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    True statement. Support means updates and answering questions. Very important, and it means long-term costs for companies.

    Since the release of RPi 4B we have a low-cost 4K streaming box, which runs LibreELEC, and has free support. :love::love::love:

    It's hard for streaming box companies! Even China can't concurrent with it. That's why this forum is currently under attack from there.

    Because Serviio supports:

    - Movie thumbnails (Kodi - not supported or not working; I've seen complaints in forums but no solution)

    - Video playback resume (not supported in Kodi; scrolling with TV remote to a middle of the 2hrs movie - nightmare; and you have to remember where you stopped)

    - Sorting automatically my TV series into series, seasons, last watched episode etc. (not so good in Kodi)

    Good ideas for feature requests. Go for it! :)

    To install Java for this would be kind of an overkill.

    Sorry if I didn't explain it very well. Somehow I pressed a button on my Verizon FIOS remote that enabled the Kodi mute function. I had not mapped any keys on the remote to be a mute button. I tried several buttons, but it didn't un-mute. Had to attach a keyboard to get it to un-mute.

    You can do two things with my method:

    a) find the already defined and undesired mute button, and disable it by overwriting it with a "noop" action

    b) keep the undesired mute function alive, and use a color button to un-mute (copy my example, and press yellow)

    I'm using an RPi 3B+, too. Yesterday I went back to LE version 9.0.2, because the system went into safe mode a couple of times with LE 9.1.002.

    I suggest to use the stable version 9.0.2. If you still get issues, post the log as mentioned by Iridium. Your current link doesn't works.

    I don't think it's an LE problem, because screen calibration has no effect. Modern TV's often have picture optimization modes, and some modes slightly change the filling of the screen. Play around with your TV settings.

    This is almost 100% incorrect... (sorry...)

    CEC data is never part of the AV stream. In fact, CEC is a separate LOW speed interface (actually a bit like a slow I2C bus). It uses a separate line in the cable from the AV data. Most cables will include CEC support, but there are some that do not.

    Info here...

    Thanks for the info, I was just guessing to find the problem. :)

    Am I correct when I'm saying, the CEC part has a different implementation for RPi4B, compared to RPi3x?

    Because that's the point to find a solution.

    I've been installed a power button and a status LED for my RPi3B+.

    Adaption for RPi4B should be easy or not necessary (check the pins for your device).

    Power Button Scripting Part

    Add "dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown" to config.txt.

    Switching off will let the shutdown menu appear. To shutdown instantly, use this.

    Status LED Add-On Part

    Install the "Raspberry Pi Tools" add-on to use the GPIO programming library in Python.

    Status LED Hardware Part

    I'm using GPIO13 (Pin #33) and the opposite Ground (Pin #34) to connect the LED.

    Status LED Scripting Part

    Switch the status LED on from, which calls a Python script (LED will switch off automatically at shutdown).

    /storage/.config/ :

    1. #!/bin/sh
    2. python /storage/scripts/

    /storage/scripts/ :

    Make both files executable:

    chmod +x /storage/.config/

    chmod +x /storage/scripts/

    Thank you but I am not sure if that can be the case either as libreelec is perfectly working fine on the same tv with rpi2 andd 3's.

    I think it's possible, because CEC data is merged into A/V data. RPi4B uses a different graphics driver to deal with higher resolutions and two HDMI outs. CEC signals have to be filtered out of the HDMI stream, before CEC adapter can handle it.

    Thank you - I've tried that already but it doesnt work - changed 5 different cables but no luck :(

    OK, then it's probably not the HDMI cable.

    My final idea is that your TV uses special CEC codes, which are not yet implemented for RPi4B.

    You could write a bug report, and become a part of the solution.

    Write the full TV model name, and give a link to this thread, so devs can know about what you already did.

    HDMI is a standard, and the only parameter that could really change between devices is data transmission speed.

    My advice is to take the HDMI cable from the working TV, and plug it into the not working one. Just to be sure it's not the cable. As you know, some HDMI cables are ready for high speed, and others are not, so CEC data could get lost.

    I had the safe mode bug today at LE 9.1.002 (RPi3B+).

    It happened after I've been added the Kodi Nerds repo, and installed / uninstalled "Amazon Prime Music" from there.

    After shutdown and power on I went into safe mode.

    I did a reboot from SSH, and normal mode worked again. Maybe it helps to find the bug.