Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide

  • Thanks. I think I will order this one.

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  • Anyone know of a good box I can get in the UK for under £60? I see a LOT of boxes on Amazon but I can not find any information about any of the brands, and I can not find any of the brands recommended here available in the UK.

    I want to get it as a Christmas present so that is why I want to buy it from the UK.

    EDIT: Only going to be used for 1080 if that matters...

    EDIT: Anyone heard of the DroidBox?

    They have a Droidbox IMXQPro mini which has a S905W and 2GB on Black Friday sale right now for £38

    Could I put LibreElec on this?

    I probably do not need anything better than this for 1080p right?

    EDIT: Talked to the company and the only device they have that has LibreElec is the Droidbox T8 SE but that is over my budget...


    I did find the MECOOL KI Pro for £65

    I have seen that mentioned on here, should I just go for that?

    Seems a bit overkill for what I want but not sure what else to go for.

    EDIT: Nevermind, going for a Tanix TX3 Mini for £35 (£10 cheaper than the Droidbox but same thing), hopefully the s905w will have stable LibreElec soon.

    Unless people think i should go for the Tanix Tx5 Pro for £50?

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  • Has anyone tried the 'Mecool M8S PRO W TV Box' can get the 2gb/16gb S905W one pretty cheap.

    I've ordered one so I guess we'll find out.

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  • COOWELL V2 Android Smart TV Box

    Amlogic S905X Quad-Core CPU Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Band WiFi

    Marke: COOWELL

    Modell: V2

    Typ: TV Box

    GPU: Mali-450

    Betriebssystem: Android 6,0

    CPU: Amlogic S905X

    Ader: 2,0GHz,Vier Kern

    RAM: 2G

    RAM-Typ: DDR3

    ROM: 16GB

    Max. Extended Capacity: 32GB

    Farbe(n): Schwarz

    from GearBest

    works fine with the Standard Image.

    All Hardware is working BT WLAN.

    a remote.conf is available

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  • Has anyone tried the 'Mecool M8S PRO W TV Box' can get the 2gb/16gb S905W one pretty cheap.

    I've ordered one so I guess we'll find out.

    Also wondering how LibreElec works on the s905w...thinking about getting the M8S Pro W or Tanix TX3 Mini (not sure what the difference is)

  • I asked Geekbuying about the MECOOL M8S PRO Plus issue. They said

    This one is new and will not have such problems. we have checked with our supplier, all the faulty tv boxes were sent back and we have given our customers full refund.

    Is it now recommended again? Without Reset button how can I use LE? Is there any Android 7.1.1 905x box?


  • Hello everyone, quite a long time user of Libreelec here.

    I ve been running LE on two Raspberry Pis 2 for almost a year now and I get the idea that Rpi 2 is not up to the task anyomre. It feels really sluggish in menus and stuff. Am looking to replace the Rpi for me and my parents with a TV Box.

    I want 100% CEC support in the box though as it will be a hassle for my parents using 3 different remotes.

    Both are gonna be connected with Ethernet but Gigabit is not really that important I guess.

    I ve did my studying and am currently torn between MECOOL M8S PRO Plus(41euros) and TX3 Mini(28euros).

    Will this get me a better overall experience in LE's responsivness?

    As I realize both of these wifis are crappy? M8s doesn't even have one?

    Also, can these boxes be turned through the CEC and/or their own remotes or do they always have to be on and not powered off? Thats a thing I have in Rpi, having to unplug and replug the power adapter each time I have to use it.

    Any other suggestions?

    Much appreciated.

  • Yes, you can install LibreELEC without a reset button.

  • I would like to know : how can I add hardware support of WLAN and Bluetooth in libreelec on my Mecool M8 S pro + devices ?

    Would a Edimax EW-7611ULB 2 in 1 USB device do the job ?

  • I have the Meecool M8S L 3gb/32gb with 912 now.

    Since auto framerate switching with Android/Kodi didnt work and since OS booting/handling from SD card was quiete slow (I only had an old one, the newer ones all where 64gb) I installed directly on internal memory. Worked perfect, had to do the process twice like describend in the libreElec How-to.... Threat.

    It regonizes at least my wireless netwoorks 2,4 and 5ghz, didnt connect it. I used 100mbit lan. I can make a test if wanted.

    It is slower in menu navigation (loading pictures) then my AtomLake Board, but it runs ALL formats I have, also the 4K movies (even high bitrate remuxes). But with 4K movies you realise the ethernet limit, buffering after jumping chapters takes longer then with fullHD movies. Since I am using a fullHD TV I cant test HDR, but HDR sources get shown on my TV a little dark, but usable. All Audioformats inclusive Atmos and DTS:X work good. I have one problematic Atmos Trailer which produces an audio drop for 2 seconds on all Kodi devices (J4205 Apollo lake with LE and Windows/Kodi + MEECOOL on Android/Kodi and Libreelec) but not on my iconbit XDS1003.

    The remote doesnt work with libreelec but I found the FAQ about that problem, unluckily I installed to iternal without saving the remote.conf from Android before. I have to check if I can find it in the original firmware images.

    LiveTV with my DVB-C Server works perfectly. These players are really awesome for this little price (50€ inclusive shipping from german warehouse).

    It is my first Amlogik android box. I have some experience with Odroid C2 and Pi3.

    For the case I would switch back to dualboot: Does anyone know how to install amazone prime? I did it testwise with an APK I found in the internet, but it always crashed when I started a movie.

    Question: Which 912 box would be preferred with gigabit network? H96 pro?

  • I ordered the Abox A3 on but havent got it yet.. My first libreelec box. :) Good price for 912 and gigabit in my opinion.