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    Move xmltv_time_correct.exe out of /storage/.kodi/addons/service.webgrabplus if you do not want to loose it each time the addon is updated ;)

    The log shows that DNS is not available when librespot starts.

    Please try the following: in Settings, LibreELEC settings, Network settings, set Wait for network.

    Then reboot.

    I use LE 9.0 version for Kodi 18, RPI system - every time I reboot I have to go in configure to get it running. I have changed ALSA and KODI, but same results. Kind of not big bug but annoying.

    That would annoy me too.

    Please provide the output of journalctl -u service.librespot

    Today i cant connect via Spotify Connect to librespot. I tested my smartphone and tablet, both show me librespot. When i choose librespot it shows "connect..." and thats it. Works few weeks ago, changed nothing in my setup. I try to reboot my Pi, deinstall and install the addon. Nothing help...

    Try removing the cache (/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.librespot/cache).

    If that does not work, send a log (journalctl -u service.librespot)

    Any Macos Users out there ive all most got this running stumbled at systemd-run ? once found away for mac osx to emulate this then its a matter of the removing the fixed directorys and it will be ready be added !!!! any one want to help !!!!

    Hm... Trying to run webgrabplus on OSX? Go at their web site: os-x


    Without special sound device (eg DAC) Librespot should play out of the box. Are you using a special sound device, another sound addon, or modified Kodi audio settings? Have you reinstalled Librespot?


    See above

    Hi, awiouy in case you missed my posts, maybe you can answer them:

    Librespot addon 

    Interaction between Librespot and Kodi is minimal (artist/track notification, playback in Kodi mode, stop/start Librespot on Kodi playback).

    I have neither the time nor the programming skills to improve this.

    I nevertheless repeat my call for Kodi/Python and Librespot/Rust programmers to improve my addon.

    Hi everyone! I need some help.

    I dont know how to install the addon on Libreelec, in my Raspberry Pi 3. I've been reading the forum, but I dont find the way to do it. So if someone could give me the instructions to do it (Im a beginner), I will apreciate it very much.

    Thanks to everybody, specially to awiouy! Great work!!

    As you are a beginner, I suggest you to remain with stable LibreELEC (LE 8.2) and Librespot (from the LibreELEC repository).

    In LibreELEC, goto Add-ons/Downloads/Services/Librespot.

    Then select Librespot on a Spotify app (on your mobile phone, PC, etc)