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    You need an additional audio input device for this task.

    It's possible to route input to output on this device.

    Problem: I don't think you can route audio from an external input device to another external output device (your USB soundcard).

    Just to make this complete: HEVC (aka H265) is suggested by dev CvH as the best long-term solution for encoding. If you want to play your video library on multiple platforms, go for that codec. (RPi 4 can hardware-decode it.)

    At second place comes H264. (RPi 4 can hardware-decode it.)

    MPEG-2 is third place. (RPi 4 can only software-decode it. RPi 3 can hardware-decode it by license purchase.)

    VC-1 is working on powerful hardware (x86 PC's), but can overcharge weaker hardware, like RPi's, due to missing multi-threading. (RPi 4 can only software-decode it. RPi 3 can hardware-decode it by license purchase.)

    Yes, that sync error is visible at the log. The rest of the log looks good, so I'm thinking it's a decoding bug (WMA pro / DTS). A dev should have a look at this, I have no idea about a hot fix.

    Did you set the amount of output channels to 2.0? That's the right setting, other channels are encoded at those two.

    Do you get different results with and without pass-through enabled on the audio settings?

    Sorry to hear that. If you can't login by SSH to repair the asound.conf, then you could create an Ubuntu USB stick, boot it and access the Kodi file system from Ubuntu.

    If you decide to do a fresh LE installation, use LE 10 Beta. It has a couple of bug fixes.

    sorry if tis dumb question but how do i comment out,manually start the py and get the output?(i know that its dumb question but i am still learning....)

    You really don't have the right user name. 8o

    Login by SSH.

    Open by nano editor.

    Comment out the Python line by adding a leading #. (like at line 1 - the magic line 8) )

    Save the change and close nano editor.

    Type python /storage/.config/ and press Enter.

    Copy the resulting text output into your next post.

    When the speaker-test is not running, same movies produce no sound whatsoever, not even mono...

    Try a different sampling rate:

    1. Go to Settings -> System
    2. Enable "Advanced" or "Expert" mode
    3. Go to Audio -> Output configuration and switch to "Fixed"
    4. Go to Limit sampling rate (kHz) and switch to "44.1" or another sampling rate

    It doesn't have to have Android but it does have to be an android box (media player with remote). I simply want a normal player where I will install Libreelec and use only that. I will not use Android but I do not want RPi or anything like that, I want android box.

    Makes no sense to me. If you don't need Android, then hardware specs and open source support are everything that counts.