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    Thanks, no joy though sadly, setting Index 0 - 7 blanks the first digit of the time. Would a vid using the test script help? Still no icons either.

    Thanks, made some good progress. I now have the time mostly working using a Display Type of 0. Values of X, 3, 4, 5, 6 have got the time working(20 39), but it has no colon in the middle and no icons still, I only have an index setting of up to 6, so I couldn't set the first value to 7, and 0-6 didn't work for it. Let me know if you need anything else, also as I used a DTD you attached somewhere else, what do I do if I need to update my build, keep using the old DTB?

    Thanks again for the help so far.


    Make sure that Common Anode = checked.

    Please post a picture with it both checked and unchecked.

    I've attached some pictures with it on and off. I also tried playing with the numbers mentioned by Iceman but didn't have much luck, it just changed the position of numbers and with no reference of what was what it was hard to work out where they should be. The screen went through the below (I missed some, changing every minute).

    First value:





    Example of some of a set:








    Thanks, any ideas where I start, I've installed it fine now have a wifi icon but the clock is still scrambled, changing the display type didn't seem to do anything and the other values have so many combinations it could take me days to try them all. I tried the ones in that post and all it did was added an Ethernet icon even though Ethernet isn't connected.

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    You were helping me in the main S912 thread but it's more relevant in here.

    I tried the dtb, the screens now lit up but it's garbled, the 'FD628 Display service' didn't make a difference, the screen is the same with/without. The top of the J (far left), is blinking on and off, the rest changes a little each time I reboot but is always static, the pause seems to have gone off now. Pic attached

    If we can get it working great, if not it isn't a huge issue for me. Would be cool if we could get it to show elapsed time of what we're watching.

    You can check in Google you device model and network speed for it.

    You can boot to android and check speed to your router (if it has 1GB ports)

    And choose q200 for 1Gb or q201 for 100MB

    It works with Q200 (although not the LCD screen, not a major loss). This link on Freaktab says Q200 & Q201 are both Gigabit so I'm not sure the difference.

    Official list of Amlogic reference boards -

    Ok so I have the DTB and have opened it in Notepad++, it says gxm_s912m82_2g is this a new device? DTB attached, be good if we could get the LCD working, it's a Kingbox K3 made by leelbox, wifi and Bluetooth work with Q200, I've not tested the lan yet.

    So mine has arrived, seems to run ok but runs very hot, much hotter than my Nexbox A95X which is a shame as it's bigger and the S905W runs slower than the S905X, I may investigate further. The wifi is much better than the nexbox though.

    I've tried to upgrade from the included 8.90.2 to 8.90.3 by dropping it in the upgrade folder but it failed due to the upgrade being 32bit and the current version being 64bit.

    Also it has a really annoying Advanced Power Menu addon which I can't figure out how to disable with loads of useless options in it, the default kodi power menu already has a reboot to android option, so the advanced one with 15 different options isn't needed, and the default is a none working suspend anyway.

    Overall I'm happy with it for the price, but would like to see the community builds working instead.

    My main concern is they'll either update the LibreElec version infrequently or never will, so a way to keep the current dual boot up to date with community builds would be great.

    The TX3 Max uses RTL8723BS for it's wifi from what I can tell on freaktab but Ethernet is ok for my use anyway.

    I've ordered a Tanix TX3 Max (S905W. 2GB/16GB) to go along with my two Nexbox A95 (S905X, 2GB/16GB), hopefully I've not made a mistake and we see Tanix follow through on their promises.

    One thing for me which would make me more likely to recommend them would be if the Libreelec dual boot version could be swapped to a community build from kszaq so we're not waiting on updates (personally I won't use Android on it ever so I hope Libreelec will boot by default.

    No way to run this from SD Card? I might need to try find a backup of my android firmware otherwise, I have an ehome/Allcam MP02 stick with a 8726 M3 and 1GB ram (Android 4.0), I'll do some hunting for the firmware.

    The board is branded Infinitec so I think I have a rebranded Infinitec PocketTV 1000, the board is also marked TB168_v2.0 rather than HD18 that I was expecting, the mystery continues. Mine is also supposedly 1.2ghz not 1ghz like the PocketTV 1000.

    Looks like mine is a F16ref which is a 8726 - M3 single core, I'm presuming there's no chance this would work or can be easily adapted?