s905 and s912 Leia builds

  • will upload a build soon (tonight or tom as stuck with slow internet) which should fix this.. can you try and let me know..

    Hi Gendo,

    this build works better. The only finding so far is, after direct switch fromTVH HD Live TV (hardware decoded) to HD Eurosport player (with inputstream.adaptive addon) the video freezes. After stop and replay all video was SW decoded, even the Live TV. After a reboot everything was working again. Perhaps it would be better to stop the play before a switch of the video source input. I will make further tests and come back if there are any more issues.

    Thanks for your work!


  • I have a Antsir D6 Box. Bluetooth isnt working, what can i do? I have change the device tree, but i have no luck...

  • I still have no clue what's the big advantage of LEIA over Krypton. Better picture quality?

    If you aren't having any issue with the Krypton builds, I don't recommend updating. The main advantage is the ability to use Netflix and Amazon Video. For myself, on Krypton I have been having issues with certain 30p content displaying OK one minute, then start smearing/blurring the next. My kids only use a handful of things, and because it performs better for that one thing in particular, I have it setup for the kids (no brainer). But this is beta (alpha?) software and there are expected bugs. If you have a real simple use case, or really want Netflix/Amazon video, then go for it!

    Just set it up on a separate SD card and see how you like it! That way you don't risk your current setup.

    EDIT: And no, I wouldn't say the video "quality" is any better. I usually use SW decoding tho, and haven't tried the HW decoder much. Big selling point is Netflix/Amazon.

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    Current Leia builds are pre-Alpha code. The first time Kodi developers will ever discuss the release content and schedule is next weekend. There are lots of things still in fluid development and you should expect frequent breakage; particularly on ARM devices.

  • Gendo

    Noticed something on the latest build 24p seems to be played 23.976, i think kazaq have fixed this on 8.1.10, is it possible to include the fix on LE9?

  • I just wanted to add, that this build is working better for me than BOTH alternative Leia releases from AdamG and Raybuntu. Not sure if some of the future patches introduce new issues, but this build has been totally solid for me. I don't use it for much other than a few addons and NFS, but I have had zero framerate issues with the content I have been watching. With both other builds, I notice distinct video playback quirks (specifically with 29.97 framerate stuff).

    But just wanted to put my 2 cents in regarding this build. For some reason, this build works best on my Khadas and Odroid C2. I tried RB build on my Odroid C2, and still found the video playback to be inferior. Plus, you have some of the extra options in the settings - the one I can think of off my head is the "center channel volume b00st". Yours and Kszaq's builds both have it, but the others lack it. Love that feature!

    You did some great work Gendo! I really love it.

    (why is the word 'b00st' censored on the forum?? lol )

  • Gendo Thank you very much for your builds first of all.

    I'm testing your latest build 10/20 on Khadas Vim 2 (S9120 box).

    I wanted to give you some feedback about it so far:

    - Wifi does not work

    - Resolution 720p is not usable

    - Khadas remote does not work (can be fixed by taking the proper conf for your box from this link and put it as remote.conf to /storage/.config/)

    Everything else works but I will do some more testing next days, also with your older builds, so I may find out how to fix the wifi and/or resolution problem.

    Once again gr8 work!

  • Hello

    I installed this version on my gt1 ultimate

    but I have no sound that comes out for the DTSHD, kodi is configured in passthrough

    Is it the same for you?

  • I tried everything and i cant make my remote work...MXQ pro. Anyone of you guys have the working file? Thanks!

    I am assuming you need to read this remote.conf repository

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