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    Check the sound output device in de system sound settings? It can point to the wrong device.

    I managed to get NO sound at all after a nvidia driver update and had to remove all nvidia hdmi devices and restart windows to auto detect it again. But that is perhaps not the same as your case.


    Having the same problem. I plug my adapter in, CEC is detected and the box appears, but the TV remote (Samsung) does not work. Using latest alpha build. Is there anything I need to do?


    Make sure it it supported and enabled on your TV. And that you are connected to the correct HDMI port on the TV. Not all brands support CEC on all connections.

    Oooooh ! so maybe in the LG settings...

    I'm not home now, but In case it is... You think about anything else ?

    I believe with some tv's it works only on one hdmi connection. Try different HDMI connector if possible.

    I'm very very newbie about libreElec and his universe !! I had configured with success my rasp pi2 with libreElec and It works perfectly with my home led full hd tv ! Now I'm on holiday with my pi2, an android tablet, no pc, an hdmi HD old led tv and a hdmi cable !! I have selected the right hdmi input on tv but the screen is black. libreelec is running because I can use it via Android Kodi. i suppose that i can't see anything on tv cause of wrong resolution. If I'm right, how can I resolve this ?

    Did you first turn on the monitor before starting the RPi? That is important.

    Found the MediaInfo program and it was easier than I thought to track down all my "High 10" files. I will see if I can just re-encode them to the normal yuv. Would this bring up any information that LibreELEC needs for future updates to keep up to speed with growing codecs?

    No, Kodi on LibreElec can play the files, otherwise you would not see anything.

    The problem is that the RPi hardware decoder does not support high10 and the processor is not fast enough to decode high10 files in software. And that is why you see artifacts.
    There is no solution for the RPi.

    This greatly effects me as I have 3 HTPC running kodi 7.0.2 with Geforce 7 series hardware and all can play 1080p video with 5.1 dobly digital output.

    This does not greatly effects you if you stay on the current version. You say it runs, then what is the problem? Why do you need a newer version of LE?

    It is your choice. You can not have it all unless you or someone else in the community makes their own build. You can not expect this group of LE volunteers to support all available hardware that is out there. All software eventually needs new hardware.

    It looks like the RPi is skipping frames. That can have many causes.
    You can see if that is the case by typing the letter 'o' while playing a movie.

    What bitrate are the video's? Can you encode a video with lower bitrate and try? Also use a main level 4.1 profile or lower.

    The n3050 is perfect, I recommend it to others also.

    Plays all h.264
    h.265 at least 20 Mbps. I have not tested higher bitrates

    also 24p playing well.

    I have the n3150 which has 4 cores which is overkill. Max 40% over all 4 cores (10% per core), with decent hvec video.

    The n3050 is the same but has 2 cores and that is enough. 40% over 2 cores is just 20% each core.

    It has a hardware h.265 decoder, but only for 8bit, 10bit is not supported in hardware.

    I think you will not notice much speed difference between pi 2 and 3 if you use it as a media player. Especially if you are using the same 32bit version of the software. The Pi 3 will be a little bit faster when 64bit software is available.

    When the pi is not doing much, the clockspeed goes down to 600. Only when the pi is really busy with something, the clock goes up.

    Don't worry about the clock, it is supposed to be 600 if the pi is not doing much (saves energy and reduces heat)