 is not straightforward, because I am currently reworking my github.

    I will let you know when I am ready, in a few weeks.


    Keep it legal and carry on

  • Hello, I was able to install from WeTeK_Play/arm directory....

    when I try to configure rtorrent or trasmission I cant see the configuration option of download directory, port, etc

    Is because I install using the zip of single archive (without repository browsing) or because WeTeK is not compatible 100% with my MK808B Plus

    or because I have to configure services using ssh and config file?


  • xitpu and all,

    S805 support has been added.

    S805 will use add-ons built for WeTek_Play.

    Install from bootstrap to enable.

    The following ARCH/DEVICE/PROJECT are now supported:

    x86_64: Generic, Virtual

    aarch64: Odroid_C2, WeTek_Hub, WeTek_Play_2

    arm: Odroid_C2, RPi, RPi2, S805, S905, S912, Slice, Slice3, WeTek_Core, WeTek_Hub, WeTek_Play_2

    Keep it legal and carry on