Missing DVB-S kerneldriver from a fully supported linux-card

  • The Pinnacle PCTV Sat is a card that is supported in linux for long time. LibreELEC didnt support it. Seems like drivers are missing.

    This are the things that have to be loaded to support the card:
    DVB-S – wiki.archlinux.de
    modprobe dvb-bt8xx
    modprobe cx24110

    both drivers does not seem to be activated for example here:
    LibreELEC.tv/linux.x86_64.conf at 3fb896a3b8c59048b71c68c148c4a35c813ee540 · LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv · GitHub

    Please enable those 2 drivers so the card can be used with libreelec.


  • Hi CvH.

    The card is as written in the first post a "Pinnacle PCTV Sat".

    I have not the card any more inside the device because the drivers are missing. You can reproduce the problem really simple. Just boot any other linux os. For example ubuntu.

    cat /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.dep | grep cx24110

    On libreelec you get nothing. On ubuntu you get the driver listed as a .ko
    Same on bt8xx .

    Would be nice if you could enable the drivers.

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  • How can i run the typical "make menuconfig" for the linux kernel while compiling libreelec

    cd build.LibreELEC-........./linux-.../
    make menuconfig

    and then you can compare changes in .config file and projects/.../linux/linux......conf .

  • Is it possible to get there without having to compile about 3 days of libreelec by running
    git clone GitHub - LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv: Just enough OS for KODI
    PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 make release

    I could get time on a fast machine. There are tons of drivers missing. Why?
    For example the whole part with radio drivers is not enabled. Its named "config_media_radio_support". Then inside "radio adapters" NONE of the devices is enabled.

    In "media pci adapters" there are also tons of cards not supported.
    Some ir-adapters are not enabled. For example the hisilicon hix5hd2.
    In media usb adaptes many devices are not supported.
    The "BT848 Video for linux" have to be enabled with its under-point "dvb/atsc support for bt878 based tv cards"
    The description of it tells exactly the pinnacle dvb cards. When this is enabled and you search then by pressing "/" for cx24110 you see that it gets selected by "=m" instead of "=n" from before.

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  • CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848 have to be enabled first.


    CONFIG_DVB_BT8XX can be enabled

    CONFIG_DVB_BT8XX selects then by default the CX24110 driver and that solves this bug report. At the end both drivers as written in the first post are available and usable.

    Could someone please activate the things? Thanks

  • ....
    There are tons of drivers missing. Why?

    I guess to make LibreElec light and make it boot very fast? I think that If they would include all available drivers, there is no point in making LibreElec and you could just use an regular Linux distribution to run Kodi. You can make any distribution start up with Kodi after booting.

  • The boot speed wont increase because the drivers are not loaded at every boot. They are just saved on the drive and if the hardware that requires those is connected, then the drivers starts. Like the already enabled drivers in libreelec.

    As far as i know libreelec is preconfigured kodi OS. There is just kodibuntu(outdated, dead?), openelec(dead?) and libreelec. I dont know of any other "regular linux distribution" that starts directly into kodi where you dont have to setup complex things. I cant make "any distribution start up with Kodi after booting".

  • You can make ubuntu start into kodi, plenty of howtos.

    However to amend libreelec, you need to recompile.

    There are builds referred to on these forums with extra dvb drivers, try one of those first.

    Also last time I compiled it was a lot less than 3 days.