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    I have pasted the log files here, if it helps?

    hastebin - shows BBC error

    hastebin - shows ITV error

    had to remove thousands of these lines btw to reduce the size of the log and be able to export it:

    2019-10-01 10:22:21.214 T:3809465152 DEBUG: CSettingsManager: requested setting (label149) was not found.

    2019-10-01 10:22:21.214 T:3809465152 DEBUG: CAddonSettings[service.vpn.manager]: failed to find definition for setting label149. Creating a setting on-the-fly...

    I can't get the link to BulletVPN to work, it needs an ID which I don't have. Post the files here or on Github in a new issue and I'll update them.

    Good luck finding a VPN that let's you access iPlayer...the only success I've had when travelling has been with Nord (maybe that was to ITV though) in the summer. In the UK, if I'm still connected to a PIA UK server, iPlayer and ITV won't connect. Maybe the apps are doing some DNS manipulation that's outside the scope of the VPN...I really have no idea.

    Hi, first of all thanks for looking into this for me.

    I have sent you the BulletVPN files in a PM.

    I have tried, using their London 5 server (and UK - Kent from ExpressVPN) as instructed, to connect on my TV box in Android on internal memory, using their app. ITV Player Kodi add-on (version 2.5.9 from LittleWiz repo) still won't play live feeds (so possibly there is some other issue with all these live streaming plugins, or Kodi itself), however TV shows from archive (e.g. Rugby WC games) ARE playing. Also ITV Hub in Chrome works (and stops working when I disconnect from the VPN). BBC 'iPlayer WWW' Kodi add-on also works. So in addition to the PC findings in post #907, I suppose it confirms VPN as such is not the issue.

    When I try the same servers using your app (running CoreElec from SD card and the same Kodi version 18.4 as the one in Android), the ITV shows from archive give me an error dialog saying Not Available (it appears 4 times in the center of the screen) i.e. not the same "check error log" toast message in the upper right corner which appears in case of the live feeds. BBC just gives the 'available to play in the UK only' error whether or not I am connected to VPN.

    bubblegum57 sorry mate not sure if that was sarcasm with the gchq comment so just to be sure are you saying it won't work with NordVPN either or that I should try it cos it's what has made it work for you (despite the fact that you are actually based in the UK so should not need any vpn in the 1st place)?

    anyway, there must be something I am missing indeed, because on my Windows 10 PC, ITV works fine with all of BulletVPN, ExpressVPN and PureVPN. so it just doesn't work on the box. zomboided any idea what could be wrong or how I could check further, please?

    second question, if I may, please... I have already tried BulletVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, Surfshark and all of them say connected (to a UK server) but ITV / BBC iPlayer / UK Turks streams still don't work :( am I missing something in the setup / could this be something about my ISP or router etc, or is this geo-location feature just a matter of luck and trying? The addon of my home locally restricted tv streaming service DOES stop working when I connect using the VPN which indicates it does indeed work. At least BulletVPN (see post above) and ExpressVPN insist it should work with specific servers, but I have always tried all the UK ones to no avail.

    sorry - I haven't been following this topic since using using the original fixed uboot at the end of March and confused by all the board versions. on my H96 Pro+ CZ-S32-V5 BLUE 3/32 1Gb LAN should I do this again with one of the more recent uboot file versions?


    just to add to my previous post that 3) wired connection did not work for me in the emergency system and had to use wifi, 4) in the last section of your code I figured there is a forward slash missing in dd if=dev/zero

    ehm, me again. the emergency SD card won't boot. what was I supposed to burn on it - the .tar.gz file, the .tar file inside it, or the .img file inside the .tar file?

    when I try to extract the .img file, 7-zip says "cannot open file as tar archive, open as MBR archive." and then "unexpected end of data 1.img"

    the .tar.gz file I was able to burn on the SD card but windows won't then read it and box does nothing when plugged in

    Figured it out. To make your guide even a bit more idiot-proof, the part I missed was 1) you burn the .tar file to the card and 2) you have to start it using the toothpick method. Keep your fingers crossed for the final steps :D

    cheers :) something is telling me this isn't tho (?):

    LibreELEC:~ # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/bootloader

    dd: writing '/dev/bootloader': No space left on device

    8193+0 records in

    8192+0 records out

    4194304 bytes (4.0MB) copied, 0.185862 seconds, 21.5MB/s

    LibreELEC:~ #

    Putty same result just no error:

    LibreELEC (community): (S912.arm)

    LibreELEC:~ # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/env bs=8M count=1 && sync

    1+0 records in

    1+0 records out

    8388608 bytes (8.0MB) copied, 0.145683 seconds, 54.9MB/s

    LibreELEC:~ #

    should I proceed?

    Sorry to be a pain but never done this before. Managed to connect to the box using WinSCP as per your instructions. To enter the command, presumably I have to start the Console (?) When I enter the command there, however, I get the following error: "Command ... failed with return code 0 and error msg 1+0 records in, 1+0 records out, 8MB copied." I guess that is not what should be happening?

    bumerc great job, thanks! my box has miraculously come back to life so I will give it a go. Would you mind repeating the instructions as an idiot-proof step-by-step guide for those who run LE from SD card, please?

    Also is this a permanent fix or does the process need to be repeated after each LE version reinstall? Or after say an Android ROM change?