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    I'm sorry I wanted to say Jellyfin, (Emby server open source). I did not get a good performance by installing via Docker, would that by add-on it would be more fluid?

    You were right not to do the update, the service continues to run smoothly.


    The reason for wanting another user is this message on jackett

    Jackett is running with root privileges. You should run Jackett as an unprivileged user.

    If it does not affect any performance of the program, there is no need for a solution.

    1. thank you all

    Hi, thanks for your work.
    Unfortunately the Jackeet is coming out of the air and only comes back to normal when you reinstall the service.
    Another thing is how to run Jackett as a regular user and not root?


    Excellent your add-ons, I used raspbian kodi with jackett, sonarr and radarr, but I changed through libreelec and everything is flowing better than planned, but I'm having some difficulties.

    - Jackeet:

    is requesting to run as an ordinary user not as root.

    - Sonarr:

    It is not important some episodes I think it may be some permission missing, because it duplicates the torrents and does not move of place.

    thank you again.

    using Google translator.


    Excelente o seus add-ons , eu usava o kodi em raspbian com jackett, sonarr e radarr, porem troquei pelo libreelec e esta tudo fluindo melhor que o planejado, porem estou com algumas dificuldades.

    - Jackeet :

    esta pedidindo para executar como usuario comum nao como root.

    - Sonarr :

    Nao esta importanto alguns episodios acho que pode ser alguma permissao que falta, pois ele duplica os torrents e nao move de lugar.

    novamente obrigado.

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