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    I did the steps above, but the issue persists. I didn’t have SSH enabled so I couldn’t log it, but I will try to get a log next time.

    I’m not sure what causes it exactly, but it keeps happening. I can still use the Kodi web interface to reboot, and everything goes back to normal.

    Log is also available at smb://libreelec.local/userdata/addon_data/service.emby/logs/embyserver.txt

    I was on a beta version of Emby before, so that’s probably why the stable version of Emby on the .Net Core version is behaving weirdly. I wanted to install it fresh, because I’ve also messed around with some of the files on the Mono release before I installed the .Net Core release.

    I will, however, provide the log so you can better analyse what might be going on.

    Uninstall Emby and delete /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.emby

    Then reinstall Emby.

    That should be enough

    So far the experience has been better than with the Mono releases, but I am facing an issue where the Emby server will shut down or won’t be able to connect randomly. The only way to fix is to reboot, and then it takes a bit of time to get back online. I’m not sure if the issue is because of LibreELEC 9, or because of the experimental nature of this addon.

    I will probably end up reinstalling LibreELEC completely and installing this addon from scratch to see if the result is any different.

    No need to reinstall LibreELEC: simply install Emby from the LibreELEC Add-ons repository and you will be using the latest Emby and Mono without losing your settings.

    Before you do that, please provide a log of Emby for .Net Core runtime, to help determining where the issue lies.

    One way of displaying the log after a crash is the command journalctl -u service.emby.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    In the Kodi audio settings I can switch to ALSA: AML-M8AUDIO, HDMI.

    Then it seems to work, at least during the first tests. Good!

    I am not sure what is the difference between the 'ALSA: AML-M8AUDIO, HDMI' and the 'ALSA: Default (AML-M8AUDIO Analog), PCM' it was set to previously. It is not going over HDMI, only. I still hear it over the optical out and my audio receiver.

    Good if it works for you...

    I think it looks similar to LE8

    Hm... Not sure Kodi and Librespot can share the same ALSA device.

    This was why I added the Kodi output.

    ALSA dmix might be an option for sharing the device.

    But I have never used it.

    Maybe someone here can help.

    Really it was the size. It says maximal size 2MB and I was below that (around 1MB). But reduced it works.

    The third screenshot is from the librespot settings. There it shows nothing in Playback devices (also after using the configuration wizard), but I assume this is a minor problem.

    Configuration wizard does not copy the selected device to Playback device anymore, because the behaviour of Kodi changed.

    I should try to fix that.

    In the meantime, you must fill in Playback device manually.

    What is displayed if you select configuration wizard?

    I will try to address the ALSA issue first. But I have no clue about the differences between CoreELEC and LibreELEC, and I do not have hardware to test.

    Can you send me a screen shot of the Kodi sound settings on CoreELEC.

    Was anyone here able to run Webgrab+Plus with .Net Core runtime (on any operating system)?

    If so, how?

    Thank you in advance.

    An addon for .Net Core runtime 2.1.0 should be available soon from the LibreELEC Add-ons repository.

    In the meantime, you can download a preview of the addon attached to this post.

    To run the .Net Core runtime, install the addon and type `le_dotnet` at the console.

    Emby will be switched from Mono to .Net Core.

    You can download a preview of the Emby ( for .Net Core addon attached to this post.

    To run the Emby addon, first install the dotnet-runtime addon, then the Emby addon.

    Emby listens at libreelec.local:8096.


    .Net Core for Generic

    Emby for Generic

    .Net Core for Odroid_C2

    Emby for Odroid_C2

    .Net Core for RPi2

    Emby for RPi2

    Just to make sure: are your Android device and your LibreELEC device on the same subnet?

    There is something wrong with librespot on ROCK64: it core dumps.

    Not sure what it could be.

    I will come back to you when I have the time.

    I have no idea about sound with CoreELEC.

    CoreELEC devs may help you.

    Otherwise, you may switch output from ALSA to Kodi.