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    I had a look at your log file. Please check your storage device "sr0". It has I/O errors:

    I think it's more about what you do with Nextcloud. There are always scenarios, when you will run out of memory when using Nextcloud. User chewitt describes the most performant solution, but if you have to stay with your current hardware, you can try to install an external swap partition (SSD) to expand the RAM. I don't suggest it, because it's probably slow.

    The major purpose of the Raspberry Pi is to make people start programming. Your project is doable, but you have to learn programming.

    Part 1: Find a way to start a movie from command line by entering a command with a unique movie ID as argument. (maybe use MySQL)

    Part 2: Write a LibreELEC add-on, which permanently reads your connected RFID reader, and sends a command (see part 1) when a card is near the reader.

    Especially part 2 needs programming skills. To my knowledge, such an add-on doesn't exists.

    Do you really want many hours of serious work just to have the luxury of a card-triggered movie player?

    You could use an HDMI audio extractor: One HDMI input, one HDMI output, one analog audio output. Something like this.

    The extractor should be connected to a second HDMI port on your TV, not on your RPi (wouldn't solve the out-of-sync).

    If the second TV HDMI port works in path-through mode, the analog audio hopefully gets the right delay time to be in-sync.

    I'm using a 3A PSU with a RPi3B+. 3A is a lot, and the lighting bolt never appears. Either you have a really bad PSU, which does not provide the advertised wattage. Or you have heavy consumers connected to your RPi.

    Even the new log has still superrepo messages. Maybe the uninstall failed. I would really do fresh installation of LE. Just to be sure to delete all the illegal crap.

    After that, install add-ons step-by-step (install / verify that everything works) to find slowing-down add-ons.

    PS: I have been used "ARD Mediathek" moments ago with the new LE 9.0.1 - still works fine with my RPi.

    I have tried enabling CEC. It appears that my Panasonic TH-L32EM5A only supports CEC for detecting / switching sources. It doesn't appear to send the input from the remote.

    I had a look at your TV manual, and you are probably right, there is no full "Viera Link" support.

    If you can't record new IR key codes, try to use the defined key codes for your remote control. Here is a Panasonic list.

    Sometimes (not very often) the MAC address changes after a big firmware / OS update. Because connection still works over Ethernet cable, you may have some additional WLAN restrictions on your router setup. Or you use an LE device name, which has been changed since the update.

    1) Check MAC-depending WLAN rules at your router.

    2) Check the device name of your LE device (System Settings -> LibreELEC -> System Name).

    3) Check whether your apps are using a non-fitting MAC address or a non-fitting device name.