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    The raspberry pi has a command to determine whether the RPi has been "throttled" for what ever reason.

    vcgencmd get_throttled

    The output - in pure programmers methodology, is not user friendly.

    So what does 0x0, 0x50005, 0x50000 exactly mean?

    Thanks to popcornmix and harlemsquirrel for the following.

    1. 111100000000000001010
    2. |||| ||||_ under-voltage
    3. |||| |||_ currently throttled
    4. |||| ||_ arm frequency capped
    5. |||| |_ soft temperature reached
    6. ||||_ under-voltage has occurred since last reboot
    7. |||_ throttling has occurred since last reboot
    8. ||_ arm frequency capped has occurred since last reboot
    9. |_ soft temperature reached since last reboot

    For a better understanding. See harlemsquirrel.

    NOTE: The script is slightly out of date as bits 3 and 19 have now been added since the page was published. Here


    0x0 means nothing wrong

    0x50000 means throttled has occurred since the last reboot.

    0x50005 means you are currently under-voltage and throttled.

    Some Pi4s seem to run very hot, even outside a case. 70C idle is crazy. However others seem more reasonable.

    It is several weeks since launch and still quite confusing. Is this the 'norm' or are we just seeing some defective units?

    VLI firmware only makes a 3C difference so something else is causing some units to run way hotter than others.

    From early testing - 60 degrees was the norm when idle and this was a std unit - i.e. no case, heatsink or fan, just open the the elements. (Ambient was about 20 degrees). Adding a small 5v USB 5cm fan brought the temperature down to around 40 degrees. I believe the extra heat is all down to the *new* 14nm (From my memory) chip.

    I don't believe they are faulty (Just check the RPi forums - many reports) just a difference in location of unit, outside temperature etc (Sahara vs Alaska). I would check what is actually running as there maybe an addon or other program that is consuming more cpu than normal.

    I have Libreelec running on a Pi4 with a DVB hat fitted. I enabled TV headend and from my desktop PC the channels are working fine.

    On the actual Pi I can see all the channels and the video is fine but the sound is out of sync. Any ideas please?

    PS thanks for all the great work on this :)

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    I did initial testing on a RPi4 with RPi DVB Hat and TVH and didn't see any issues.

    The link seems to suggest that it is a firmware update. Without knowing exactly what the program does, the best solution is to create a new SD card and install Raspbian. Run the commands under Raspbian and once complete and the version check is correct. Reboot with your LE SD card and all should be fine.

    I too have a K400 on my Rpi 1/2/3 & 4 working without any issues.

    As @HiassofT mentioned change the batteries.

    I would also check that there is not too much "metal" or other stuff in the way of the receiver and the keyboard.

    If still no joy post the URL output of

    dmesg | paste


    lsusb | paste