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    Enable auto-update in webui to install the latest version of syncthing.

    Do not update the addon, unless a new revision is available, which should not happen frequently. This reverts syncthing to the version shipped with the addon.

    Done, thank you.

    But still with problems. This message is shown and add-on doesn't work:

    1. Listen (BEP/tcp): Accepting connection: accept tcp [::]:22000: accept4: too many open files

    Any solution?

    Well, it seemed to work when I updated using the web interface. But if you update the add-on in Kodi it goes back to 0.14.29.

    I wanted an update because it doesn't work, keeps saying "too many open files".

    Thank you, David.

    After trying Tranmissions (it works funny sometimes, changing the download directories and has few settings), rtorrent+rutorrent (some rutorrent addon destroyed all my seeding torrents, plus rutorrent is not working in LibreELEC so it seems it has no maintenance); I tried Deluge and I loved it.

    Can it be installed on LibreELEC as it can be, for example, on Raspbian?

    Best regards

    I think there is a scritp (autotools?) that gives more options to rtorrent. But I don't know how to install and use it (rutorrent is not working in libreELEC), or if it is recommendable to be used with LibreELEC

    I would like to have series in sub-folders with their names, so Kodi can scrap them. For example:
    \Watch\tvshows\Silicon Valley\

    Inside "\Silicon Valley\" would go the different seasons, like season 1: "Silicon.Valley.S01.1080p.torrent" to be downloaded. But rtorrent is watching just the "\Watch\" folder, so it can't see the .torrent added in sub-folders like that.

    Any help with the use of nested folders, or with the scraping of series? I can't re-name the series, because I want to keep seeding them.

    Best regards

    Working now keyboard. Thanks :-)

    Can you both ( Soringo + Grimson) post the /flash/config.txt you are using with LE? RPi3 Bluetooth is working for me...

    Of course. I modified it, but not relationship with bluetooth, and after trying to connect the keyboard (modification done to occult the "low voltage coloured square").


    By the way: it seems "openelec" still appears there ;)

    Note: if you see bluetooth disabled, it is because as far as it is not working for me, I turned it off so no resources are used.

    Is it possible to use these two clients with the RPi optimizing the use of resources? Or better not doing it?
    I love torrent trackers, and this and kodi are my prioritiy.

    Plus: Would you recommend me a tool to monitorize the use of resources?

    Best regards

    So, after a lot of comparing the commits between OE and LE without finding anything helpfull I started a shot in the dark and replaced the bootloader and dtb files from LE with the one from OE, and Bluetooth started working. So I did a binary compare and found that the only file that differs between OE and LE is "bcm2710-rpi-3-b.dtb". So something is wrong with the bcm2710-rpi-3-b.dtb file used by LE.

    As a workaround you can download the OE 7 beta tar file, extract the bcm2710-rpi-3-b.dtb from it's "3rdparty/bootloader" directory and replace the one on the SD card with it.

    Thank you.
    I hope libreELEC developers read you ;-)
    I've passed through dietpi, xbian, osmc, openelec, and now I am here. I hope to find a home soon.

    Best regards.