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    do you think that there will be a LE Version for the MVR9 device without issues like no HDAudio in the (near) future ?

    Or asking in a further context : what do you think, how long will it take until all this mainline kernel stuff is done ?
    I know all these answers like : its done when its done and little shitstorms if someone is asking about timelines for milestones.

    I know developers investing a lot of free time for the community, also..

    but - is there a schedule ?

    I really do respect the efforts for the librespot addon.

    If I have a device with a Kodi /*elec version not supporting the librespot addon correctly then i use a little app on my Android tablet/Smartphone called HiFy as a workaround. It enables Airplay/DLNA support in spotify connect.

    So I do not get in trouble if I want to hear Spotify Music in Kodi and can patiently wait for a fix.

    Another thing is that I can hear my Music again via Airplay or DLNA on my AVR Receiver. Spotify connect was disabled on it earlier this year.

    hi arel

    I do own a TV box with Amlogic chip also and latest CE 8.90.4 on SD Card.

    So I have copied manually the addon from there in the addon folder of the MVR9 box.

    After restarting the device I had to activate the addon. Working fine.

    I hope this attachment is allowed. Unzip my attachment and copy this in the .kodi/addons folder


    I do my testings always not only with the pure build but with some popular addons also.

    Fyi :

    I have noticed, that live tv channels (Tvheadend Client) with h264, 1440x1080 have problems with in german "Laufschrift" I think the english word is ticker tape. Can´t be read because it´s flickering sideways. Letters are washed out. TV has 1980x1080i 50Hz Resolution.

    And another thing, Marcel Veldts Spotify Addon is starting fine, but Audio sounds like defective walkman in the dustbin.

    Amazon VOD 720p is ok.


    Thanks for this explanation ! Have a much better understanding now for the ongoing development process and what to use.
    As already said, I will wait patiently for the next releases from you and from kwiboo.

    There is only one lie in the last sentence: patiently (JOKE!) :saint:

    have a nice weekend..

    will get a MVR9 for testing tomorrow. First time for me using a Rockchip Box.

    Have already spent time to read a lot, but I am still unsecure about the next steps

    There are different LE builds out. Which one should I use to start ?

    Does the Android firmware have any influence for using LE builds?

    If yes, which one should be on the box?

    Thanks for directing on the right course

    KODI 18.0 Alpha2 Git:593949a

    In Settings-System-Display-Resolution 1920x1080i is listed.

    If I try to activate this resolution then nothing happens or wrong Resolution is taken!

    As a follow up no 1920x1080i options are listed in whitelist.

    Only way to get Display Resolution to 1920x1080i is manually editing the guisettings.xml:

    <setting id="videoscreen.resolution">21</setting>
    <setting id="videoscreen.screen" default="true">0</setting>
    <setting id="videoscreen.screenmode">00192001080050.00000istd</setting>

    I think it is not a kernel Problem :

    # cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap

    1080i is shown - but not selectable

    I have tested with CE 8.90.3, LE last nightly and 3 different Tvs (HDready/FullHD)

    This bug wasn´t there until whitelist feature was introduced

    Same behavior was reported from other users using generic builds. Kodi guys claimed this wouldn´t be a Kodi problem .. :thumbdown:

    I am not a developer, so I can not say who should fix this issue.

    don´t know if it is correct but did this, also : #17910 (Kodi 18.0Alpha2 Git:87ca87c GUI can´t be set to 1920x1080i (50/60 Hz)) – Kodi - TRAC

    please take a look at that issue

    I have installed freetz to my router.

    With samba-smbd and samba-nmbd.

    Configured to be preferred master with os level of election value 128.

    so this router is always the smb master.

    Never had these can not see this or that problems again in windows networks.

    Just some user thoughts :

    Is the libreelec team in contact with Companies like Amlogic and rockchip or with tvbox manufacturer like videostrong ?

    I guess these companies do not have much interest for long term driver evolution for (cheap) tv boxes - having already been
    sold. What is the part of baylibre in the game?

    Which chipset will be in the chinese tv boxes next christmas ?

    What will these companies have to do and implement for selling a lot new boxes in 2019 ?

    Doesn´t look like Kodi development takes care as long as "chinese pirate box sellers kill kodi"

    They will have newest Android Version. But which chipset support will be dropped until then ?

    I wonder if companies like wetek did know that S905H api Support beeing dropped with Android 6.

    I am not optimistic that I still can use my AML stuff in 2 years with newest kodi Version.

    And Linux ? Is the mainline kernel development something can be done without support from the companies named above ?

    What I mean is : on the first hand its all about making money and selling new tv boxes.

    So - maybe I´m completely wrong - I think a split development would be nice for all the users having already a mecool, wetek, odroid or linglangsomething connected to the tv screen. One team for "here and now" and the rest for "long term evolution" sounds good for me.


    there is absolute no need to rant in this way here.

    do I like to test Alpha Versions : yes

    Did I test Alpha Versions before and do I own a shitload of different devices : yes

    Do I know what a dtb.img file is : yes

    Do I want to change the bootloader of my device to test this Alpha Version, loosing warranty and may be having trouble updating the default content : no

    did I work out by discussing it with the developer that the image won´t boot on my device until I change the bootloader : yes

    So.. where is the problem ??

    over and out

    Fyi. Image won´t start on Mecool KI pro. Tried with and without dtb.img. Then copied and renamed Kipro dtb from device tree folder. Didn´t start. See a Libreelec screen and something with debugging shell (can´t read it because of overscan from Monitor)