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    I have installed LE on an amlogic box in the past but for the life of me cannot figure out this new installation process.

    So I wrote LE aarch64 on a micro SD using LE usb SD creator.

    I edited the line in the uenv file to reflect qxm200 and then 201 when the first didn’t work and popped it into my S912 T95Z Max box.

    Previously I used to be able to boot by typing in reboot update into terminal emulator. This doesn’t work now.

    I have no idea what universal multi boot is or where to find it. I read one tutorial where it said to go into android settings - about - system and then point it to aml_autoscript file but I don’t get that option in my android settings. I also tried the toothpick method but it didn’t work.

    Could someone please guide me as to what I’m missing out. Thank you.

    I am looking for some portainer help. I am able to install it from linuxserver addons and then access the web UI. Now I want to add a container. But when it comes to the volume mapping, when I click the field there are no options to select and a path can not be entered manually. So I am guessing one has to define a few volumes in portainer before adding them to other containers. So I see a volumes tab on the left hand side menu. Is this where one does it ? What host IP to use? or localhost ? Even that does not show any paths when clicking into the box. What does one enter manually ? Appreciate any help. Thank you.

    3. I couldn't quite understand your question.

    4. You mean like this? Depends on the interface you connect them with. I'm using USB encoders, which makes them appear as regular joysticks.

    5. Games in portrait mode? Sorry, didn't understand this question either.

    3. I meant that until I get myself a game controller I'm using a regular pc keyboard to play these games but I aint got a clue which key is what button in the various menu pages and during gameplay. Also, I dont even know how to 'shutdown' the box.

    4. Yes, I meant exactly that. Thanks.

    5. Please see the game screenshot attached below. It would be best played with a screen oriented vertically. Is it possible to rotate the image to do that, thats what I meant.

    This is superbb! Thanks for this!

    Few questions

    1. Can I use this with an Amlogic S905 or 912 box? Will keep the cost low

    2. What controller is best recommended ? There are some games that needed up down left right + 6 other discrete function buttons in addition to the start / select. Im not much of a current gen gamer and I played these games mostly at arcades, hence pardon my unfamiliarity with game controllers.

    3. How does one figure out which button is which is using a keyboard to navigate these games?

    4. If I wanted to create an arcade game type kiosk (which would be so damn COOL!) how do I interface the generic joystick and buttons with the LE box?

    5. There are some games that worked best in portrait mode. Is this setting possible?

    Thanks for the explanation. Passthrough is a must-have for me since I have an Atmos setup. Hope you guys are able to have all the features working soon.

    Would be great if the updates are reflected in the first post so that its easy to track. And thanks for the great work that made CE possible in the first place!

    I've been trying to install squeezelite on libreelec krypton on an amlogic s905/912 box with the sole objective of being able to use the same box for kodi as well as a client for LMS. try as hard as I may I'm unable to get it to work. Any straightforward step by step guide?

    There's a squeezebox kodi add on that I'm aware of but I cant get it working.

    Highly appreciate any pointers, thanks!

    Please check the motherboard specification what is supported on the HDMI port. The xrandr output let me the assume there is an internal DP-HDMI converter.

    Does your external DP-HDMI converter support 4k60p?

    This MB - ASRock > J3455-ITX

    Spec says - "Supports HDMI with max. resolution up to 4K x 2K (4096x2160) @ 60Hz"

    DVI spec however says only max 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz. There is no DP (display port) on this board. I meant DVI and wrote DP. Sorry!

    However I am able to manually select 3840x2160p @ 30 Hz on DVI port despite spec saying otherwise?!?? And even 59.94 after sending out the command as above.

    Are you sure using a HDMI 2.0 port on the TV and have it configured for HDMI 2.0?

    I also had to make sure "full uhd color" was turned on on the input on my tv for this to work.

    My TV is a Sony 43X8300D. All inputs are supposed to be 4k60p. With an Amlogic box I get 4k60p too.

    First things first - am I supposed to get 4k60p output with the DP port using a DP-HDMI cable? Or can I get it right out of the HDMI port on the 3455?

    I tried using the commands by connecting the HDMI port, I can see the new 59.94 option in the list but there is no display if I select it.

    With the display port I am able to select the 59.94 Hz option, but like I said, I can't sustain it after a reboot.

    Following is what I get when using the HDMI port

    When I manually issue the 3 commands, it takes a very long time but finally the resolution in settings shows as 3840x2160 and 59.94 Hz.

    Now I have added the 3 lines to autostart but the system starts and acquires 3840x2160 and 30 Hz and the 59.94 is no longer in the list to choose from.

    What could be wrong?

    Just curious... Why are you using manual NFS mounts, when you can also use Kodi's internal GUI for selecting NFS sources?

    I make several changes to my server and my various LE boxes. After that, sometimes I have to start back from scratch adding all the numerous shares to each of the boxes. Quite a pain. Here I just connect from my PC and change the IP address in the autostart file and I'm done. Plus all boxes download back to the server too. So I thought might as well have all shares mounted rather than manually adding each and every time.

    Attached the full log. It was too large, hence the snippet. Have zipped it.