rtorrent + transmission: too much?

  • Is it possible to use these two clients with the RPi optimizing the use of resources? Or better not doing it?
    I love torrent trackers, and this and kodi are my prioritiy.

    Plus: Would you recommend me a tool to monitorize the use of resources?

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    I'd recommend a NAS for storage and downloading tasks.

    I agree, I have used openelec on a RPi and RPi 2. And even on the RPi 2 I found Kodi just a little bit sluggish. And that is without anything else running. If you would use it simultaneously for downloading, and even unpacking, you will have a very slow responding system.

    Using another system like a NAS, or even another RPi is a much better idea.

  • Then it is confirmed that because of that my system was kinky xD

    Torrent is a must have for me. So, I will turn off one of them when I use kodi.

    Thank you

  • You certainly don't need rtorrent AND transmission as they both do the same thing. rtorrent should use less resources, it is very efficient.

    anybody did any try running flexget as a cronjob on a rpi2 or 3? I take it one would need to install distutils first? Still wondering if there is any plugin in development for flexget... it is running on my ancient buffalo nas like a charm but a friend of mine wants to just do everything (kodi & flexget/torrent during night hours storing on usb and/or wifi hd) with a rpi3.

    Have: RPI1 (KANO), RPI2 (RETRO), RPI3 (KODI)
    Want: RPI-HEVC

  • I think your friend may be better off with osmc. Unless you want to make an addon with all the dependencies.

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    Yeah, I already told him to check out OSMC, it will still boil down to me setting it up for him heh. A plugin for flexget I tought about it but with the gazillion code changes and version updates I am not gonna bother, besides I rather run transmission+flexget on my NAS. Maybe I should tell him to get a cheap NAS on top of a RPI!

    Have: RPI1 (KANO), RPI2 (RETRO), RPI3 (KODI)
    Want: RPI-HEVC