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    I was "afraid" to get that answer. Prob is that it is 2 weeks that i switch all the time between LE and CE forums and i have to say that i am a little bit lost .

    I have found that many users are constantly talking about Android and frankly I do not intend to use it. Why ? Simply because I never stream and just use my files at the moment.

    Also, I'm not used to SSH and scripting, so according to you I could simply "burn" img.z on sd or eMMC and the boot will start as with LibreELEC in recent years ?


    I don't know if I am in the right place but here it is

    It's been a year since I last came to the LibreELEC forum because my pc went to windows 10 and there were file sharing problems (which are resolved now). I had used Kodi in the meantime by pc> ... hdmi cable ...> ... Tv. The quality of the screen image was not very good. So I used my Rpi 3b again and reinstalled Kodi 18.7.1 (Linux Kernel 4.19.x) and it works but I have a new Tv (Lg 55sm9500pla) and there it becomes a problem!

    I followed some discussions on the forum and also look to buy a new SBC. So this is where it gets funny ...

    Tomorrow I will receive my new SBC which is (ouch ouch ouch not on my head) an Odroid N2.

    I absolutely want to continue using LibreELEC and I could see that the subject is quite hot. That is why I would like to ask a question.

    Is it still planned to develop a stable version for this model? (I have already downloaded the nightly img.z for N2) I'll see how it works tomorrow.

    Thank you (maybe Chewitt) or anyone else who would like to inform me.

    See you later;)


    why can i not include so1e08 + s01e09 in the lybrary

    i have tried to rename other but it doesnt work

    TVDB is updated so what?

    tanks 4 help

    i have just seen that is a new version of Krypton.
    I use RPI 3 without any issues from the begining, works perfect for me as a media player.

    15 mins. earlier i wanted to install the 006 version on a new sd card with sd creator but the alpha 6 exists in the list. Itried to update in the libreelec settings (on my alpha 5 sd card) but no tar file except 005 and others before are there.
    So dowload the 006 imgz and install with -sd formatter +win32 usual. When i insert the sd card in the rasp and try to run the program the gteen led flash one time then , black screen. Shut down power then restart power same green led flash one time then rainbow screen.

    Is it anything to do in the conf txt before or maybe it is too soon today to install the Alpha 6 version
    Thanks for reply.
    *sd card with sd creator but the alpha 6 doesn't exist in the list
    oops sorry for this stupid question tar file 006 is in the libreelec settings .....and update works

    Good evening all
    hi it s me again (pffff)

    in sd creator the file is in also
    sorry all

    hi everybody,
    First i would like to say that tne new Alpha 5 is working great on my PI 3. This was not the case with Alpha 3 & 4 (running slow) as i have discribe in a thread called "Slow lybrary".
    It is very faster now.

    My question is maybe not appropried in this forum, but after looking in ggle many answers about palyback Hevc 265 with the Pi 3
    are a bit differents even in Kodi; That's why i ask if someone has allready test a Hevc file (movie or Tv show) and if it works with standard set up in the Libreelec config?

    Thanks to reply, and again many thanks for the work who's done here



    i have made a new fresh install yesterday with a new LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-7.90.004.img.gz and add only 4 movies imported from my PC with smb , updated the library , no settings in the conf.txt to let it clean as original set up (so 600-1200 mhz) and i have to inform both here in this trhead that it runs slow.
    If it is a question of no trust, take a chronograph and compare only ONE thing: - install Yahoo Weather with LE 7.00.4
    : - "" Opensubtitles "" "" """ ""

    Then do same with OE 6.0.3 ......and tell here the results.

    Also the fanarts do not appear fast when you go in the library ( Films or Vidéo Shows)
    As i know these 2 add ons are official.

    Hope to find something else than ( we'd see a ton of posts if it was a major issue; it's not. ) from  chewitt

    Thanks all ,have a good day.

    i have some problems as you.i was on openelec 6.0.3 (isengard) and everything was good: fast and all runing well.
    Then i discover Libreelec and install it on Rpi 3 with 32 gb scandisk extreme first alpha version and it was so slow but i tought because alpha build.
    After many fresh install on different micro sd card (bought 2 (16) (32) ) it stills the same even with the last alpha 4.Wondering if i have made something wrong but i think (i am sure) no! then i return on 6.0.3 version and miracle runing fast again. When i saw your message i decide finally to ask THE question in the forum wich is : is Libreelec enough for Raspberry users or is it just because the program is to heavy for the Pi?
    I have tried the Jarvis 16.1 (7.00.2) and it is the same , very slow.
    Is anybody can explain why for exemple it takes 20 sec.or more to download Yahoo wheater, more than 9 min. to have the full scan with Artwork downloader, no way to get something in You tube before 5-7 min., opensubtitles same..etc...

    I am running on Pi3 ( i have 2 and it is same ) ethernet wired. logitech k 400, usb hub powered 220/5V (dongle is on it) scandisk 32gb extreme pro (not a fake one), temperature between 36 and 50 C°, alimentation 220/5V 3000ma ,..... all good stuff
    I have also tried to use another skin but sorry.. it stills so slow.

    I don't want to be offensive or unpleasant but i look every day here in the forum what happend and see that no one has talk about this problem . Is the Libreelec "program" too "heavy" for the Raspberry?

    Thank you to answer and very sorry for my language i don t speek good english.


    Am i the only one, it doesn't seems so.

    i think you have to add "globale search" in the add ons

    What is the usual password on libreelec?
    i try to connect with Putty and allways have "password not aviable" or something like that..
    When i install Jarvis 6.95.3 on my sd card (raspberry pi 2 /3) i type -root paswword -openelec and it works.
    When i came to lmibreelec the first time , i am not sure , but i have seen that password was "libreelec" , am i right?.
    maybe do i use the a head letter somwhere.. i don't know !

    Is anyone can help me for that?