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    Chrome is a useful and welcome program addon to my LE system and kudos to the members who put it together. I've had issues with my Sony TV and finding the right settings to get the sound to work. Sometimes it worked fine then other times silent with no setting changes. I think there might enough of us having issues to put a detailed "How to guide" for those of us tech challenged to find some help to keep this valuable addon supported and developed for the x86 systems.

    Anyway I did make it work until recently when it once again went silent. I think there was an update and kabluwee!

    My last setting that used to work was Custom Audio Device was hw:0,7

    Anyone want to tackle this with me?



    This was weird. I noticed some of my video download files disappeared after playing. I checked with the File Manager and they are still there but don't appear with Kodi Files as playable. Anyone else have this experience? ?(


    Thanks for the updated Chrome browser. On my i3 system I've had my issues with Chrome. Once I was able to get the sound working last year it works very well for our needs. I can stream video from most sites with no problem but for some the audio is silent. Youtube audio works fine but a TV news channel plays video with no sound (sometimes). I've tried restarting the TV to refresh but doesn't seem to work. The next session sound is back. Kinda tweaks my brain a bit. A show I like to watch on Chrome keeps giving me the "Aw snap! Something went wrong message." I was hoping this new release might fix that but I tried it this morning and same error. I have to reboot to our Windows system then all works fine on a Chrome browser.

    In any case glad someone with the skills is keeping the Chrome browser addon alive and working for x86 users.

    Many thanks.



    I have seen this issue on most every installation of Kodi - Raspberry Pi, Windows PC, Linux build, Libreelec X86 version. Wondering if anyone else has seen this. Using the file manager and moving or coping a large file from one source to another : ie mass storage, usb drive etc. after the conclusion of the copy Kodi simply restarts. If a download is in progress it's trashed. More of a nuisance than anything else but I'm curious. A Kodi quirk or something else?


    I currently use a custom Intel i3 based system after my humble Rasp Pi (A,B+) beginnings. Cost is probably the deciding factor for most folk. Lots of very excellent choices around today and a simple search as mentioned for HTPC might help. There's also some great info on building your own system if you're up for that. All depends on your budget and level of interest in assembling. Lots of help here either way ya go. Good hunting. :)

    Thanks for the reply. I'll check the settings again. One question I have about audio is what does the "keep audio alive" setting in Kodi do exactly and does it need to be set in some way for browser to work? I know this is probably basic stuff for you guys but I'm in the dark here.


    I've been using the Chromium browser with stellar results on my x86 Generic LE build then updated to V9.0 and audio went away. My rig is a Gigabyte Z77 i3 Intel system connected to a Sony via HDMI. I've read the fixes posted so far but none have worked for me. I've tried the addon settings hw:x,x with no results. Not sure of how to fix this so hoping one of the LE gurus might point me in the right direction. I'm comfortable using the terminal mode but total nubie to Linux sys stuff. I also tried the Chrome version and same issue. Any help appreciated.



    Not sure if this is something I'm doing wrong or possibly a Kodi issue but here goes. Using the Kodi file manager I've had this issue with the system freezing up when copying or moving large sized files say over three Gb in total. The progress bar sometimes stops at approx. 70 or 80 percent of completion then the keyboard and or mouse becomes inactive. The files were being moved from local ssd storage to a usb3 hd the last time it happened. Only recovery possible was reset and reboot. I'm using the x86 64bit LE flavor running it on an Intel i3 system. Appreciate any suggestions as this has happened many times over the past few years and I decided to track down the problem if possible. Thanks in advance for any help here.


    I installed your Chromium build on my i3 / Gigabyte MB and after a bit confusion with no audio I found the setting to enable it and viola! Nicely done and many thanks. Plays 1080p YouTube, Sling TV and anything else I through at it. I hope those that need a handy browser from within Kodi give this a try.

    Kudos to cabal2k



    Big kudos to olehenrikj !! Tried your Chrome with LE and it works like a charm on my x86 system. You solved a ton of issues for me and Thanks for sharing. I was using Chromium some time ago then an update to LE fouled it up but Chrome works just fine for my needs.

    RD :):)