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    had the same, also with h264 and h265. Did test different SD cards (which was suggested in here) und tested different buffering settings. None of it provided a solution. No matter if I play vom SD, USB, DLNA, SMB.

    I think buffering is the problem, because the grey buffering bar is jumping like a maniac, while it is very calm in other hardware/releases. Perhaps you can check that behavior on your device.

    Switchend to Odroid N2 and coreelec, sorry for libreelec developers, it is not compareable. I appreciate your work, but this time it didn't work out.

    Nearly everything is already working there.

    Will keep the rock64 for later libreelec releases when ready.


    sorry, I have to open a new topic, since noone gives there a offical (alive) develoment topic for the rock64 with changelogs?! I cant do testing when I dont know what to look for...I do all the updates usually.



    here is not much going forward, isn't it?

    Seems to me, I should sell the rock64 and swap it with a s912 with usb2lan adapter. I have very good results with amlogic912, but the onboard-LAN is limitted, so you may have problems with 4K Streaming via SMB


    using same Rock64, DVB-T2 Stick in Germany, which is h265 too.

    The Rock64 has its problems with h265 in general, watching TV and records in that "low" Resolution (not 4K) works usually.

    If someone needs to, I can make an pastebin while player, so the programmers can compare?!

    Might not be today

    tried all modes and different cache sizes, all have stuttering on h265.

    DLNA works way better than SMB sometimes.

    With Android 7, Videos do run without stuttering, so it is no hardware issue

    LibreSpot (spotify) doesnt work

    Netflix doesnt log in

    did someone ever some testing with different buffermodes?!

    <cache>  <memorysize>0</memorysize>  <!-- number of bytes used for buffering streams in memory     When set to 0 the cache will be written to disk instead of RAM -->  <buffermode>0</buffermode>  <!-- Choose what to buffer:     0) Buffer all internet filesystems (like "2" but additionally also ftp, webdav, etc.) (default)     1) Buffer all filesystems (including local)     2) Only buffer true internet filesystems (streams) (http, etc.)     3) No buffer -->  <readfactor>4.0</readfactor> <!-- this factor determines the max readrate in terms of readfactor * avg bitrate of a video file. This can help on bad connections to keep the cache filled. It will also greatly speed up buffering. Default value 4.0. -->

    Changed now to 32gb Samsung Evo plus Class 1 card. 95mb/sec read, 20mb/sec write. self made check with copy 1gb file over ethernet: starts with 90mb/sec (I think it is buffering), lowers to 15mb/sec (real card speed). --> still to slow?!

    Why does video Playback need fast SD?! Is it buffering on the SD?! Arent there settings to make it buffern on RAM?! There is plenty with4gb....

    Networkspeed is insane fast compared to raspberry / Odroid c2/ Mecool M8S ProL with s912

    gov is set to "ondemand"

    testfile: homemade bluray rip to fhd h265 (while playing File) (while playing File) (stoped playing File)

    read the forum and didnt find a way to set cpu governor. Is there a link please?

    I have temps of 53° with heatsink, cpu load way below 100% and stuttering.

    I am using the latest nightly. stuttering form usb and nas, h264 and h265

    Using the rock64 with latest nightly too.

    I experienced that problem with the stuttering, I did already read from that before bying it, is less when you watch the clips with clip fps = screen fps. Some clips do stutter on my computer screen, but way less on the TV with sync fps.

    I also use it as dvb-T2 Backend/frontend. I have to switch to the alternative DVB drivers, then streaming works perfectly, watching on the same device stutters sometimes.

    HD-Audio streaming to AVR doesnt work, but that is known too.

    If you would like me to do some testing for you, let my know, perhaps I can support you.

    Thanks for you work

    I would not miss HDR as long as Kodi/Libreelec makes a color conversion HDR -> SDR. At the moment I need to watch HDR releases with S912 device. At least I have no color errors with that. With LE on Apollo Lake I have color errors.