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    theese were the things i discovered from first view on a nexbox a95x:

    lan network wasn't there after initial boot.

    i disabled wireless, disabled and reenabled wired lan but nothing showed up under connections.

    after a reboot it was there.

    10bit video has 8bit banding. is there a command available?

    coreelec shows video correctly without those banding artifacts.

    "VideoPlayer won't use passthrough audio in this case"

    maybe this is a little bit outdated?

    it works with "libreelec for x86/x64" and "libreelec" without any problem.

    audio is decoded. then all channels are speeded up from 24p to 25p (sync playback to display and threshold for pitch correction 100) and then it is "encoded" back to ac3 (enable dolby digital ac3 transcoding) .

    sad that i have problems with dvbviewer client on otherwise this would be a perfect solution for me. :(

    Go and read "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" vs "Sync Playback to Display"

    Use adjust display refresh rate.

    In some cases (e.g. german Lost TV series) native 24p playback is bad!

    You have pitched down sound.

    How about a "secret" command which can be put to to still enable "Sync Playback to Display"?

    For me it works well with 2 channel audio output.

    When i set Output to 5.1 or use Passtrhough with ac3 transcoding the Problems begin.

    Because as it has been said more than 1000x that these option causes poor video playback.

    Syncing playback to display is already done by default by libamcodec, there is absolutely no need to turn it on in Kodi unless you want to come onto the forums and complain of poor quality playback and then to waste our time whilst we try and debug what is causing it.

    Sorry for the rant in advance.

    and why does 24p material have the once per second 24p stutter on 50hz display when "Syncing playback to display" is disabled ?

    there are people living in europe with a tv system called "pal".

    many tv series on 24p german blurays have pitched down sound because the audio was created for 25fps tv broadcasting.

    for example tv series "lost". the german version in 24p is like a sleeping pill.

    so, how can we run 24p with 25fps to match pals 50hz with new coreelecs?

    Almost every post or 'experience' you have made here is about 1 problem or another, poor signal, frozen picture, not responding, not rebooting, jerky picture, buffering issues, partitions not resizing, cec not working.

    You don't heed the advice you are given so I suggest you buy another device for Kodi because you are just not going to get the experience you are looking for, maybe an RPi3b+ would better suit your needs they are a quality piece of kit that will be give you wonderful 4k playback, working HDR, buttery smooth streaming and super fast wifi for your hardcore pornography collection.

    most of the things also happen with le 8 and 9 on a kaby lake setup.

    so i will keep my mouth shut now. :)

    A small experience Story:

    I felt asleep while 4k tv channel was running via DVBViewer Addon.

    Thunderstorm came.

    Poor Signal.

    I woke up.

    Picture Frozen.

    I tried to switch the Channel 2-3 Times.

    Nothing happens.

    Then the Box didn't respond to Inputs anymore.

    I SSHed into the Box and did a "reboot".

    It shutted down but didnt came back.

    I had to disconnect and reconnet the Power Plug.

    try to disable "Sync Playback to Display"

    i need this feature.

    no matter, downgraded back to ce 8.90.0 and on the first view all works.

    EDIT: BUT after hardreset and rebuild everything from scratch its again async/jerky.

    why did it work directly after downgrading to 8.90.0 with 8.90.1 configs?

    really strange.

    ce 8.90.1

    nexbox a95x

    Sourcefile is a 720p x265 10bit with AAC 5.1.mkv

    I use the following Kodi Features:

    "Sync Playback to Display": enabled

    "Threshold for Pitch Correction": 100

    "Allow Passthrough": enabled

    Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding: enabled

    All starts Sync but seconds later it begins to get async.

    Sound comes later and later and later and after a minute Video starts getting jerky.

    If Sourcefile is a 1080p x265 10bit with AC3 5.1.mkv all runs fine.

    Are there Problems with the AAC Decoder?

    Yesterday i had little Problems playing an AAC 5.1 Movie without any Kind of Passthrough (Just Stereo Output to TV).

    EDIT: Now i have Async with 720p x264 AC3 5.1.mkv

    EDIT: No Idea. Some Files are Sync some not...