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    Dear forum administrators

    I am unable to reply to the Thoradia Add-ons thread

    Can you help me with this?


    Well, sometimes I can reply to a thread, and other times I can not

    For example, I could reply to the Thoradia Add-ons thread after I created this thread

    But now, I can not reply to either

    This is weird and confusing

    i need back to older version qbittorent, 4.1.7 client is not yet allowed on private tracker. How i can do this? :)

    Install earlier version of qBittorrent add-on for LibreELEC 9.0 from here

    Then disable auto-update of the qBittorrent add-on


    do you plan to make the Sonarr v3 beta available for testing (maybe as new plugin)? I just installed it and it runs quite nice on a RockPro. I only had to modify the service.start, because they renamed the main executable to Sonarr.exe . All the config files still worked (or were automatically converted).

    I will update to Sonarr v3 when a stable and numbered version is released

    have a minor issue with the new deluge version, larg files are not been completed.

    they come up to 100%, then i have to run a manual check before they are marked as compled.

    minor files around 1-3gb are no problems.

    wanted to check the version of libtorrent and other supporting files.

    What is the version of the Deluge add-on?

    On what system?


    Can you add plex media server (native) to the repository? with others repositories does not work on my Raspberry Pi 4

    Thanks for everything , you do a great job

    Thank you for thinking about me, but no, it is too much work for me

    Ask for help at the PMS thread or at Plex

    Hey, thanks for your reply.
    I found the issue but it led to another issue.
    The INET address keeps changing after restart for the thoradia-vpn interface. it started as, then .2 then .3 so each restart causes transmission to try and bind with the incorrect IP.

    Any ideas how to keep the INET the same?

    If you can, use qBittorrent, which supports an interface name and stops if the interface fails

    Otherwise create an script to get the address of thoradia-vpn and set bind-address-ipv4 accordingly in settings.json

    For a head start, google 'transmission bind-address-ipv4 vpn'

    If you get something working, I will add it to the transmission add-on

    Is there a way to get the bind of IP addresses to persist after restart when using transmission?
    I've modified the settings.json in .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.transmission but after a restart the file seems to be reverted.

    This is a question for transmission support

    It could be that transmission resets bind-address-ipv4 if the one specified does not exist

    If this is the case, transmission should be started after transmission-vpn

    Let me know


    I encounter the issue below with Python on Raspberry Pi 4

    I am not sure that this is limited to the Python multiprocessing module

    This issue does not occur with 9.1.001 (RPi2.arm)

    I could not find a fix

    The only meaningful occurrence of semlocktype I could find is here

    I hope someone here knows how to fix

    Let me know how I can help

    Thoradia add-ons are available for LibreELEC 9.2 alpha 1 for Generic and RPi2

    Add-ons for other systems (RPi, Rockchip and WeTek_Play) are building

    Transmission tested and working. However i have to install from the zip. Force the update not work for me.

    Thanks for the work Thoradia.

    Glad it works

    I do not understand why Kodi does not pick up the updates

    I will however not bump revision numbers for an unreleased system