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    Before, I used this:

    Now, I use this:

    I hope this helps you further

    The configuration files are in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.softcam.oscam.

    You can also access them via SMB at /userdata/addon_data/service.softcam.oscam.

    Configuration depends on your card reader and your service provider.

    Best would therefore be to get help from someone in a context similar to yours.

    Google will probably guide you to a configuration that fits your needs.

    Librespot for LibreELEC should be advertised as 'Kodi (LibreELEC)' or 'Kodi (the_name_you_gave_to_your_libreelec_system)'

    addon version 117

    LE: 9.1.501

    Raspberry Pi 4

    Connection: Wifi

    Yes, Spotify premium

    Is wifi stable?

    The output of 'journalctl -u service.librespot' should provide more information about your problem.

    You could also try 'user mode' in addon settings, with Spotify username and password, in case the problem lies with avahi.

    I do not experience this issue with my Android phone. Please provide more details: addon version, LibreELEC version, hardware info, wifi/ethernet, Spotify premium?

    Are there any quality concerns if played over Kodi, compared to earlier options? What are thr pros and cons of each?

    LibreELEC is an operating system for Kodi, where Kodi may have exclusive use of audio. This can be an issue when other software, such as Librespot and game emulators, access audio.

    Streaming Librespot audio to Kodi via the PulseAudio backend of Librespot prevents competion for audio resources, requires no configuration from the user, provides comparable audio quality, and does not require code for handling multiple audio backends.

    Librespot updated 5 five days ago (to version 117), but I'm still experiencing errant playback...

    I'm running LibreElec 9.1.002 Alpha on a Raspbery Pi 1: am I the only one experiencing this?

    It could be that Rasberry Pi 1 is not powerful enough for the Pulse Audio backend.

    Therefore revert to an earlier version of Librespot that also provides the ALSA backend on Rasperry Pi 1.

    Current Librespot for LibreELEC releases exclusively play via Kodi, because this works out of the box without interfering with Kodi audio. Unfortunately, this requires more computer resources.

    LibreELEC 9.2 ships the latest stable release of Emby 4 ( LibreELEC 9.0 ships a slightly earlier release, which will unlikely be updated.

    I will provide code to update Emby 4 to a user specified version, probably late next week.

    I do not have W10 to test.

    Iridium gave it a try and reports the following :

    "Only errors when "Picture Quality" is set to automatic. Changing to "High" or "Low", the error message does not appear and seems to work as expected."