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    It is difficult to determine what is happening without a config or a log

    Check in your config that nothing goes to /tmp

    Where are you downloading to?

    Be aware that some directories, such as /tmp, reside in memory

    Downloading to /tmp will therefore fill the memory of your system

    I only support current and upcoming LibreELEC releases (9.2 and 9.80)

    I will therefore recommend you to use the add-on provided in the repository


    I know it's Libreelec forum but can anyone help me with installing a torrent client in Coreelec 19 (matrix)? I installed a Thoradia repo and restarted the device but it can't connect.. Thanks a lot.

    If you tell me where I can find the CoreELEC 19 build system, I will build corresponding add-ons
    Last time I checked, there is no public source/build system for CoreELEC 19


    The settings add-on was using python dbus, which worked fine until LibreELEC 9.2.x

    However python dbus is broken on LibreELEC 10 (currently available as 9.80.x nightlies)

    The settings add-on is currently being rewritten to switch from python dbus to dbussy/ravel

    The networking part is nearly done

    The bluetooth part will be next, but will likely need a couple of weeks of work

    In the meantime, you could try using CLI tools


    I've given NZBGet a go and it seems to be working as wanted. It would be nice to know what's wrong with sab, but not important any more.

    Thanks for the repo, it's been great for me over the last couple of years :)

    unrar shipped with SABnzbd works fine on RPI4 here

    It could be that sabnzbd picks unrar from another add-on that you did not update yet

    The command which unrar will tell you which copy of unrar is used by default

    Hopefully an obvious answer. My microserver died this week where I've been using your addons with no issue.

    I've tried to move to an rpi4, but am having unrar issues with sabnzbd. I've installed unrar using raspbian, as well as trying the system tools addon within kodi, but I keep getting the following problem: Error "[Errno 8] Exec format error" while running rar_unpack

    Is there a specific step I've missed, or is there a way to check what I've done wrong?

    Add-ons built for your old server may not run on RPi4

    Make sure to reinstall the add-ons
    In Add-on Manager, first check for updates, then update each add-on

    See with the devs

    Try converting your xml files from Windows to Linux

    You can use notepad++ or this

    Hi Thoradia,

    I'm running Jackett, Sonarr and Radarr. Jackett and Sonarr work absolutely fine, but Radarr is broken. It fails at startup. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, tried reinstalling mono and trying a previous version. It keeps failing on startup according to systemctl journal radarr.service. Any ideas?

    I need more information to help you

    Provide versions of LibreELEC and Radarr add-on, as well as output of journalctl -u service.radarr