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    Sorry had to break the message into two parts below is the output from the journal command. also had to wait to upload a second post

    I have also run the journalctl -u service.emby4 as request output below

    Hope the above is of some help, and thanks again for your time.

    Hi, Device is a X96 Max S905X2 4g/64g, running CoreELEC (official): 9.2.2 (Amlogic-ng.arm). emby4 is the latest version from the CoreElec repository 9.2.107, and the Dotnet is (I guess you mean .net Core runtime?) version is 9.2.109. I have uploaded the Dmesg | paste logfirst after boot (emby4 has not started) . Below is the SSH screen output after I tried to start manually start emby4 with .kodi/addons/service.emby4/bin/emby4.start it failed! I then went back into the emby4 addon up and updated again and then it runs. journal log below the manual start up log

    Update issue, Loaded LibreELEC-AMLG12.arm-9.1-devel-20190617171956-eaadccd-box.tar onto X96 max (4g/32g) via normal update folder method, was running LibreELEC-AMLG12.arm-9.1-devel-20190611190344-a41fdf1-x96-max perfectly ok. all unpacks ok, updates all the files and then fails on reboot

    system fails to boot and displays lines of text saying that is is setting up kodi but fails and waits on the line "a start job is running for configure eth0 Mac address (8 min 20s / no limit)" timer continues to count up.

    Checked the uEnv file and it shows the correct dtb (dtb_name=/dtb/meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb

    bootargs=boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC disk=LABEL=STORAGE)

    Great work so far , just raising this issue in case others have the same problem.

    Reverted to previous saved image (by re writing to sd card).

    Just completed a fresh SD card install of "LibreELEC-AMLG12.arm-9.1-devel-20190531135031-a41fdf1-box" on X96max (4g/32g) used the x96 dtb that was included in the image. Wired network works fine , as does HDMI sound, and video up to 1080p plays, stock remote works. Observation I have come across is that box will not turn off either with remote or via SSH, it starts to shutdown but returns to "Libreelec" splash screen. Big thanks to all for the work being done to support these new s905x2 devices.

    From earlier in the thread "ARM" seems to be the best choice, I have it working on my "X96 Max" although not usable as a media device (I use it as an emby server, given its USB3 port and 1000m ethernet) streams uncompressed 4k m2ts files with no issues. See post #521

    Sorry don't know the answer to that, all I know is that it receives all the DVB T2 HD channels in the UK, I don't think there are any H265 HEVC terrestrial transmissions in the UK, I will have to let a more somebody with a bit more knowledge answer this one.

    Hi, I can confirm that the Xbox one tuner works fine, with LE and TV headend, I have a number of S905 boxes, one has the Xbox tuner and hard drive for recording and all other boxes can access the TV tuner and recordings over my network, (however remember only one box can access the live TV stream at a time).

    I've had no issues with a VPN and updates. Not sure which VPN manager you use but I have used Zomboided's for quite some time and it has worked great.

    Thanks, that's interesting as I also use the one from Zomboid, on the M8S pro+, (also on K2 & K1 pro, MiniMx, and Beelink MiniMx III) and none of them will auto update via the VPN service, all will display notification but will not auto download unless I Disconnect the VPN.

    Hello to all! I have a Beelink mini mx III II box, with installed LE 9. My problem is that my system won't update to 8.90.2 version. After I turn my box on, the system reminds me, that there's an update, but when I restart it, the pdate process doesen't start. I checked the update folder, there I can find the downloaded image file. I tried to copy to that folder the image manually, but that didn't help. Do you have an idea what to do?

    Do you a VPN service running?, I have a number of 905 boxes and none of them auto update unless I go into the VPN manager addon and disconnect VPN, although all display the "update available" notification, once VPN is disconnected, go into Libreelec setting and just re click on Updates auto and it should download. PS. I also have a Beelink mini mx III II box and by doing the above it updates.

    Same issue here, I have two s905 boxes (Minimx S905 and Mecool M8SPro+) running Kszaq's build, both flash up the notification but when I SSH into them the update folders are empty. Have rebooted both boxes just to see if the update downloaded and was stored elsewhere but no upgrade was found. Not an issue for me as I will upgrade manually, but just curious to understand why updates haven't downloaded. I might hold off the manual update for today and see if I get a different action tomorrow. (maybe server is swamped with update requests?)

    All, I to am having stuttering issues when streaming uncompressed Blu ray quality video across my network via SMB, ) I have a gigabit lan, source box is a Minimx s905 running Kszaq (RJ45 interface 1gbit), I thought I might try changing to nfs, unfortunately the guide on the Openelec wiki has now been taken down, (this seems to be the go to guide for setting up nfs on Libreelec) can anybody recommend another good source of info. sorry if this is not the correct thread but I have read that some of you guys have switched from SMB to nfs.

    Re 5.1 sound issue, I too have had issues with the surround sound, I am using the helicopter surround sound test from Samsung, one version 5.1 the other 7.1, same S905X box, same TV , Same Amp, same passthrough, "DTS enabled", worked fine on 8.0.1a, but now can't get it to play, no mater what I change in the Audio settings the amp will not recognize the five channel sound. I going to do a brand new SD card install and see if that resolves the issue. I suspect It must be some sort of quirk with the 905X because I have 8.0.1e running on another S905 box in parallel, (same TV, AMP, test sample) and that plays fine, but it is a mystery why its stopped working on the 905X.

    Oops, found the issue, I had turned on "Sync to playback to display" when testing some HDR content prior to upgrading to 8.0.1e, I had not realised that this setting when enabled turns off "passthrough" so now turned off this setting and all good now, surround sound all works as expected.

    Thanks to all that offered advice and comments.

    Great work alf1, tested with latest version, scans via DVB-S tuner, picks up the UHD test channels on the astra 28.2 satellite here in the UK, which it didn't on previous versions, stream the 4k to other s905 boxes with no issues, although I must say that I use a usb 1gig NIC adapter, (I know that I don't get the full transfer speed over usb2, but does appear to be faster than the standard internal 100meg port). Be fantastic to get both internal tuners working together, but not crucial, keep up the good work.

    should have added that I am running from 16g class 10 SD card on KII box.

    hello kszaq, I'm experiencing an issue with network connectivity that only exists in this alpha build. The problem occurs in Kodi when i try to add an smb video source from a remote NAS server or a Windows Server on my local network, it times out. This is repeatable; and times out on every attempt i try to connect.
    If i roll back and run the build, everything works properly and there is no timeout.
    I'm not sure if the problem is LE related, Kodi related, or hardware related. Can you point me to the best way to identify the issue? thanks for any assistance.

    edit - I'm using the Nexbox A95x with the s905x chip.

    I to have had this issue on MinimX 1g/8g box, the network gets as far as "workgroup" but times out before discovering the NAS servers sitting in Workgroup, I have got round this issue setting up the IP address of the server saving it, then editing later to drill down into the particular folders containing video files.