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    So I want to download the latest Version (11.0.3) of LibreElec for PC.

    I went here

    LibreELEC Generic - LibreELEC

    click on the the Link


    and I got the message:

    redigo: nil returned

    Same happend with


    If I do a "Right Click" on the Links and choose "Save as"

    it saves a *.GZ File with the Size of 1KB.

    Did I do something wrong or is there another Downloadlink for LibreElec 11.0.3 ?

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    Come on, get a life.

    Yes, there is an Error in LibreELEC 11 and the WiFi isn't working.

    But what will you do ?

    Arguing, crying and insulting People over and over like a little Child ?

    Do you really think that this will help and you will get a working Version ?

    Always remember:

    They are MANY and you are ONE, and if you didn't behave they will kick you off the Board and it will quiet here again !

    (I'm still astonished that they be this patient and keep you here for so long and that they reopen this Thread)

    And what will happen if you get banned from this Forum ?

    You will still have a LibreELEC 11 with a none working WiFi !

    So please shut up, wait for a working Version, and if you really need WiFii install an old Version (or search for some other Software) and be happy !

    in other word. nobody knows when it will be fixed?

    Don't argue with the Guys.

    They (especially chewitt) are "The Big Bosses" here and they kick you out of the Board if you are rude and complain to much !

    For me, WiFi didn't work in LebreELEC 11 too, and when I asked why it is so here on this Board, they also tell me that there is an Error within Kodi.

    So, they released a "faulty" Version and they know about the Bug (this is called the "Banana Principle"), but I won't argue with them because they are too "high and mighty".

    I simply installed an old, working Version of LibreELEC because LibreELEC 11 didn't offer Things I really need.

    Please be patient, install an old Version of LibreELEC, and maybe, sometimes in the Future, there will be a Version of LibreELEC where WiFi is working again without any tinkering by the User.

    Based on the total number of issue reports to this forum and our IRC channel I'm calculating this problem is impacting ~0.0009% of the users running LE11 images. That level of "failure" is excellent.

    It seems that it doesn't come to your mind that not everybody who uses LibreELEC knows this Forum too ?

    And if you release something and you know it has a Bug, it would be nice to inform the Users about this before you relase it !

    Where is the Information in the Changelog ?

    LibreELEC (Nexus) 11.0 - LibreELEC

    Well, I don't want argue with you, so WLAN not working in Version 11 then it's back to Version 9.2.8 for me, because "Never change a running System" (even if someone make the greatest promises about a newer version)

    Well, it seems you've got the same Problem like me:

    March 8, 2023 at 2:10 PM

    Your WiFi passphrase is a passphrase not a key so entering it over and over won't achieve anything. This is probably something related to crypto in the kernel and the change to IWD. At the moment "it's a known problem" but how to triage/diagnose the issue is not known and there is no solution. To be continued..

    So you don't know either ?

    Well, it seems that's only me who got this problem, because nobody else complained about this "serious flaw" here on this Board.

    But if it's a "know problem" why was Version 11.0.0 released with it ?

    Was this Version never tested ?

    I think a lot of people use WLAN with their LibreELEC, and all would be very disapointed if it's not working in the new Version.

    Well, the old saying "Never change a running System" seems to be true,

    Luckily the USB-Stick with Version 11.0.0 was only for testing and I will revert back to Version 10.0.4 on the Stick.

    For daily use I've kept my SSD with Version 9.2.6 for PC and my SD-Card with Version 9.2.8 for my Pi3 which both never gave me any Trouble.


    I've just updated to LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-11.0.0 on my PC.

    Everything went fine, but LibreELEC won't connect to my WLAN.

    The WLAN is switched on in LibreELEC -> Network -> Wireless Network and

    the WLAN shows up in LibreELEC -> Connections, but if I want to connect, LibreELEC tells me "invalid-key"

    I've checked the Key about 20 Times, and put it in again and again and it's always "invalid-key".

    The key is right, it works fine with LibreELEC 9.2.6, 9.2.8 and 10.0.1

    It doesn't have hdmi, only DVI (and scart/svideo/composite). The website of phillips states that the DVI in-port supports

    • 640 x 480, 60, 67, 72, 75Hz
    • 800 x 600, 56, 60, 72, 75Hz
    • 1024 x 768, 60, 70, 75Hz

    But weirdly, the Tv says it doesn't the resolution when I try setting the resolution to 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 with the help of a second monitor.

