LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0 RC1

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  • all fine here.

    thanks !

    but some hints to improve things regarding the text from here:

    LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0 RC1 – LibreELEC


    and there the part regarding topic "DO NOT upgrade"

    I and I guess a lot of people already running 19.x stuck here or get somewhat confused, esp. when they don't read the text further.

    The confusion is cleared though, but - for my taste - at the wrong place, under the topic "SPARE CARDS AND BACKUPS"

    It's the sentence "So unless you are already running an image with Kodi 19 inside, a clean install is preferred. ..."

    I guess it would be much clearer and easier to read when it would read (draft):

    "DO NOT Upgrade"

    unless your are already running an image with Kodi 19 inside ....

    and then the rest of the following text why clean install is preferred


    another part is the sentence "Your failure to make a backup is not our problem!"

    is here a "not" missing => "your failure to *not* make a backup ..."


    my engl/german-dict translates "failure" to german "Ausfall, Betriebsausfall, Erfolglosigkeit, Fehlschlag, Misserfolg, Versagen, Versager"


    the tab on the download page/link for generic still carries the word "Beta".

    should it be "RC" or just no suffix ?

    no suffix would save the work next time (!) and "LibreElec 10" describes/qualifies it enough (YMMV)

    comments/rotten fruits ?


    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

  • RC = Release Candidate. More stable than a beta, but not the 10.0.0 release either (hence not called beta, or stable). Generic is pretty stable though. The remaining WIP bits are related to other platforms (mostly RPi4).


    Where can we download the RC? Or is beta 5 (9.97.1) the RC?

  • sorry this was not obvious enough, LE9.97.1 is LE10 RC1 - the cryptic versioning is not optimal, we know

    I added the version to the news entry.

    I have an issue tho with the kodi logfile uploader. It doesnt show me a qrcode and gives a bunch of errors... Is this known?

    i included the logfile

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    I have an issue tho with the kodi logfile uploader.

    We seem to have two issues here.

    • You are asking support in the News section of the LibreELEC forum. We prefer that you create a new thread in the appropriate forum section.
    • And before you create that new forum thread, kindly first fully clean up your Kodi/LibreELEC setup from ALL video piracy crap that currently is installed. As per the forum rules of LibreELEC (which you have accepted) and Kodi, support will be halted immediately for those setups with one or more add-ons that are known to facilitate video piracy. And judging from your log file, at least 6 repos with their linked scripts and plugins have infested your Kodi device. For your guidance, the offending add-on entries are orange-colored in the log file. Provide a new log file with the problem situation when you're done.
  • I created an account just to say I love what you guys do. It's such an easy to use media player, I use it to access files over SMB. The most shocking thing was my TV remote working right away!

    Just my opinion about the versions. I don't know if this is appropriate but maybe leave the Kodi, Linux Kernel, and whatever the 9.9.7 is out of the name and most pages. I understand now but at the start it was super confusing because I only care about your releases and knowing what I'm using vs what's new.

    Just as an example Ubuntu uses a code name (Focal Fossa) and a version (ex. 20.04) but they only mention the Kernel version in changelogs, it's actually kinda hard to find that info out They do sometimes talk about the Gnome version but in promotional material and mostly because of people's GUI opinions.

    Here's how they do it (again not saying they are correct)

    URL to download Ubuntu ISO: ubuntu-

    and main download page Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

    Just my two cents but either way you guys are amazing.

  • Do you guys recommend a fresh install when going from one LE10 bèta version to another / from bèta to RC1? Or is it okay to update the bèta versions to a newer beta / RC?