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    I do not understand your configuration. Why do you use two subnets?

    It has been a long time that I have not played with tinc, but I remember that it was complicated.

    Some advice:

    - on LibreELEC, use an interface name that is blacklisted by connman, eg vmnet_foo, to prevent connman from messing with its configuration,

    - by default interfaces on LibreELEC will not forward traffic, so you have to enable ip forwarding (for tinc in router mode) or promiscuitous mode (for tinc in switch mode),

    - use two addresses of your home network for the tinc interfaces (home ip with a route to remote, remote ip with a route to via

    - I vaguely remember static routes on the router and/or brutils.

    It will therefore probably be easier to configure a device more suitable to your purpose than a LibreELEC mediacenter

    You could try to do the following in the console.

    1. Create a dummy directory:

    mkdir -p /storage/downloads/dummy

    2. Run a dummy syncthing service:

    STNODEFAULTFOLDER="y" syncthing -home=/storage/downloads/dummy -gui-address""

    3. Browse to http://libreelec.local:23456 and update syncthing to the latest version.

    4. Stop the dummy syncthing with ctrl-c.

    5. Restart syncthing:

    systemctl restart service.syncthing

    I would really like to get tinc working as I have to use specific port to connect (work place firewall)

    Wireguard is using udp only as zerotier is :( Trying my best with openvpn-as from linuxserver but tinc looks like its much more efficient for me :/

    Then use the --config flag of the tinc/tincd commands to store your custom configuration in a separate directory, and follow the tinc documentation. It should not be too hard ;)


    To clarify, you can use the tinc binary provided by the addon to use all tinc features, but you will have to configure it yourself because the addon is only designed for point-to-point connections.

    Zerotier One without Docker was mentioned here and there in this forum.


    Wireguard is indeed also an option.

    As far as I know, routing is disabled by default on LibreELEC, but you can enable it by setting /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to 1.

    Hi awiouy. Sorry to dig so old thread but I'm having hard time here for last couple of hours trying to set your addon together with android tinc app.

    So my question is did you compile this addon with router mode as its the only mode tinc android support?

    Will this vpn let me connect from my phone outise of my house to network with my home ip address?

    The addon uses router mode but LibreELEC will not route external trafic towards its local network.

    Also, the addon uses tinc 1.1, which is not compatible with tinc 1.0.

    In other words, the addon is useful to connect two (LibreELEC) devices point-to-point.

    You can nevertheless use the tinc binary provided by the addon (as opposed to the service of the addon) to achieve whatever you need.

    But nowadays there are more straightforward solutions, such as zerotier-one.

    Hello everyone, will there be a solution soon?


    Hello susumo,

    There is a solution to this problem, but it introduces a new issue, on my installation at least.

    I can send you a test build to determine if this new issue is limited to my installation.

    What version of LibreELEC are you running, and on what hardware?

    @awiouy as I'm running emby headless on my spare amd machine how can I turn off call for kodi to be started after every restart of emby?

    They updating pluggins very offten and pushing to restart emby server every couple days. Then I have to stop kodi again ;)

    Do you really need to restart LibreELEC?

    Try stopping Emby from the Emby web UI, and it should restart and take the updates into account.

    Hi, Device is a X96 Max S905X2 4g/64g, running CoreELEC (official): 9.2.2 (Amlogic-ng.arm). emby4 is the latest version from the CoreElec repository 9.2.107, and the Dotnet is (I guess you mean .net Core runtime?) version is 9.2.109. I have uploaded the Dmesg | paste logfirst after boot (emby4 has not started) . Below is the SSH screen output after I tried to start manually start emby4 with .kodi/addons/service.emby4/bin/emby4.start it failed! I then went back into the emby4 addon up and updated again and then it runs. journal log below the manual start up log


    That log shows that Emby starts correctly but then crashes when starting LiveTV.

    Try to disable LiveTV if you know how to do that.

    Otherwise refer the problem to Emby support.

    The alsa service doesn't start at boot, I have to start it manually using ssh:

    systemctl start service.librespot-alsa.service

    How can I make it start on boot?

    systemctl enable service.librespot-alsa.service