Krypton - search not working

  • So on Kodi 17, I've noticed the search on the home page upper left stopped working. I know it did at least at one point because I tried it when I first installed it.

    When I select the search bar, and I search local library, the dialogue box disappears like it's opening something else up but then nothing happens.

    Is there a seperate addon I need to install?


  • i think you have to add "globale search" in the add ons

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    I don't think you need "Global Search" as it worked without it.

    What release are you on?

    It was working on 7.90.002 but I haven't tried on 7.90.003

  • Well i was on 002 but I noticed 003 came out yesterday. So i'll probably update tonight if auto update doesn't and see what happens.

  • Just an update. I was automatically updated to 003 and the search was still not working. But then I went into add-ons and searched for global search and saw that it was already installed. I updated from the kodi repo and now the search function is working again.

    TLDR; update/install global search