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    Hi Sappi,

    To solve your issue either enable avahi in LibreELEC services or set user name and password in user mode in Librespot settings.

    Also, wait for network is recommended for Librespot and for other services.

    Librespot for LibreELEC is built with dns-sd (avahi) rather than mdns, for historical reasons and also because user interaction is smoother.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Sappi,

    According to the log you provide, the binary is not broken but something in your configuration is.

    First, if you remove the --backend flag then librespot does not use pulseaudio but alsa, which is out of the scope of the addon.

    Then, your logs report a DNS issue, so let us try inspecting this:

    1. What version of LibreELEC are you running (hardware and version)?

    2. Have you set the wait for network option in LibreELEC network configuration?

    3. Is Avahi enabled in LibreELEC services configuration?

    4. Do you have a Spotify Premium account?

    5. Have you tried running in user mode, where you set Spotify username and password in the settings of the addon?

    6. Can you provide the output of "ldd /storage/.kodi/addons/service.librespot/bin/librespot", the version shipped with the addon?

    Um I have another question. I've connected my IntelNUC (LE) with my other PC (Win). But the folder which I've synchronized is on my PCs end on an external HDD. So I was wondering what is happening if I run my NUC and my PC at the same time and the external HDD is not plugged to my PC. So it won't find the path on my PCs end. In this case will it just remove the data on the NUC? Or does it only sync when I start the tool on windows? Because on LE it seems to be running in the background.

    That is a question for the Syncthing forum.

    If I remember well, there is an option for only adding files, ie no deletion.

    Hi, can someone explain me how this is working? Is it normal that the addon isn't shown in my addon list after installation?

    Do I just have to edit the config file manually? And if yes what do I have to change?


    Have you tried the web interface?

    See the first post of this thread

    When will 119 be available? Where can I find it?

    When it is merged, built and pushed.

    If you tell me what version of LibreELEC you are running on what hardware, I might provide you with a pre-release here.

    The Librespot addon is intended to play via Kodi.

    However, revision 119 of the addon will bring back an ALSA backend to librespot.

    It will then be possible to start librespot for ALSA with a separate custom system.d service, ie skip steps 2 to 8 of @muellersjan's hack.

    This custom service will be able co-exist with the addon and to pick-up updates of librespot shipped with the addon.

    Custom services will of course be discussed in this forum but not in this thread.


    It would certainly have been easier to wrap a system.d service around the binary you compiled.

    I would prefer such hacks being discussed elsewhere than in this thread. After all, my idea of the addon is to play Spotify as simply as possible on a simple device.

    Nevertheless, from revision 119 on, the addon will ship librespot with an alsa backend to support alternative uses, eg as a separate user defined system.d service.

    It is complicated to write an addon that supports both playing through alsa and playing through kodi, so decided to support only playing through kodi.

    The librespot binary is built with the LibreELEC toolchain and packaged in the addon that you download.

    It could be that the addon cache (/storage/.kodi/addons/packages) contains a corrupt version of the addon.

    You could try to remove it with rm /storage/.kodi/addons/packages/service.librespot* and then try to reinstall the addon.

    Rockchip is hardly supported.

    Can anyone try to build the addon for this platform?

    1. Kodi (18.2-RC1 Git:c67eb3a). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit

    It's the Milhouse build that is identical with LibreELEC 18.2

    The error keeps repeating until systemd stops restarting it.

    Milhouse releases are beta.

    Try to run Librespot run on a stable reelase.

    How stable is your network connection?

    Is it wired or wireless?

    If it is wireless, then try to switch to wired.

    Please provide version of LibreELEC and version Librespot.

    Hi there!

    Librespot stopped working for me since 3 or 4 days ago. The system is not visible as a playback device in Spotify anymore. Neither on my smartphone, nor laptop, and even after several re-activations of the add-on as well as restarts of the whole system. I updated a few plug-ins, but didn't change anything else before that or since then. Maybe something on Spotify's side changed?

    Thanks a lot for all the great work you put into this add-on! :)

    Please describe your setup: version of LibreELEC and Librespot. The output of 'journalctl -u service.librespot' could also be useful.