5Ghz dongle with LibreELEC

  • Hi guys, i'm new here so sorry for my noob question.

    I'm looking for an 5Ghz WiFI dongle. I already use google for the answer, but can't find the answer, and of course looked here on the forum. I found some people who use the D-Link DWA-171, but can't read somewhere that it also work with LibreELEC.. Can someone tell me if that WiFI dongle must work with my raspberry pi 3? Or does someone have a better suggestion what kind of 5ghz dongle to use?

    Many thanks.

  • D-Link_DWA-171_rev_A1

    ^ according to that it has an RTL8812AU chipset which we have driver for (although devices breed new USB ID's sometimes). There is a caution note that there are multiple revisions in circulation. So it probably works. No guarantee though. And before you ask, no we don't recommend devices. I'm happy to share my personal opinion that all Realtek devices are sh1t though .. due to out-of-kernel unmaintained drivers.

  • I recently bought a D link router which came bundled with a DWA171 adapter which chewitt mentions. I don't generally use WIFI for my pi's so never used it until minutes ago when I tested to see what it would do and can confirm it works on a pi3 for 5Ghz. Using the 5Ghz it does not like 1080p streaming but handles 720p streaming movies no problem.

    There are no markings to suggest it is rev A or Rev B model, and as I am not a Terminal whizz kid do not know the commands to enquire what chipset it has installed. Though I can do if someone posts up the terminal cmds.

  • Hi, the Netis WF2190 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter works very good and OTB.


    Realtek RTL8812AU

    Other adapter this the Realtek RTL8812AU should be work to.

    Greetz liberi

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