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    I tried to build a new updated image and tar file for my Beelink S912 box out of the Git sources. I had a running system with a self made build from 30.04.2018.

    The build process itself is working as expected and I'm getting the updated files.

    But after an update with the newest tar and even with a new installation on SD card I always get an error message on startup:

    systemd[1]: Caught <ABRT>, core dump failed (child 1907, code=killed, status=6/ABRT).

    systemd[1]: Freezing execution.

    Is there a workaround?

    Yes I have read that, and I have got the configuration files (they've been there for quite a few versions by now). This all worked in 8.90.0 but not in 8.90.1, which is why I reported it.

    I have solved the problem by adding "systemctl stop eventlircd" in "/storage/.config/" (new file).

    I don't know why, but this helped.

    I'm a complete n00b on the argument, but I've seen the coreelec github Project and I'm still desperately waiting for an howto guide on how to get an img file from that.

    I assume since github is a dev-oriented platform to share and commit modifications that actually there'no way to simply download the latest build... We should compile the entire Project on our own? Is there any guide? Is a *nix OS necessary to do that or could it be feasible also on win machines?


    If you want to have the newest build you can build the image on your own. Please have a look here: Compile []


    git clone


    git clone

    and the new root folder will be ~/CoreELEC.

    Oh you are baby Jesus if you could upload Inputstream 2.2.8! I help code and test the psvue add-on and v2.1.15 is not working anymore. Thanks nice

    Also what do you use to compile binary add-ons? I mainly use Xcode to code in python, xml and Java but after reading I might have to get a Ubuntu VM just to compile the binaries.

    Had nothing to do with Jesus. I had Just some pressure of my wife :-)

    I used the normal Libreelec toolchain under Ubuntu to build and create.

    [edit] After installing update you have to reboot the box once.

    Thanks GDPR-2 and others for for all your hard work on the Amlogic builds. Sorry to hear all the doughebags finally got to you. 8.90.6 is the most stable version to date. Though I do wish peak3d didn't apply million updates to inputstream after you made 8.90.6 build. v2.1.15 to v2.2.8 in 10 days...? "C'mon Man!" Lol. This forum is a very nasty and vile place with people who don't seem to understand the words "test", "development" or "alpha". Probably the same people who stop at green lights. Anyway, I'm off to vacation in the sun for spring break or to the Kodi forums where things seem to be more civilized.

    If you need inputstream.adaptive 2.2.8 for S905 and S912, I have compiled myself and could upload here.

    Will the remote of my beelink minimx III II ever work?


    I have generated a config file for my Beelink GT1 and GT1U remote. I think the ir codes are the same with the Mini MV III II. I have mapped a few keys to use it with Libreelec. Please take a look in the beelink_gt1 file.

    1. systemctl stop kodi
    2. systemctl stop eventlircd
    3. copy the file "beelink_gt1" to "/storage/.config/rc_keymaps/" and "rc_maps.cfg" to "/storage/.config/"
    4. ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0
    5. systemctl start eventlircd
    6. systemctl start kodi


    Same problem here with my Beelink GT1 Ultimate. LED is working ,if I boot into Android.

    If there was tvheadend server for Android I wouldn't need someone to work hard on libreelec for me. Since users don't know the efforts spent on this project, it's easy to say "libreelec is awesome, keep it going"

    I'm using my box as tvheadend server and I'm watching live TV on Android phone, windows PC. I've never had playing issues.

    Okay, I understand. This is a different use case than I have, because I use the box itself as a display device. The TVHeadend server is a Rock64 with USB3 and Gigabit LAN with Ubuntu as OS.

    How difficult is porting tvheadend server to Android?
    I guess the code has to be compiled with android ndk and a custom kernel with dvb modules too?

    I read that Wetek has been(or was) working on it.

    What would be the advantage of a tvheadend server installation on android? I have problems with Android because the HW deinterlacing doesn't work under Kodi. With Libreelec everything runs smoothly.