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    Setup adjust display refresh rate to "On start" in settings -> player -> video, so stopping would not change back to the GUI refresh rate.

    For the sake of testing i just tried this setting with the same momentary refresh rate or signal loss. No change.

    I went back to my original settings. (I have no idea why the setting On Start even exists.)

    Use the resolution whitelist and select all 1080p modes except 25, 29, 30 Hz.

    No such resolutions available for whitelisting for my TV.

    I must disclose that the momentary refresh switch happens when i stop playback of the TV stream back to skin UI.

    If i switch to another TV channel whilst playing a channel it does not refresh switch.

    I think there is a momentary loss of signal when opening a stream from the skin GUI rather than a refresh rate switch.

    Thank you for your response.

    lol. Talk about retaliation...

    I can see what you posted that was deleted.

    See how long you last in this forum with the abuse you carried on with causing your suspension.

    I suppose it's because they received sponsorship money and are peddling bad units now?

    You made this accusation here.

    You also made it on CE.

    I won't screenshot your abuse as it's not appropriate on this platform.

    See how long you last here with that attitude.

    but I have official information about such requirements from corelec from another manufacturer. I can send you in PM the details of the official representative, what would you do he got this conversation. He didn't ask me to keep it a secret, but the exact details of the deal, I'm not authorized to divulge.

    You can certainly PM me.

    Have you tried setting the refresh rate switch form 'On start/stop' to 'On start' only in the Display Settings?

    I just tried that.

    What i couldn't work out was why this refresh rate switching was happening with all options including the OFF option.

    I then navigated to Processing and changed Prime Render Method to EGL and that fixed the refresh rate switch issue

    using 50Hz GUI to 50Hz content playback. No switching detected by my TV.

    Of course the picture quality playback was sub standard compared to Direct To Plane.

    See what happens next update.

    Been running this release for the last week and for a non power user with a 1080 TV it's been

    the best image i've used since testing began.

    Very fast using SD Card boot.

    One annoying issue is the refresh rate switching whilst GUI is set to 1080p 50Hz

    My TV Headend Client content is 50Hz but there is a refresh rate switch happening for no reason.

    Great work to all involved with this Rockchip device:thumbup:

    I suppose it's because they received sponsorship money and are peddling bad units now?

    CE is now charging royalties to manufacturers like HK i no longer support CE

    This forum is not a platform for spreading unsubstantiated misinformation on other operating systems.

    I am privy to all CE matters being part of the team and say you are BOTH wrong in the quotes you have made.

    Please edit to correct your errors.:dodgy:

    Carey I would immediately point Ameridroid to this forum on your issues. They're probably going to say it's a Power supply. I don't know. If it's possible to send it back for testing. Could be bad Memory / Flash . Damn electronics. Bad batch in their stock they should know about it. Sorry i can't help further. At least the board looks identical to mine. Except that one number.

    No issues comparable with any of the above with my Rock64 .

    I am using the Factory Power Supply.

    LE Via SD Card. 4gb Ram.

    Rock64 HDMI straight into TV.

    One USB stick and one USB receiver for remote inserted.

    See my Board. Just to compare.

    I have done the above and here is the link to the log

    I've just tried a HEVC 265 Movie file in my Library and got the Video stuck with buffering and audio proceeding.

    Repeating every few seconds.

    I think we need Kwiboo to look into this.

    I looked but way over my head reading the logs.

    EDIT : I just updated to LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.1-nightly-20190410-a2cd6c2-rock64

    Problem gone. Maybe intermittent so i'll have to keep testing when i have time.