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    On my Sony none of the HDMI inputs were connecting properly to any device. I did some research at Sony website and tried disconnecting all HDMI inputs,TV factory reset then one by one connect each device and so far all is working again. Likely older Sony HDMI software and or display timing issues. I don't believe it's a LE or RPi issue. YMMV.

    Seems my issue is simply a Sony HDMI handler thing. I think Sony did way more with their hdmi control system than they needed to. It causes me all manner of problems when active inputs are selected. Makes my head hurt.:cry:

    Humm. I have a similar issue going on with my RPi5 and a nightly build. A simple reboot and Sony TV reports "No Signal" after repeated reboots (hard and soft) still no signal. Boots normal on a different TV so very curious what's going on.

    Thanks for the tip MatteN. I'm a somewhat Linux challenged user but seems a simple "How to " search always provided a usable answer. Just in case there are other newbies to Linux here is what I did to use BalenaEtcher in Linux Mint :

    Right Click and open Properties

    click Permissions

    Access...change Read-only to Read and write

    Next check Execute

    There are lots of choices but bottom line is the size of your piggy bank. My jewel is a Gigabyte HTPC setup with i3 processor, 16GB DDR3, and dual 500 GB SSDs. It runs LE as it's only operating system and has been rock solid for about 6 years. Then we have Pi, Pi3,Pi4 and just added a Pi5. A fully loaded Pi5 will set you back give or take $150 and earlier Pis somewhat less. All work well with LE and performance gets progressively faster with each version. The Pi5 is close to matching my HTPC and gets my vote for top choice. The Pis are my top choice for RVs with a small footprint, low power and price. So how big is your piggy bank?

    If you check the Wiki at page top you can find "How to" for just about anything LibreElec related. If you wish help from the forums (1) type of hardware you are using RPi has several models and different builds

    (2) The Wiki at page top has step by to record and submit logs and lots of helpful info.

    Check it out and if you still have issues there's plenty of friendly folks here to lend a hand. Just remember the site mods and all the devs her are volunteers who generously spend their time providing this great software package so help them help you by doing a bit of search before you post. Someone has probably had the same issue or error and found a fix and posted it.

    I was resurrecting a Pi-B for a friend to play with and seems I might have uncovered a bit more info on the external drive mounting issue. I was able to reproduce it every time too. Here's what I did on my x86 system:

    1. I boot up my usb thumb drive with LE 11.0.6 test system

    2. Plugged in an 8gb separate thumb drive formatted NTFS [System Message confirms mount]

    3. From File Manager I copied a small MP4 file to the 8gb thumb drive.

    4. I unplug the 8gb drive. Safetly Removed is displayed. Plug it back in a moment later and no mount message.

    5. Unplug the drive and message Safetly Removed appears.

    6. Plug 8gb drive into Windows system and immediately reports drive error. Scan reports errors repaired.

    The error seems to be created only when File Manager writes to the drive and reading has no issues.

    I've done this three times with same results. Maybe there is enough info here to chase down this gremlin.

    I have the debug log if needed.

    I think you are asking a lot from a free app. You can easily install a nightly build and adjust to your needs. As far as being a fast fix that depends on host of things [speed of your internet, your device etc.] You didn't mention your hardware and there are a number of ways to load up LE and test without disturbing your current setup. On a PC just load a thumbdrive or on a Pi just another SD card.

    I decided to try ext4 on one of my 4TB hard drives. My first attempt to partition and initialize a drive in the Linux universe. I'm blindly following an article I found and hope it comes out right. So far so good and files are being copied from the NTFS drive to ext4 drive. I think I may just leave one drive NTFS format along side the EXT4 and with both having the same data next time an update is out test the theory of filesystem faults. We'll see..

    I know. I will likely bite the bullet and switch over to ext4 for my mass storage. We never had an issue until around the LE 11.0.2 release. They have hinted it's was a kernel change upstream that is the likely cause. I rarely need Windows to access my collection so ext4 here I come. Now the task is to convert without losing anything.

    I see the Confluence update was pushed today with the nice new Favorites change. Now you can select thumbnails for Favorites entries and for the sight challenged (like me) makes it really cool!

    Success at last. I found that indeed there seemed to be drive errors on my 2nd 4TB NTFS drive. I'm writing this in hopes of making drive problem a bit easier to repair should anyone else encounter a drive error after LE updates. In the past I have used the Windows chkdsk program to repair my drives but there's a much easier faster way that works to clear HD errors.

    In Windows right click the drive with a problem using file explorer then select "Properties" , "Tools" then "Check" and Scan. Takes under a minute unlike chkdsk which can take several hours. If we can't isolate the issue at least repair is a little less painful.