Kodi restart after large file move using File Manager

  • I have seen this issue on most every installation of Kodi - Raspberry Pi, Windows PC, Linux build, Libreelec X86 version. Wondering if anyone else has seen this. Using the file manager and moving or coping a large file from one source to another : ie mass storage, usb drive etc. after the conclusion of the copy Kodi simply restarts. If a download is in progress it's trashed. More of a nuisance than anything else but I'm curious. A Kodi quirk or something else?


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    Probably not a good idea to use the interface to copy/move large files (How large?) Use native Linux for those sort of things. It's more than likely a memory issue as LE by default does not have a swapfile. Providing a log might help but I think you're trying to crack a nut with the wrong tools.

    You could try adding a swapfile and see if that solves the issue.

    I've just tested on a RPi3 on 9.2.1 and copied a 4G file from USB1 to USB2 via the file manager without issues. So it's probably more related to your particular situation.