[8.90.6] LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha for S905/S912 devices

  • Hallo everyone,

    it is possible to use this ROM with the 5 GHz WiFi?

    I use now the LibreELEC 8.90.3 with original install, no update.


    Mini MX-G 2/16 S905.arm LibreELEC

  • Hello

    How can I had wifi drivers offline (without internet)?

    It dosn't recognize my usb wifi card, LibreELEC 8 worked

    you probably used the wrong dtb ;)


    8.90 ⇒ MeCool KI Pro ⇒ Onkyo TX-NR656 ⇒ SAMSUNG 65"LED/UHD/PQ1300/T2CS

    LG BP50NB40 USB Blu-ray

  • 8.90.4 is now live

    Please note there is a big change in this release in how infrared is handled, releases will no longer use amremote remote.conf and will use ir-keytable.

    A short guide on how to create remote configs is shown below

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    there is also the LE wiki page Infrared Remotes [LibreELEC.wiki]

    Remote configurations for WeTek/Mecool/Minix/Tanix (mini remote) have already been baked into the image. I can include remote configs for other devices in future builds.

  • releases will no longer use amremote remote.conf and will use ir-keytable.

    Well that should kill a load of remotes off eh LOL :P

    ir-keytable reports no devices found with my MiniMX boxes /shrug

    same with my X96 boxes :rolleyes:

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  • Try updating your DTB incase it hasn't updated

    Yeah already tried that (I'll keep bashing away at it for a while)

    Might as well try a clean install too

  • Hi i installed 8.90.4 on my mecool pro L S912 and it's running great except that zapping with live tv i get a black screen and my box won't responding anymore i have plug off power.

    And netflix 720p istill isn't possible any change to fix this or is this still a gpu problem? (not enough horsepower?)

    Thanks for the update!