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    my only issue with le10 beta is when i use AMBER skin auto completion keyboad ( it freazes kodi and reboot ), it fixed my issue with unstable cec response in LE9... other then that im using it as my daily driver.. great work guys..

    the le1`0 beta fixed all my cec issues with rpi4

    in le9 the issue was so bad that a intalled and configured a IR receiver so i can use another remote control to control it.. in le10 it works as intended.

    im using rpi4 with le10 and works fine.. i get some reboot when using keyboard auto complete, but hdr and 4k is fine.. and i let it running at 1080 and let it swtch to 4k if the source is 4k..

    maybe is a firmware issue? i was havint some (unable to) reboot issues with version 2021-03-18 (lasted in libreelec menu) reflashed the 2020-09-03 and all running fine again

    ì did upgrade and worked just fine ( i did backup all my stuff just in case) .. but may not work for everyone.. there is a addon BACKUP that will backup your kodi settings..

    a libreelec backup could mess things up or just work as a upgrade can too.. but the safe path is just using the backup addon or download the .kodi folder via ssh

    btw if you dont need something that is in libreelect 10, like hdr.. it doenst worth the update right now.. it will break a lot of addons maybe forever..

    Thanks for the hint, Hias, I can confirm cec-ctl works and can be used at the same time with Kodi, in my case at least for TV status monitoring and power on (all other commands, unfortunately including standby and power-off, are ignored by my 10 years old TV).

    well.. i have a 3 years old tv.. and i cant get ir working too.. i used to make cec-client turn on and off my tv and my receiver ( a simple bd-player with 5.1 audio using arc) flawless, but i cant make it work at all with cec-ctl


    i could the shutdown work with

    cec-ctl --standby -tX  
    where X is your device number.. cec-ctl --standby -t4 (to turn off my receiver) just works. 
    and to turn on
    cec-ctl --user-control-pressed ui-cmd=power-on-function -tx
    x is your device in my case

    I have the argon one case, installeed a ir receiver on it.. but couldnt figure out how to make it work.. i stole the bluetooth remote from mibox and could set it up perfectly.. but still hope to make the ir work.. i just dont have the skills

    edit.. turn out im stupid and didnt installed the receiver properly.. now the ir is working very well