Rasberry pi 3 Processor

  • I have just instal my new pi 3 and info system show me that the processor is a ARMv7 and no ARMv8 as they say in the raspberry site. Also 600 mhz speed... 512 mo memory...!!
    It is now a couple of hours that i try to have an info about that. I have seen IN the Rasperry.org forum someone who talk about that and i feel they dont want to explain him anything, they just tell that it is not true but i have the same!!!
    Is anyone know about it?

    Pi 3 b
    skandisk exterme 32G
    5v 3000 ma


  • Sounds like You got a Raspberry Pi B+
    Check on the board itself, the model/type is printed there.
    Picture of B+ board

    => Just my 5 cents...


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  • Amazon.fr

    "from rasperry pi"
    received fryday 17/06
    on the box lokks, like an official
    top right front : element14.com
    rear of the box: HE-136471 codebar AND... - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B CPU: ARMv7 64 Bit Quad Core 1.2 GHZ Broadcom BCM2837

    Is it a fake or a "scam" (google translate for Arnaque in french)

  • Take a look at your pi whilst it is running
    System > system info>
    Hardware shows as
    CPU ARMv7 processor rev4 (v7l)
    The CPU speeds can be deceptive, when running any function they will zoom up to 1200 Mhz and then drop down to 600 Mhz when the action completes.
    Perhaps try looking at what yours does.

  • i have checked that before connect everything and it is a pi 3 model b v1.2That 's why i didnt care of wich processor was on the card. it is only after that i saw the processor model was an armv7.
    all this afternoon i am busy to search an answer (even send an email to raspberry lol) .

    if you have time go to their website -shop-- raspberry pi3 then you will se that that they annouce a v8 processor WITH THE SAME SELLER (element14) wich website is for sale!! amazon has refuse my comment about that product... search who's bad

    I begin to be parano ...grrrrrr
    thank you bromerzz,

    That is exactly what i have on my screen in the info system - hardware.....enzovoort

    Can You tell me if i have to worry about the speed of execution because for me this Pi 3 b doesn't look faster than the Pi 2 b , using as a media center.

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  • I think you will not notice much speed difference between pi 2 and 3 if you use it as a media player. Especially if you are using the same 32bit version of the software. The Pi 3 will be a little bit faster when 64bit software is available.

    When the pi is not doing much, the clockspeed goes down to 600. Only when the pi is really busy with something, the clock goes up.

    Don't worry about the clock, it is supposed to be 600 if the pi is not doing much (saves energy and reduces heat)

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  • I have just instal my new pi 3 and info system show me that the processor is a ARMv7 and no ARMv8 as they say in the raspberry site.

    As escalade told that's completely normal. As long as there's no 64 bit software running the CPU will identify itself as ARMv7 for backward compatibility.


    Also 600 mhz speed...

    That's the IDLE speed. Go do some heavy computing and see how clocks rise.


    512 mo memory...!!

    512 ... What? Mhz? The IDLE clock is around 500 Mhz IIRC. Don't confuse size and clock, please.

    Check this script, it'll give you some insights: 10890573
    Sample output Pi 3 IDLE:

    And under load + overclocked: