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    I used the discontinued Spotify web connect add-on before switching over to this, it's works like a charm :)

    However, in the old web connect, I could use analog out and hdmi audio independently. If Spotify is playing using my speakers connected to analog and I start a video, the music pauses even though Kodi is set to use hdmi.

    This is annoying, as I usually would for example watch some football with low volume on the TV while listening to music on the speakers.. :/

    Works as programmed. Kodi takes precedence over Librespot: if Kodi plays, Librespot stops.

    send me a log of the backup issue and i will have a look at it

    TL;DR: discovery mode doesn't work.

    Long answer: Because my LibreElec box is on a wired network which is routed to the Wi-Fi network, but apparently this is not sufficient for LibreSpot. I even configured Avahi in router mode on the router (necessary for Kore to find Kodi) but that's not enough for Spotify's discovery mode (I haven't investigated which kind of protocol it speaks).

    avahi is not routed, as mentioned here: linux - Could I use avahi to publish service across subnetworks? - Stack Overflow

    Do you have a log?

    Why use login/password? Use discovery mode.

    If you want to use Kodi volume, use Kodi mode (set mode in addon settings)

    The name of the currently playing song is displayed on the screen in both modes, not in OSD though.

    Great work, Congratulations ...

    Should version 8.2.107 work on the S905D? I have a Mecool KI Pro with this processor, installed from the LibreELEC repository, installed successfully, set user and password, but the "run" button does not enable.

    Control the addon with a Spotify app (on a smartphone, on a PC).

    In the Spotify app, select your LibreELEC device, and play music.

    If the addon remains silent in ALSA mode, switch to KODI mode in addon settings.

    Let me know if it works.

    Really nice work! Very stable but one Q: Are there any plans to support Artist Slide show if Kodi is playing music? -> or Something like I really hate black and dead screens ;-)

    Thanks again for the great job!


    I could really need help with the OSD, for example get a cover from Kodi according to artist/title, as already mentioned here: Librespot addon

    Tried to install latest preview on rpi3 running LibreELEC (official): 8.1.1 8.2, kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.9.43 and recived a dependency error kodi.log


    Have you downgraded your LibreELEC from Milhouse to 8.2?

    if so, then your LibreELEC Add-ons repository and Mono points to 9.0

    Try to install Mono (8.2.x) then WebGrab+Plus

    Looking forward to your feedback

    Here is a preview of a new revision of the webgrabplus addon.

    THIS PREVIEW WILL RESET EXISTING WEBGRABPLUS SETTINGS (an attempt is made to back them up)


    Backup Attempt:

    The first time is run it will attempt to save existing addon settings in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus.backup. It is recommended to backup your settings (from the /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus diretory) to a safe place.

    Programs have been removed:

    WG2MP.exe, xmltv_time_correct.exe and the corresponding scripts have been removed.

    If you need these utilities, download them somewhere on your LibreELEC device and call them with the or scripts.

    The user can decide which file is read or updated:

    Specify which file is read or updated in the appropriate config.xml file.

    Settings have changed:

    siteini.pack is updated (replaced) automatically when an update is available online.

    User customisations should be made in siteini.user.

    Priority can be reduced:
    Priority of the WebGrab+Plus.exe may be reduced in the settings of the addon.

    The attached preview should run on all LibreELEC versions.

    Thank you for testing and providing feedback.

    With respect to your first log, it appears to be a network issue. I am not sure why this happens, since the service starts when the network is online. Try to add sleep 5 at the second line of /storage/.kodi/addons/service.librespot/bin/librespot.start to see if it fixes.

    With respect to your second log (Raybuntu LibreELEC 9.0) I am unable to assess (no corresponding hardware). I will do when LibreELEC 9.0 reaches beta.

    With respect to both logs, I do not understand this error: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.librespot/bin/librespot.start: eval: line 1: 2=: not found. Please add set -x at the second line of /storage/.kodi/addons/service.librespot/bin/librespot.start and provide a log (journalctl -u service.librespot).