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    I'm trying to configure my dad's libreelec remotely because he lives 1 hour away. The only way to change such settings that I could think of was via ssh. Or are there other ways to do this? Via http I don't see these settings.

    I used to use a combination of teamviewer to my dad's pc and realvnc or similar with a libreelec vnc addon. Not very elegant but reliable, easy to set up and secure (if he has a pc).

    Kodi only scans recursively down the folder tree by 1 folder, so add as many network locations and video sources as necessary. Otherwise Kodi won't see your content.

    This is not true.

    I don't know what (if any) the limit is, but I just tested with a 7 folder deep source and it scanned just fine.

    Maybe you're thinking of tv shows - for those you set a source and kodi looks for show folders in the next level.

    You can't edit the default advanced settings (short of re-compiling).

    What happens (I think I've got this right) is that kodi looks first in system, then in the masterprofile, then in the profile being used (if different). So if there are 3 different settings for eg recentlyaddeditems the last one read will be used.

    Your new file looks good to me - if it doesn't seem to be working enable debug logging, restart and the log will show whether it's being read correctly.

    Yes, but expect bad performance. USB port / stick speed can be a dramatic bottleneck when dealing with videos.

    Running LE from a usb stick shouldn't have any implications for video playback. What might well be noticeable are things like slower scrolling through the library as images are slower to load from usb.

    If the videos are on usb it doesn't matter whether LE is installed on HDD or usb, the bottleneck will be the same.

    It would certainly be a simpler solution - that or run Kodi as a native Windows application (Win32 or UWP flavour) ;)

    On the other hand Kamal may have a very particular reason for wanting LibreELEC dual boot and/or may not want to dig out and plug in a USB device every time he wants to use Kodi, or tie up a laptop USB port by leaving it permanently plugged in. Or some entirely different reason... Speed isn't always the primary motivation. Who knows? /shrug

    I'm not sure what kodi on windows has to do with it.

    LE booting from usb / HDD are indistinguishable when running

    Advantages of running from usb:

    - no need to touch windows loader

    - can be easily set up on top of a running windows install

    - much quicker to set up

    - can be easily removed (unplug usb / remove ext4 partition and it's completely gone)


    - it needs a 512MB-plus usb stick / sd card

    - one less usb port / sd reader while using LE (it can be left in or taken out when using windows).

    I checked on my laptop (I actually have LE on the HDD for once since installing mint) and boot times are actually about the same.

    For someone who's not that comfortable in a linux environment and doesn't really like messing with windows bootloader (ie me!) there's a lot less to go wrong using usb. For linux afficionados it's probablky an inelegant solution.

    What I've done for years now is to take an existing windows drive, resize it to leave space at the end, make an ext4 partition there to use as storage and boot from a usb pointing at that. I can't see any advantage in having the LE boot partition on a windows pc - maybe it boots 10 seconds quicker is all.

    By Thumbnails I assume you mean '/storage/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails', but no idea what you mean by Fanart - there's no separate folder for fanart (all artwork is cached in the Thumbnails folder).

    The Thumbnails folder doesn't get smaller when you update, only if you clean it manually (eg by deleting it / running the texturecache maintenance utility / using a maintenance addon). If you haven't done any of those things your Thumbnails shouldn't shrink.

    If you look in the kodi file manager you can get the size of the Thumbnails folder. Which backup does that match?

    While I have you guys here, on another note. When I did my first Kodi Tar backup with the LE program config app, the first backup was 1Gig about, I did 2nd backup this month and that one was 200Mb's which is weird. I did not change anything, or delete or add anything, yet the tar file is much smaller. I could of sworn the first back up asked all the settings I wanted to back up and I check marked them, but for the life of me I don't see that now. Am I missing something here ??

    Move / copy the tars to your pc and extract them to see what's been backed up. IIRC it should be everything in storage/.config, /.cache and /.kodi.

    Your 2nd backup is presumably incomplete.

    Hello guys, excuse me for being away for that long, right after asking my question.

    Thanks for your replies at first!

    I've tried to work with 2 GB drives and it (seems like) works fine out of the box. I don't know whether there is a way of managing things somehow (with symlinks maybe), to have a bootable drive on that tiny SSD only, but it works for me, for a light system which I use only as a player, not having huge library, no add-ons, basically naked LibreELEC.

    As for the computer with much bigger library I took 8 GB drive for the same (one dollar more) price. I heard that should be enough, I'm playing around with that, and that looks enough, at least at this point. I'm not sure where LibreELEC hosts all the thumbnails though, and how much space they take.

    I have a reasonably sized library - 1200 films / 80 tv shows - and my Thumbnails folder is around 1.2GB.

    Location is storage/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails.

    8GB should be plenty for most of us - it might fill up if you start making multiple backups.