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    First of all, thanks for all the hard work everyone has put in on this. For me so far, I've been able to play 4k files w/ most audio formats (Atmos, DTS, DTA-MA, etc).

    My one question is... has anyone been able to get 60 Hz/FPS using the the official raspberry pi HDMI cable? It says in their spec sheet for it that it's HDMI 2.0 complaint, but I'm starting to wonder. I've tried connecting my RPi4 to my AVR and directly to my TV, and I'm not able to select [email protected], and playback of any 4k content that is 60 FPS is slow, and not insync with the audio. Figured I'd ask here before i go and find a new cable on Amazon.

    I've added "hdmi_enable_4kp60=1" to my config.txt file, and haven't seen any other lines that relate to [email protected] (connected via HDMI 0 on the RPi4)

    "hdmi_enable_4kp60=1" isnt implemented yet in Beta 1. Maybe Beta 2

    Switching back to fkms will bring back screen tearing, you loose HBR audio passthrough and HDR and you won't get any support from us. Other than that you are of course free to do that - just don't complain if things don't work :-)

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    Ok, what pity!

    I dont switch :)

    Sorry for the late response, but it seems i have to wait 2000+ seconds to write another message...

    Are you saying that if my TV has eARC (which it does) it doesn't work, or well doesn't send the signal?

    With eARC you have DTS-HD or TrueHD.

    In my case my TV doesnt have eARC (only ARC) and its no opinion for me.

    I go optical from TV to AVR, and never had problems with HDCP. Maybe you have to setup your TV for this.

    Audio over HDMI-1 is possible in theory, but a pretty new feature on LE. Better wait a couple of days until LE 10 arrives, then try again.

    If you dont have a TV without eARC you cant passthrough DTS HD, Atmos etc.

    Thats the reason why i sont use this ;)

    I guess the first releases will come in near future. Im happy to test the first alpha of the Pi4.

    For this good work i made a donation last week. Thanks, LE Team ;)

    Hi noggin

    could be possible. It is a Denon X4100 Receiver.

    HDR and HDCP are completely independent - RPi doesn't even have a certified trust path, so no widevine, HDCP etc.

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    Hi HiassofT

    my fault, i ask this not about Pi4. My AVR (Denon X4100) has HDMI 2.0 but only HDCP 1.4.

    If i go from PI --> AVR --> TV i get no HDR.

    If i go from PI --> TV i get HDR.

    Is it not possible with HDCP 1.4 to get HDR?

    I tried a HDCP Converter, but this doesnt work too. :(

    Hias, the image that is tagged by its file on the above quote I just tried and I still don't have the hd audio formats ... although kodi on the TV has all the HD sudio formats (and the tagged build is the latest nightly build) any solutions?

    Bro, there will be a fix. :-)

    Take a beer, make a donor to Libreelec, wait a little bit and be happy when the fix is ready for test :)

    One question to all: Doe anybody knows, whether HDR is only available with HDCP 2.2? Is HDR passthrough not possible with HDCP 1.4 ?