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    Librespot does not exit upon network failure.This is a known bug that no developer was able to fix up to now, see eg Panic does not exit · Issue #226 · librespot-org/librespot · GitHub. One solution is to use a stable network connection.

    If you think pulseaudio is the problem, then use ALSA mode: Librespot for LibreELEC only uses pulseaudio in Kodi mode, to stream to Kodi.

    As for disabling Librespot during Kodi playback, it is an implementation choice: the user of Kodi (me) has precedence over Spotify users (my teenagers). If you value this feature less than I do, feel free to change the corresponding Python code here at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    Coders are welcome!

    Seems to be the right approach, yes

    Make sure to install current tinc 1.1 and to use the settings linked in my previous post on the PC.

    On LibreELEC, the host file is generated according to tinc addon settings and stored in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.system.tinc/Local.

    Place remote host files in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.system.tinc/Remotes.

    Hi together,

    I'm struggling for hours now and cannot get it running on my raspi3, LE9.0 Milhouse builds.

    Earlier in this thread it seemed Milhouse builds are not captured by this addon. However, this is shoud not the case for librespot 9.0.113 (received through installing from repo) any more, right?


    Librespot is known to run under LibreELEC 8.2 and 9.0

    You need a Spotify premium account

    Once Librespot is installed, select it from one of your Spotify apps and play tracks

    Known issues:

    - libespot starts before network is available: set wait for network in LibreELEC settings

    - wrong credentials: leave username and password blank

    - no sound: increase volume from Spotify app, select audio device or switch to Kodi mode

    Also, describe your issue in more details:

    - LibreELEC system and version

    - Spotify app system and version

    - describe what you do and where you think you have a problem

    But as far as I know when I click the install from zip button it shoul run something on the background :)But I coulnt find any document that related with.

    Is there any way to unlock the "apt-get" command in Libreelec?

    Addon installation is managed by Kodi, and there is no CLI function to call it.

    LibreELEC has no package manager, except for Kodi addons. apt is not locked, it does not exist on LibreELEC.

    Trust me, give VNC a try.

    There is no way to install addons from command line interface that I know of.

    You can copy the files of the addon where Kodi expects them, bit you will need to activate the addon from Kodi.

    I manage Librespot running on LibreELEC on a headless Raspberry Pi Zero WH via Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

    Librespot starts before the network is ready.

    To solve this problem, go to LibreELEC network settings and set wait for network.

    I have it working, but video stutters when audio is shifted. So another solution may work better.

    What I did:

    - install Snapcast on Android

    - install Snapclient

    - install Snapserver

    - set Snapserver to stream Kodi

    - reboot LibreELEC

    - set Kodi to use snapserver

    - play a video

    - shift audio

    - control Snapcast on Android

    Hi morglum

    1. Try to set Wait for Network in LibreELEC network settings

    2. Use Discovery Mode in Librespot settings (no userid/password)


    I have been busy since my last post. If you give me your LibreELEC version and system, I will try to guide you through installation.

    Also, do you have an iOS device or a Spotify premium account? This might be handy to test audio output before setting up Kodi.