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    I recently bought a D link router which came bundled with a DWA171 adapter which chewitt mentions. I don't generally use WIFI for my pi's so never used it until minutes ago when I tested to see what it would do and can confirm it works on a pi3 for 5Ghz. Using the 5Ghz it does not like 1080p streaming but handles 720p streaming movies no problem.

    There are no markings to suggest it is rev A or Rev B model, and as I am not a Terminal whizz kid do not know the commands to enquire what chipset it has installed. Though I can do if someone posts up the terminal cmds.

    Look for a Mini wifi keyboard such as one from Rii.

    I have used them for several years, and have supplied close to 50 of them to friends, they work without problem on pi3 and LE.

    As I understand it the lighting flash suggest insufficient voltage whilst the rainbow you might get suggests insufficient amperage. The lighting warning for me on pi3 with an official Modmypi power supply flashes on during startup and then goes away.

    From a practical user perspective and not a technical view on the matter, my personal experience of the inbuilt WIFI adapter in pi3 is that generally it is acceptable provided there are not too many obstacles between the router/access point and the pi. I do use an additional WIFI adapter on one setup which is tucked into an alcove with 3 brick walls between the router and the pi, hence a likely wifi dead spot. Selecting the peripheral adapter I do get a more stable connection albeit not always perfect.

    Simply using the default LE configuration and rebooting the device a number of times usually produces a choice of wifi connections. For whatever reason it is not always consistent and if i experience freezing or similar it is usually because the pi has chosen to select its default inbuilt adapter over any peripheral device.

    NoobsandNerds and the Community Portal it utilises is NOT an approved Kodi addon and therefore you are unlikely to get any help here with it outside of the NaN support Forum. Saying that the problem you have might have nothing at all to do with NaN and be LE and IPTV simple client related. I do think that there is very strong likelihood that Super Favourites , also an unofficial add on, is no longer maintained by its developer and that is where your problem may stem from. I don't use SF and never got on with it.

    Vpeter - sorry If i gave the wrong impression and no offence meant maybe i just did not explain matters very well.
    I have used the LE usb/sd creator app. But what I find is that on occasion the process fails to complete and the progress bar at the bottom for want of a better word does not fill with a completion message. Using a MAC and pi3s, to see if anything had changed, yesterday i did a fresh install of the app. On the MAC ran the creator app and installed the appropriate LE image. Using a pi3 with LE8.0 saved a backup to usb stick.Popped the fresh sd into pi3 and restored from backup from the usb stick. Seamless and no problem. I then used the creator to write a previously saved .img for a pi1 and again worked no problem. Now to writing a saved .img for a pi3 with exact same process on 2 occasions saw the progress bar hang and process not complete whilst a 3rd attempt saw the process complete. All with brand new Sandisk 8gb sd cards. No complaints but i guess too many variables to say why for me the process works some of the time but not all of the time.

    Perhaps reading or writing your images using a simple application for MACOS such as Apple Pi baker from tweakingforall is what you need. I have never had the result I want from any of the in-house usb/sd creators.