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    I switched my tuner to sundtek skytv 8 but with no improvement.

    After some hours of debugging with sundtek support I was told that rpi (graphics driver) is locking system when playback is started. That's why usb is blocked, dvb buffer runs dry and some data of livetv gets lost.

    Could this be improved somehow?

    Ah, now that makes sense as to why it's only playback on the Pi that is acting as TV server that causes the issue.

    I've got to admit, bearing in mind the low cost, I was seriously considering at one point buying another Pi to use as client, so that the server is never doing any playback.

    BUT, for me, it seemed that the only time I had significant data errors was if I tried to play the recording that is running. If I start live TV on a different tuner, or play back some other video, it didn't cause it. Is this consistent with the explanation?

    Is recording to network an option for you?

    Also, I checked the thread I posted when I was having issues, and I now remember that changing the TV signal booster was a significant factor.

    I can do some testing with HD channels another day, but I've got a recording running at the moment that I don't want to mess up!

    Today I tried to boot from usb ssd, I still get continuity counter errors in tvh if I playback an ongoing recording.

    Are you recording to this SSD?

    I saw this behaviour, but I haven't had time to look into it properly.

    I've just done a very quick test with an SD TV channel. I started recording, and then started playing the recording. No errors within about a minute.

    I record to a NAS which is connected to my raspberry pi 4 via a wired network.

    Also, I was doing the playback on a different system to the one on which TVH is running.

    I THINK when I saw these problems previously, that I was recording to the microSD card.

    If your TV tuner is USB, and your SSD is USB, could it be that recording from one USB device to another AND playing the file back from USB is simply too much? Sure, it shouldn't reach the theoretical bandwidth, but you never know.

    I guess it would be useful to know which scenarios cause the problem and which do not.

    Okay, I think I have progress.

    I created folders on my NAS for timeshift and recordings. Figured it wouldn't hurt to use that for all disk bashing. Obviously I had to mount them in LibreElec.

    At the same time, I dropped down to a single tuner plugged directly into the aerial, cutting out the signal booster. This seemed to work fine, so I dug out my previous signal booster and switched back to that.

    Touch wood, I haven't had any data errors.

    Of course, I don't know which of these things has had the biggest impact. I'm inclined to suggest the signal booster, although I was getting good signal reported.

    Thanks for pointing out this thread. I'd missed it.

    So, it seems (initial testing) that this only happens if the playback is on the same raspberry pi. If it is playing back on another client on the network, it seems fine. I pushed the limit on this recording one HD and one SD channel simultaneously (two different muxes so two different tuners). Playing these in-progress recordings on a Windows PC over the network was fine.

    Of course, with the Pi, it's a question of whether the act of playing the in-progress recording is the problem, or perhaps the USB remote interferes with the USB tuner. Yesterday, I watched an in-progress recording most of the way through without a problem, and the recording only had problems at the end, which MIGHT have been when I hit the stop button and navigated out o f TV using the remote. This link does bear more investigation.

    More data points would definitely be useful.

    For me, I'm more than happy to put Raspberry Pi OS on one Pi to use as the TV server, and then have another one for the Kodi box. What I don't want to do is spend lots on different TV tuners, remotes, storage, and then find there wasn't anything I could have done.

    Okay, so I'm struggling.

    I am still having some issues with 9.2.6, but it doesn't seem as bad as 10b1.

    It seems that when I play a recording back while it's still running, I get a lot more data errors. This happened this evening, but I didn't notice while it was running, so maybe it's always happened. Having checked the actual recording file, there was a massive amount of garbage after the actual programme, which may have coincided with when I stopped the playback.

    If something records in the middle of the night, no data errors.

    So, is the RPi4 just not up to playing back a recording while it's running? Is the problem that the MicroSD card isn't fast enough (SanDisk class 10)? Could it be something stupid like birds landing on the aerial?

    Next up is to plug a second Pi4 in for playback, and just have LE9.2.6 on the 'server'.

    Any more ideas for debugging this?

