SuperFavourites and IPTV Simple Client isues on Librelec 8.01

  • Hello,

    I have been running Librelec 8.01 perfectly for many months, but just this past Monday an odd issue has crept up. Just before this issue started I had install the noobs and nerds repo/ Community Portal addon (directly from the noobs and nerds website). I am running an Intel Nuc Celeron with 4 gigs memory and a 65 gig SSD and gigabit ethernet. only running Librelec

    What is happening at first after the installation of the repo and addon and a reboot, I could no longer access my super favourite folders, the wait circle would just keep spinning and spinning ( I twaited for over 20 minutes). If I did a hard boot (holding down the power button until the Nuc powers off, counting to 10 and then pressing the button again to restart) everything works fine. If I try a regular shut down via remote ( the power light on the nuc turns off so I do not think its in standby/sleep but actually off) and turn it on again, or choose the reboot option from the power tab on librelec the issues come back. If I do a hard boot more then twice it seems, Librelec assumes there is an issue and defaults everything including the skin, so I have to set up my old skin all over again.

    I tried to uninstall the repo/addon but where it would go through the steps as soon as it returned to the listing of repos and addons they would still be there. I tried to disable them, but nothing happened. I tried to reboot and then they were disabled and I could uninstall them.

    Unfortunately removing the repo and addons did not fix this issues. and a new one started. On anything but a hard shutdown/boot, Librelec fails to start IPTVsimple Client.

    One final thing I noticed, If I do a regular shutdown via remote and leave it off say over night or 8 hours while I am at work and start it up normally via remote it works fine. If I shut it off for only a few hours then turn it back on, the issues are there.

    I have cleared cache and checked settings to ensure none of them have changed but it all still looks like it was before, so I am at a loss.

    ANy guidance help would be appreciated as I am loathe to have to reinstall everything fresh.

  • NoobsandNerds and the Community Portal it utilises is NOT an approved Kodi addon and therefore you are unlikely to get any help here with it outside of the NaN support Forum. Saying that the problem you have might have nothing at all to do with NaN and be LE and IPTV simple client related. I do think that there is very strong likelihood that Super Favourites , also an unofficial add on, is no longer maintained by its developer and that is where your problem may stem from. I don't use SF and never got on with it.

  • Ahhh thank you so much I was not aware of this.

    I just did a full reinstall of Librelec and notice the following. When installing repos there is a list of options where you select update install etc. One of these options is preview (not sure what it is for) but in a few of the repos this is active and I accidentally selected it instead of install and wham the issues I had returned instantly. I did a full fresh install of Librelec and it worked fine for a week, but now the issues have returned. It seems to correct itself when I go to power and power off system and then restart rather then reboot or regular shut down with the remote (as I think that just puts the system/kodi into hibernate/sleep mode) I googled this and found that this has happened before and now where people are getting a black screen, freezing etc when kodi wakes resumes from sleep/hibernation. Some have mentioned that turning off power saving on their PC and/or changing out their video card fixed the issue, but being that librelec is the only "OS" on my nuc I am not sure howor if this is the issue.

  • Hi Bromerzz,

    Sorry I am a bit confused, you mentioned Superfavs is no longer supported by the developer(not sure if I can name him here), but I was just on another fourm (not sure if I can mention it) and he is on there assisting with issues and updating the addon, his last post was May 14 of this year and no mention of leaving/retiring etc. Could you advise me of your source please?

  • Ok I think i may of misinterpreted a tweet/thread fromsome time ago where his collaboration with another developer had come to an end. I shall so no more incase the hole gets deeper!