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    Transmission tested and working. However i have to install from the zip. Force the update not work for me.

    Thanks for the work Thoradia.

    Glad it works

    I do not understand why Kodi does not pick up the updates

    I will however not bump revision numbers for an unreleased system

    I tested Transmision clean installation on every millhouse version and still only works on # 301

    On clean 9.1 I can not even install the repository from the THORADIA file

    GENERIC version

    Please be more descriptive

    Why can you not even install the repository?

    Could you provide me with a log, eg in a private conversation?

    I have a similar issue with Deluge. I've updated whatever I can in coreelec and addons. Deluge Web-UI works but the daemon does not. I can't get it to work even with the sleep nor starting it manually with deluge.start or deluged.start. Not sure what to do here, had been working fine for a while until just a few days ago, not sure what changed, automatic update maybe? *shrugs*

    I have updated Deluge to version 2.0.3

    I have no hardware to test CoreELEC

    Please provide the output of journalctl -u service.deluged, so that I can try to fix

    To revert to Deluge version 1.3.15, manually install the add-on from here

    Make sure to disable auto-updating the add-on to avoid installing Deluge version 2.0.3

    Going back to 9.1 build #415. I observe that transmission is not working. Last working version is #301. Transmission version is 9.1.16. Should work or still not adapted to openssl new version?

    I will rebuild add-ons against latest master soon

    I have updated Deluge to the latest version, 2.0.3

    Couchpotato and Medusa probably do not support this version of Deluge yet

    You may revert to version Deluge version 1.3.15 by manually installing add-in version x.y.26, eg 9.0.26, and disabling auto-update

    Deluge 9.0.26 for LibreELEC 9.0 is here

    In any case, users should inform Couchpotato, Deluge and Medusa developers of the issue

    Yes I was in Millhouse testbuilds before install last official release. How do i manually install the medusa 9.05? Do I rewrite the files manually? Because i try install directly from zip file option and no work. If not always i can move back to 9.1.

    Try to install this from zip


    Yes i give to check updates. Little more info. I have a rpi 3b+ and libreelec 9.02 last stable version. The thoradia addon is 9.0.5 and the medusa 9.05. As i commented medusa not work after update to 9.02. If i try to reinstall or update medusa the error "The dependency 9.1 could not be found" is shown. Sounds strange. Also tried install directly the from zip file and also show the 9.1 dependency error.

    For some reason, add-ons for LibreELEC 9.1 are installed on your LibreELEC 9.0.2 system

    Did you downgrade LibreELEC 9.1 to 9.0.2?

    Add-on auto-update only upgrades add-ons (eg from 9.0.x to 9.1.y) but does not downgrade them (eg from 9.1.y to 9.0.x)

    Therefore, you have to manually update all you add-ons, eg medusa, to downgrade them

    In general, add-ons are built for a specific version of LibreELEC, eg 9.1, and are unlikely to run on other versions of LibreELEC, eg 9.0, 8.2

    I update to last stable version 9.02 and medusa is not working. When try to update Medusa there is an error saying the "dependency of not found". Other addons are working properly and in previous test version of libreelec medusa was working properly. No sure if is a problem with the addon or a libreelec bug. Someway of bypass the issue?

    Have you tried using 'check for updates' in the add-on manager?

    Ah ok, thanks for info! mmm how can I update a bazarr version? or is not possible?

    In interface bazarr Settings / General at end page not see the option to enable/disable updates (In wiki bazarr see the option)... by putty in /.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.bazarr/config # nano config.ini see the line auto_update = True but nothing happens


    The Bazarr add-on does not support auto-update

    I will try to update the add-on in the coming days

    Just installed for testing balbes150 image for x96 Amlogic s905x2 with the new 5.0 kernel. Still in its infancy but just wondering if thoradia addons will be supported on the new kernel.

    If you tell me where to find the source of that image, I can try to build add-ons for it


    I have LE 9.0.2 Generic/x86_64 and Thoradia repo ver.9.0, how can install last version 9.1 to upgrade sonarr/bazarr/etc


    Thoradia Add-ons version 9.0 are for LibreELEC version 9.0.x

    Thoradia Add-ons version 9.1 are for LibreELEC version 9.1, eg Milhouse

    The versions of the add-ons (Bazaar, Sonarr, etc) are the same in 9.0 and 9.1

    In other words: with LibreELEC 9.0x use Thoradia add-ons 9.0