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    Ah OK, then it's not on LibreElec at all ;)

    After reading for many hours i believe it's working on some systems because ffmpeg must be compiled with pthreads-support to work with the new SSM-multicast-streams.

    1. fmpeg[2160]: [udp] 'circular_buffer_size' option was set but it is not supported on this build (pthread support is required)

    Maybe that's also why tvheadend is working on e.g. Synology-NAS' and not on LibreElec?


    I have been using a LibreElec-HTPC-TVHeadend Setup (Server 4.2.8/HTSPClient) with "MagentaTV" Multicast IP-Streams flawlessly since AGES.

    On 01.01.20 my provider started using new SSM multicast addresses and the old ones don't work anymore. Sadly, the new ones don't work either on my LibreElec TVHeadend Server, the addresses aren't recognised. I have a "spare" TVHeadend Server on my Synology NAS (also 4.2.8, like on LibreElec). The addresses are recognised fine and are working there. They also work using VLC on a Mac! The new addresses look like this, for example: "rtp://[email protected]:10000"

    I would like to continue using my TVHeadend Server on the LibreElec HTPC cause it has been working better (much less IPTV Errors)

    I tried to get it to work for hours, and tried nearly everything.

    Anyone had the same issues with the new Telekom-MagentaTV SSM-Streams on LibreElec 9.2?

    Anyone having the new streams working on LE-9.2/TVHeadend?

    Thanks for any hints.

    Here is a log snippet when it happened again. No IR Control possible after sleep.


    Maybe someone has a better/more comfortable idea to solve my issue:

    Kodi stops reacting to IR commands after some hours of use, or after some system sleep cycles. I use a mce usb compatible USB Receiver which worked just fine since LE 8.2.

    „irw“ on the console gives proper feedback and keypresses show just fine, when the problem occurs. I even tried to reload the mceusb kernel modul to no avail.

    BUT: „systemctl restart kodi“ via ssh console brings back full remote functionality!

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance :)

    PS: Kodi Box is x86 64bit Intel based CoreDuo