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    I use (S805.arm) on my MK808B Plus for years...

    In the latest days I have a problem with a process that take about >90% CPU, all time

    After a reboot the process in few minutes back to take CPU as before

    The process is: kworker/u8:3

    What can I do?

    I use my mk808b plus as mediaplayer and torrent machine for years without problems.



    I find the problem.

    After deleting a big file the problem was solver, in fact my external disk space was over...

    There was a side problem:

    my 'df' command show me wrong sizes:

    /dev/sda1 961300808 543423300 369023136 60% /var/media/RASPEXT

    after the command 'fsck -y /dev/sda1'

    now the free space is correct:

    /dev/sda1 961300808 905838284 6608152 99% /var/media/RASPEXT



    I have mk808b plus with this build, and all is working great.

    One question:

    Is possible to install Docker?

    Searching in the web I read:


    • From the Kodi Confluence main menu, navigate to SYSTEM -> Add-ons -> Install from repository -> LibreELEC Add-ons -> Services -> Docker '

    But I cant find Docker addon.


    I will have a look at jdownloader.

    In the meantime, you could experiment with aria2

    Thanks! Has aria2 a web interface? Wich Port?

    Jdownloader automatize the download from file Sharing web sites, as mediafire, mega, etc etc

    Hello, I was able to install from WeTeK_Play/arm directory....

    when I try to configure rtorrent or trasmission I cant see the configuration option of download directory, port, etc

    Is because I install using the zip of single archive (without repository browsing) or because WeTeK is not compatible 100% with my MK808B Plus

    or because I have to configure services using ssh and config file?


    The problem persists..

    Into settings I can see:

    - LibreElec 8.2/S805/arm

    - Thoradia 8.2/S805/arm

    Into 'Install from repository' screen, I can see

    Thoradia Add-ons thoradia-0.0.0

    When I try to browse the repo, libreelec return me 'Could not connect to repository' message


    -- Update --

    From github I download all the repository...after unzipping I found..

    8.2 directory

    WeTeK_Play/arm directory (that should be the same of my MK808B Plus)...

    Inside I found all the zip...after installing ''

    I can see into 'Install from repository' screen, I can see

    Thoradia Add-ons thoradia-8.2.10

    and now I can browse the applications...


    I have MK808B Plus with Libreelec Krypton installed.

    I Install Thoradia zip repository from github, but into libreelec if I try to browse the repository this message appear:

    Could not connect to repository

    How can I fix this?



    I update to version,

    but when I try to use web interface of rtorrent, it show me this error:

    [12.06.2017 22:59:31] WebUI started.

    [12.06.2017 22:59:32] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getplugins])

    [12.06.2017 22:59:32] Bad response from server: (0 [error,getuisettings])

    I already try to reinstall rtorrent but with no lucky

    Googling around I found this solution:

    "the fix was to add more maximum memory in apache config"
    but I dont know if is suitable for libreelec

    Some can help me?