• Hi,

    Syncthing is not running anymore on LibreELEC 9.2.2. I've installed latest "Syncthing for Kodi addon" that seems to use syncthing 1.4.2. but current syncthing binary version is 1.9.0. Can you provide an update for Kodi please?

    This repeats 5 times until it fails...


  • You could try to do the following in the console.

    1. Create a dummy directory:

    mkdir -p /storage/downloads/dummy

    2. Run a dummy syncthing service:

    STNODEFAULTFOLDER="y" syncthing -home=/storage/downloads/dummy -gui-address""

    3. Browse to http://libreelec.local:23456 and update syncthing to the latest version.

    4. Stop the dummy syncthing with ctrl-c.

    5. Restart syncthing:

    systemctl restart service.syncthing