    As 1024 x 768 isn't in the list of standard resolutions of Kodi, could I add it by any chance? This is the support page of the tv in question.

    Thats strange, I checked the Website you linked above, and there it says the TV has an HDMI-Port.

    If it don't show up, click on the "Show all product features" Button on the Page

    Than look at "Technical Specifications" -> "Connectivity"

    and there it says AV4 = HDMI !

    And even the User manual (you can find it here…d-ready/support)

    says on Page 3 that the TV has a HDMI-Port (but no SCART)

    It says exactly


    HDMI input for connecting a HD (high definition) equipment or computer (equipped with
    DVI output connected with a DVI to HDMI cable)."

    This means that you can connect your PC with an HDMI-Cable, If the PC doesn't have a HDMI-Port but a DVI-Port you can use a DVI to HDMI-Cable.

    Seems like a "HDMI-Handshake" Problem to me.

    What happend when you turn the Raspberry on after the AV-Receiver and the TV ?

    To me LibreElec 10 seems to be "Full of Wonders".

    Just look around on this Board.

    Some things what worked fine in LibreElec 9 suddenly seem not to work anymore or give people trouble and problems.

    I can't find the option to disable hardware acceleration (also with advanced settings level)

    In LibreElec 9.2.8 it's under

    Settings -> Player -> Videos -> Processing

    and I didn' think they changed that in 10.0.1

    You can also look here

    Settings/Player/Videos - Official Kodi Wiki

    Scroll down to Point 3.3

    than click on "Expand" at "Linux specific settings"

    Maybe not all the Options will be shown at the Raspberry

    Hello, by chance do you know if it works well (I'm still searching a good/compatible one out of the box) even on the Libreelec/Raspberry Pi4?

    Many Thanks.

    Sorry, I can't say for sure if it works with LibreElec 10.0.1 on a Raspberry Pi4, because

    I only own a Pi3 B+ and a PC with an AMD Processor, both running LibreElec 9.2.8.

    I had plans to buy a Pi4 and install LibreElec 10.0.1 on it but then I looked around on this Board a saw how much Trouble and Problems People get with this combination.

    (Look at my Thread here

    Raspberry Pi 4B and LibreELEC 10.0: Not so "great" after all ? )

    So I said "NO", and stayed with the Hardware/Software I mentioned above because this works fine for me.

    I think the Remote Control should work, but maybe somebody else (chewitt, Da Flex) can answer your Question for sure.

    Sorry the Link to your Log-File gets blocked by my AV-Software, saying it's infected with Malware.

    1. What kind of Video did you try to play (for example: Movie downloaded from the Internet or Movie filmed by yourself ?)

    2. What Format MKV, MP4, AVI ? h264 or h265 ?

    3. Did the Video plays on another Machine (for exampel otherRaspberry / PC) / with another Playback-Software ?

    4. Did the Video plays with another Version of LibreElec ?

    5. Did you disable the Hardware Acceleration settings (Settings -> Player -> Videos) ?

    Stupid remarks... 3 letters can already set you off?!? Well, perhaps because I had some idea it had to be something weird, and this time it's about RAM chips needing an hour before they start forgetting whatever they were doing, which is not a thing at all for RPi devices.

    "Maybe"..? Please don't start making things up along the way again. Why would that be helpful?

    Really, a modern LED TV and the RPi are not 70-80's television sets with light bulbs that have up to 25,000 volts on their tubes. The RPi has a modern design. It really does go into Alzheimer mode in under 3 seconds after the power has been cut off.

    Helping out people on a forum really is fine, but giving out dis-information is not helpful. I actually don't know everything about LibreELEC or computers, but I'll join in when I have something on Kodi which I know is correct.

    Realy, this reply clearly shows that you and at last two other People didn't want anybody else here to help People and answer questions.

    And that afer 37 (!) Posts, my Postd must still be "checked" and "unlocked" by a Mod shows it too !

    I ask you:

    Is this a "Hotline" where a few choosen People answer all the questions or is this a Board where all People can exchange their Opinions ?

    For me, it's the first !

    What did you do in the first way ?

    Are you the first who answered to the Question of vdb86 ?

    No, you didn't !

    But then you show up out of the Blue, making stupid remarks and calling my Information not helpfull because for you it seems outdated !

    Maybe it is, but if you are Mr. "I know it all" why did it take so long for you to answer vdb86 Questions ?

    By the way where is YOUR "Helpful Information" here ?

    Nothing to say about the problem but making fun of others who at last try to help !

    Is that your way ?