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    I already saw that >30m cables are much more likely to fail at different hardware.

    So I would at least for test purposes switch back to your old cable and see what happens.

    Also we are talking here about an RPi 0-3 that is known for it not optimal network connection. Even if it works with a laptop etc it might not work with an RPi.

    Thanks for your answer CvH.

    Any advice to trigger the crashes more efficiently ? Because I've left a movie running since 1h30 now and still no crash.. (Hard to solve a problem when you can't trigger it easily)

    And, I have a RPi 4 in a box, just didn't have the time to install it yet. Does it do a way better job on network connection ?

    Or would having a switch on both ends of the cable solve the problem ?

    EDIT : Played movies for nearly 4h30 and no crash... The fact that I can't trigger or reproduce the problem is extremely frustrating and it prevents me from testing anything that would help me determine the source of ithis issue. (this is with my 50 meter cable. I haven't tried to replace it since I can't make it happen on a regular basis)

    EDIT 2nd : Had to post my first EDIT for the first crash to happen... Now changed the cable to the old 30 meter cable. Will see if it happens as well.

    I'm not reacting to length of cable, more to the fact that you changed cables.

    What would you advice to test this more efficiently ?

    If I follow your logic, it would mean that the new cable might be defect then ? In that case do you think that the bandwidth is insufficient for some reason ?

    And last but not least. Would that mean that playing a heavier file such as 1080p or MKV would increase the risk for the error to happen ? I'm trying to find a way to trigger this easily so that I don't have to wait hours for it to happen.

    What do you think ?

    50m cable runs are starting to get long and you're not connecting two powered switches; one end is a lowly Pi board. So what happens if you go back to using the old (shorter) 30m cable?

    Thanks for your fast answer Chewitt.

    Haven't tried that yet, but just to be sure I've explained clearly, I never had two powered switches. On previous setup the Switch was simply on the other end of the cable.

    I'll try out with the old cable. My only problem is that it's totally random. Freeze/Crashes happens randomly and sometimes can take hours to happen. (For example, if we re-watch the same episode of a series, the crash never happens at the same moment.)

    I'll have to put my hands back on the old cable to answer your question. But according to you, the cable length seemed to be the first thing that made you react ^^

    (I really wanted to change that cable since years. Took a longer one to be able to make it pass along the walls instead of in the middle of the appartment. Now at least, people don't walk on the cable all the time... )

    By the way, I don't mind adding a second powered switch if you think that might be the solution.

    I'm really open to all kind of solutions, I really want to solve this :)

    Dear All,

    Before I try to describe the problem I'm facing, I prefer to let you know that I'll need some advices along with your potential help because I'm not yet familiar with stuff like extracting Bug reports etc... Even if I'm an IT guy, this is something I've never had the time to learn deeper. (lots of work in life, not enough time)

    I would be really glad if I could solve this issue.

    Here is my problem : ( and it is, seen the current sanitary situation we are facing, bigger than usual, since we are stuck at home for the next 2 month my wife and I... And she watches the TV quite often) (For people reading this later in life : Actual planet situation is the Coronavirus)

    - Source : NAS

    - Reader : Raspberry Pi 3

    - Path : 1 Ethernet Cable from NAS to Switch -> 1 Ethernet Cable (50 meters) from Switch to Raspberry Pi 3 (directly plugged in)

    Whenever we play a movie or a episode of a series on my Raspberry Pi 3, it will do the following totally randomly -> stutter for 1 to 3 second -> Freeze for 1 minute to more time -> Come back to screen before entering the NAS with the following "Error" Message : "Invalid Argument". At that point, I have no other choice than to reboot to be able to go back on the NAS, otherwise, he'll keep saying "Invalid Argument" each time I try to get on the NAS.

    - I've recently changed the network. I've replaced my Ethernet cable RJ45 of 30 meters cat6 with a 50 meters cat8 (brand new)

    - I've changed the switch of the Network. Was a Linksys SE2800 with a Netgear GS108. (Reason, Internet connection kept randomly disconnecting and then not working for 10 to 30 minutes. That is now solved, it seems I was right about the old switch being defect)

    - I've updated my Libreelec from 9.2 to 9.2.1 (I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3)

    Other infos that might be important :

    - For the last month, my wife told me that the little lightning icon (top right on TV screen) was showing time to time... Once she told me I directly checked the Power Supply, and discovered that it was simply.. Broken in half (not kidding), eventhough it was new. I've replaced it with a new one of course.

    - On the previous install, the Network was the other way around. It used to be : NAS - Cable of 30m - Switch - Little Ethernet Cable

    - Before Update 9.2.1, I never had the problem. (But all the changes, previously stated, sadly happened at the same time)

    - This new Network is now a closed home network (No access to internet) It has no other purpose than to serve NAS Content to the Raspberry Pi

    I can't help but wonder :

    - Can the fact that I now use a 50 meters cat8 be too long for playing ? (from my knowledge, not at all. There is no loss under 50 meters)

    - Did the Power Supply problem caused the Raspberry Pi to suffer an irreversible damage ? (Apparently, that power problem is 5 month old... But this never occured until now)

    - Could it simply be the last update ? (Never happened before)

    - Could it be that the switch was closer to the Raspberry Pi in the previous Network setup ? The Switch relaunching the info closer to the Pi ? Data signal could be too poor with the new setup ?

    I strongly hope that the community will be able to help me to find a solution to this very frustrating issue.

    Thanks in advance to all that would read or even try to help.