    Seems to be happening on LE9.2.6 and LE10b1, but definitely worse on LE10b1. Happening on multiple TV tuners. Aerial hasn't changed. Happens with two different microSD cards.


    I recently updated my RPi4 to LE10 beta, and also tried a nightly build (16 April).

    I have noticed many more data errors and even failed recordings compared to LE 9.2.6. I am using three X-Box One TV tuners, which have been working fine with LE9, and the errors seem to occur on all tuners, which would seem to suggest it is unlikely that I am looking at a tuner failure.

    I have just had two failed recordings, and it would seem (at least to me) that the data errors occur when I am actively playing back the recordings, including skipping through with the remote (microsoft MCE USB receiver). I now have a recording running on the same channel/tuner as one that failed earlier, and it seems that as long as I don't touch it, the number of data errors is not increasing at a significant rate.

    Please don't think I am complaining. I know this is a beta version. But I wondered if someone could tell me what the situation is, so I can make the best decision (revert to 9.2.6 possibly) as this is my 'main' TV server.

    So, is there a known problem with USB tuners on LE10? I didn't install any driver packages. Should I?

    Any insight would be very welcome. I did post about this in the WinTV DualHD thread in the context of whether that tuner would be better, but it seems better to start a new thread for this issue.

    Service.txt shows lots of this

    2021-04-17 19:56:40.164 [WARNING] tbl-pass: pass-sdt: -: invalid checksum (len 260, errors 16)

    2021-04-17 19:56:41.269 [WARNING] TS: DVB-T Network/658MHz/Channel 4: MPEG2VIDEO @ #1101 Continuity counter error (total 5517)

    2021-04-17 19:56:41.269 [WARNING] TS: DVB-T Network/658MHz/Channel 4: MPEG2AUDIO @ #1102 Continuity counter error (total 1095)

    2021-04-17 19:56:41.542 [WARNING] tbl-pass: pass-eit: -: invalid checksum (len 278, errors 285)

    2021-04-17 19:56:43.827 [WARNING] TS: DVB-T Network/658MHz/Channel 4: MPEG2AUDIO @ #1103 Continuity counter error (total 371)

    2021-04-17 19:56:55.310 [WARNING] TS: DVB-T Network/658MHz/Channel 4 Transport error indicator (total 11931)

    2021-04-17 19:56:55.768 [WARNING] TS: DVB-T Network/658MHz/Channel 4: MPEG2VIDEO @ #1101 Continuity counter error (total 5737)

    2021-04-17 19:56:55.830 [WARNING] tbl-pass: pass-eit: -: invalid checksum (len 1387, errors 313)

    2021-04-17 19:56:57.239 [WARNING] TS: DVB-T Network/658MHz/Channel 4: MPEG2AUDIO @ #1102 Continuity counter error (total 1130)

    2021-04-17 19:56:57.490 [WARNING] tbl-pass: pass-pmt: -: invalid checksum (len 80, errors 58)

    2021-04-17 20:00:38.101 [WARNING] TS: DVB-T Network/658MHz/Channel 4 Transport error indicator (total 11970)

    Best wishes,


    So the reason I am considering this tuner is because my XBox tuners are having glitches.

    This does seem to be happening since I upgraded to LE10b1 with TVH 4.3. I initially thought it was one of the tuners, but changed the priorities and another tuner has the same issues.

    So, is this a general USB issue with the RPi4? Does it depend on the LE version? Should I just wait for a fix?



    I have encountered the Tvheadend 4.3 is (thanks to) you available here: Tvheadend nightly builds for LibreELEC

    but so far I didn't see it in official repository so I did not upgrade yet. Now when I tried to search, I see Tvheadend Server 4.3 (Alpha) - Team LibreELEC - so I will give it a try... :) Thanks again!

    Nice. Having searched again, this has appeared for me today in my second RPi4, which has a LE10 test build (but no TV tuners or aerial).

    I'd be interested in your experiences before upgrading my TV server (or to put it another way, if it goes wrong for you, I won't upgrade!)