[8.90.6] LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha for S905/S912 devices

  • Thanks. It does work in Leia. At least on PC and Android - so i didn’t even give it another thought to have it work on this.

    I’m still a noob, I’ll find out how to pull a log and will post it up. May be a day or two.


  • Ok, i had a few minutes.

    I couldnt use the built-in feature to upload my logs, and I’m learning still how to do SSH and/or SMB. So I used the Kodi Add-onn

    If this is too big or not the right way I apologize.

    Ubuntu Pastebin

    If you scroll down a bit there’s stuff about PlexKodiConnect.

    Thank you!!!

  • There is a lot of warnings regarding username/userid/plexid not being set but the error causing the crash in your addon is

    21:12:50.655 T:3469734736   ERROR: PLEX.librarysync: LibrarySync thread crashed. Error message: no such table: tag

    I don't use this addon but judging by the error it looks like the table 'tag' is missing in your Plex database, as the issue is not build related I think you would be better to ask at the Plex forums for a solution.

  • Yup. That’d be it.

    What I have a hard time wrapping my head around, and no disrespect, but I have the same plugin on two Shield boxes and a Win10 PC all running Leia, and has been running various nightlies for months. I’ve also had it on ksaq’s build. I’ve never seen this.

    You don’t think there’s anyway that your build is causing this tag to be missing?

    I honestly just see me posting this over at the Plex forums, with the above explanation, and they are going to point toward the only build it hasn’t worked on.

    I *thought* I did a fresh install when i migrated from ksaq’s to your’s but maybe I missed something...think I’ll do that again to just rule that out.

    If nothing else, I very much appreciate you looking at the log and pointing the error out!

  • Please provide a sample file. I think, these are 10 bit H.264 files.

  • Thx Adamg, for the help!!


  • In that case clear out the userdata folder for the addon, simply uninstalling and reinstalling the addon will not remove its configuration data.

    Migrating from kszaqs build to this and reinstalling the addon does not make it a fresh install, the only way to do that is by a hard reset in LE settings.

    Which addons are you referring to in this?

    This issue exists with all of them presently

  • is this no longer possible in this release?

    H96 Pro+ CZ-S32-V5 BLUE