• Hi,

    Syncthing is not running anymore on LibreELEC 9.2.2. I've installed latest "Syncthing for Kodi addon" that seems to use syncthing 1.4.2. but current syncthing binary version is 1.9.0. Can you provide an update for Kodi please?

    This repeats 5 times until it fails...


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    You could try to do the following in the console.

    1. Create a dummy directory:

    mkdir -p /storage/downloads/dummy

    2. Run a dummy syncthing service:

    STNODEFAULTFOLDER="y" syncthing -home=/storage/downloads/dummy -gui-address""

    3. Browse to http://libreelec.local:23456 and update syncthing to the latest version.

    4. Stop the dummy syncthing with ctrl-c.

    5. Restart syncthing:

    systemctl restart service.syncthing

  • Goo

    Good idea! I got syncthing working with a clean configuration and could upgrade.

    The only thing is I couldn't find the service unit file to restart syncthing. How is it started?

    But after reboot syncthing does start again!

    However, is the addon not upgraded anymore?

    Thank you very much awiouy!

  • Hello,

    awiouy There seems to be an error with the plugin currently, Syncthing stopped running for me.

    I tried to run the command found on the unit file ( orclex you can find it on /storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.syncthing/system.d/service.system.syncthing.service) but I get the following error:

    syncthing: error: --no-default-folder: bool value must be true, 1, yes, false, 0 or no but got "y" (from envar STNODEFAULTFOLDER="y")

    Of course, changing the 'y' for a 1 in

    /storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.syncthing/bin/syncthing-service works great, but just wanted to let you know :) .

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  • I just can update to version or in the add-on update option.

    I can't communicate with syncthing through the web interface.

    I have tried deleting all my syncthing settings and "updating" libreelec to the same version I had: 9.2.6.

    Nothing works, it says syncthing is running, but I can't see it nor synchronization happens.

    What should I do to keep using syncthing with my Raspberry Pi 3?

  • What should I do to keep using syncthing with my Raspberry Pi 3?

    Two years ago I started using syncthing, I first tried the CoreELEC addon and had problems (very outdated version of syncthing and strange service startup problems), a few days later I uninstalled this addon and have not used it again. Later I tried the syncthing service from the entware repository (this is not possible in LibreELEC, but is possible in CoreELEC) and it worked great for over a year. For six months I have been using an x86_64 device with LibreELEC 9.2.6 and now the syncthing service is installed from the Docker repository with the command

    This service can be configured from http://<syncthing-ip>: 8384


    I no longer remember if this service starts automatically. In case this is not the case run 'docker start syncthing'.

    Obviously any other service running on ports 8384, 22000 and 21027 must be stopped. In addition, the Docker addon must be installed beforehand.

    This works with x86_64 and arm processors, including RPi 3.

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  • heitbaum - Docker linuxserver/syncthing is always the most up to date (now at v1.16.1, not v1.15.1), works great and there is no adjustment to the kodi binaries even for version changes from kodi 18 to kodi 19. I don't use it for synchronization but for permanent and automatic backup of four devices.