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    Is it possible to install Deluge 1.3.15 or Transmission 2.94 on an LibreElec 9.80 milhouse release?

    Milhouse test builds are not meant for production purposes

    I am satisfied when add-ons build for and run on these builds

    Beyond that, you are on your own, sorry

    CoreELEC uses the same ADDON_VERSION for nightlies and release

    The add-ons for release are building and will replace the add-ons for nightlies later today


    Jackett auto-updates, unless you have ticked Disable auto update in the web UI

    Hi, thoradia !

    I'm not having any issues with your add-ons (the combo swamp + MemoryHigh + reboot Kodi, automatically, one time per day work like a charm here!), Im here just to ask a question.

    I saw that you recently update Mono to new version and Sonarr too, however I not get this update here. I'm using the last LibreELEC stable release (9.0.2). There's a reason why you not update this add-ons for this version?

    Normally I can update Sonarr by myself, but this release not appear in interface.

    Regards and thanks!

    Is there a reason why I should update Mono for LibreELEC 9.0?

    Due to limited resources nice to have has lowest priority

    Coreelec is listed as not supported by this repo so will not download addons directly. However if you download the addon zip file directly to your CE box and install from ZIP it works.
    The latest versions of MONO and Webgrab+ are broken in CE so you have to use archive versions to get them working and then disable auto-update on the addons to ensure they don't update and break.


    As far as I know, Thoradia Add-ons supports CoreELEC 9.0

    If this is not the case, open an issue in this thread or here

    CoreELEC 9.2 support is underway but lacks information/testing, see here

    I am not aware of issues with Mono and WebGrab+Plus

    If there are, open an issue in this thread or here

    The log shows that Kodi starts unzipping the add-on, but does not show that this ends

    Mono requires 50 MB (packages) + 50 MB (compressed in tools.mono) + 300 MB (uncompressed in tools.mono)

    What does df -h report?

    You could try the following commands before re-installing:

    - rm /storage/.kodi/addons/packages/tools.mono*, to remove mono from the add-on cache

    - rm -rf /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.mono, to remove the mono add-on

    The payload of the Mono add-on is large and therefore provided as a compressed file which is uncompressed at installation

    This requires that appropriate space is available in /storage/.kodi/addons

    Try re-installing Mono and provide the output of journalctl -u tools.mono

    I cannot connect to sonarr outside of my home network when my VPN is on.

    I have gone I to VPN manager to try and exclude sonarr but it doesn't appear in the list of add-ons that I can exclude.


    See with your VPN provider or the maintainer of VPN Manager

    There seems to be a bug in Deluge when installing plugins from the web-ui

    To install third-party plugins to Deluge:

    - copy the egg of the plugin to /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.deluge/plugins directory (you can do this via smb)

    - restart Deluge or LibreELEC

    AutoRemovePlus installs here

    Dear forum administrators

    I am unable to reply to the Thoradia Add-ons thread

    Can you help me with this?


    Well, sometimes I can reply to a thread, and other times I can not

    For example, I could reply to the Thoradia Add-ons thread after I created this thread

    But now, I can not reply to either

    This is weird and confusing

    i need back to older version qbittorent, 4.1.7 client is not yet allowed on private tracker. How i can do this? :)

    Install earlier version of qBittorrent add-on for LibreELEC 9.0 from here

    Then disable auto-update of the qBittorrent add-on