What to do when lockup occurs?

  • I really like LibreElec. It solved a major annoyance for me over running Kodi on Windows. I do have one question, though. Occasionally, I will run into a lockup. I am not complaining about that. I know it can happen sometimes, especially if dealing with an addon. My question is.... What can you do when it occurs? Is there any way to reboot the system or restart the app using the remote/keyboard at that point? I am hoping the only option is not to shut down the system manually at the hardware. Thank you.

  • Depends, if is a kodi lockup you can enter ssh and restart kodi daemon. If is a whole system freeze and ssh is not responding power cycle would be only option. I power my kodi devices with POE, so I have webhook that automates power cycling by logging into te switch to turn off/on the power for the specific Ethernet port the device is connected.

    You could also automate the restart of the kodi daemon via ssh.

  • Thank you. I will try S the next time if happens just to be sure. I think I did try it, but I want to be 100%. Aside from that, sounds like not much else you could do just from a remote/keyboard.

  • Some watchdog daemon which would restart kodi or whole system would be nice. I think in the past we already have this included. Not sure why this functionality was removed.

    Done giving support here because of last events.