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    Hi awiouy,

    I run the snapcast server on a different RPi with Rapsbian. If I want to use LibreELEC as a Snapcast Client I always have to ssh "snapclient -h"

    Can you tell me how I can configure the client to use this Snapcast server permanent?

    Which version of LibreELEC/Snapclient are you using?

    What does the log say (journalctl -u service.snapclient)?

    Here, Snapclient starts with LibreELEC.

    I am not aware that it is possible to install addons otherwise than through Kodi user interface, ie with the remote.

    htop comes with the System Tools addon, which is a collection of programs which do not interface with Kodi. To use htop, ssh into LibreELEC and type htop.

    I have tested 109b (from your link) as well as version 110 from libreelec-repo on my fresh installed LE9 Milhouse build (from april 1st and april 2nd). Each combination doesn't work for me: my spotify-app doesn't see the device. The dependencies-section says: is unavailable.

    I have activated logging and then uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin. Hopefully the log is useful. (In the log, is shown as loaded.)

    Please provide a log produced with "journalctl -u service.librespot"

    Please provide a log produced with "journalctl -u service.librespot"

    I have reworked the alsa-plugin package to only build pulse in less than 100KB. I will submit a PR when it is ready.

    I will think about how to go forward with Snapcast and Librespot during the next days, and propose it here.

    At a glance, output to pulse and being able to control Snapserver via RPC from Kodi, at least to select a stream and set volume would allow to simplify a lot of things.

    meh... with the above Alsa creates the device but cannot open it, due to : (snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa/

    No idea if it is possible to have Alsa search plugins in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

    This adds PulseAudio support to Snapclient.

    It will be included in the next revision (102) of the Snapclient addon.

    In the meantime, I let Catscrash build it from my 90-snapcast-102 branch.

    Amazing progress guys!

    There is no need to add the libraries to the image. Simply add them to a directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and edit /storage/.config/asound.conf to use them.

    I will add pulse to Snapclient, because there is a use case. I let someone else add all or the rest to the audio-tools addon.

    Please discuss the pulse with Snapclient use case in the Snapcast thread, so that everyone can share without searching much.


    By default there is no asound.conf in LibreELEC. You could try to create /storage/.config/asound.conf to create a pulse output. You will have to reboot LibreELEC for ALSA to pick up that asound.conf.

    According to what I found /storage/.config/asound.conf should be:

    1. pcm.pulse { type pulse
    2. }
    3. ctl.pulse { type pulse
    4. }

    Let me know if it works

    Snapclient outputs to ALSA, not to Pulseaudio.

    What you are trying to do is therefore not possible at the moment.

    Moreover, I suspect that Kodi holds the Pulseaudio speaker, and that Snapclient will not be able to share it.

    Maybe someone else here has an idea of how this could be implemented, and wants to give it a shot.

    i have updated librelec and i got snapserver/snapclient in librelec addons and install in my librelec 8.2.4 .what is the next step could i do.

    Use a mobile device to stream to Snapcast with Airplay

    Thank you for this information:

    1. resample-method = soxr-vhq in /storage/.config/pulse-daemon.conf.d/10-snapserver.conf improves sound quality

    2. Setting Audio offset to Ahead by 1.000s easily achieves audio/video synchronisation

    I will see if I can add both to snapserver (and librespot)

    In the meantime both can be done manually

    I attach updated previews for RPi2