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    VPN might be advised for illegal content (which is not endorsed here), other than that there's really no reason to use it. There's no inherent VPN functionality in LibreELEC either other than third party addons, so I concur this is out of scope for the forum. You can of course ask, but I'd recommend the OpenVPN forum (I suppose that's what you are using) as the chances of finding what you are looking for here is slim.


    They work a bit differently, udevil is more like a mount helper. It's used in LibreELEC by udev when block devices are connected. You can point it to a block device, an iso file or a network share and it will create mount point and do the mounting for you.

    AutoFS on the other hand runs as a daemon and mounts on demand. It mounts an underlying filesystem on the mount point that detects what you're trying to access, then mounts it and unmounts after a set timeout. Very useful for network mounts that can be problematic if they become unavailable for whatever reason. When properly set up, it makes NFS/CIFS mounts feel like they are local.

    There's only one problem, AutoFS isn't part of LE. Not sure they would want it either as Kodi handles network mounts through libraries and it works fairly well. There's a bit of good news though, as I like having AutoFS available I've packaged it up in my fork. Perhaps you or someone else who takes an interest in it would look at making it an addon (shouldn't be much trouble) and upstreaming it. It compiles and runs great both on arm and x86.

    "Private messages", that says it all doesn't it?

    So you managed to find someone that did the same ugly hack as I did months before me, great job. You're on to me Sherlock Holmes, this was all a great plot to make you look stupid, I have been planning it for years. That was the reason I described in detail how I came to my conclusion, wow how do you come up with this? Well, I'm not actually surprised.

    Sorry, but you managed perfectly well to make a joke out of yourself don't blame it on me. You keep repeating that you're tired of this whole thing, yet you come back with this "master plan"?

    Man, all this because you couldn't handle that I said "he copied my packages so they should function the same". The guy who basically did a cp -a packages/escalade/* /path/to/5schatten/ has got quite the ego. Even a monkey could copy my packages over to LE9 I spent literally 5 minutes on that. You realize that I started this on OpenELEC before this thread was even started right? I didn't have any prior artwork to look at for most of the things I added, I invested a lot of time in learning the toolchain and producing the things you take for granted and call your own. Not that nobody else could do it, by all means, but seriously GTFO with this false sense of ownership you have.

    It's doctor crazy, back again. You know, making up a lot of stuff doesn't actually make you right you know? For your information, ninja didn't exist in LE 8.2, I manually backported it and as a result I turned it off in packages that already compiled.

    Unlike you, I can actually use my brain and figure things out. The isystem sed is my original as you can see here: Problems cross compiling Dolphin for LibreELEC

    I found hints to the issue in the GCC bugtracker and experimented with the compiler command. This was copied by Lakka (which is mentioned when they added it) and yourself. Oh yeah, great thinking, of course I wouldn't be able to apply my own sed expression to instead of flags.make. You're a genius!!

    Get back to your version bumping and copying ok, and stop polluting my thread.

    Again, you're welcome for everything that's in your build.

    Not possible from anything other than generic at the moment due to lack of an X server. LE is going to remove for generic as well going forward so unless you can recommend one that runs directly on KMS/GBM, I suggest you start learning how to use ssh/cp/rm/mv or simply use filemanager on a different computer through SMB.

    Just to clarify: I don't have a problem with anyone using my work niabi, this is open source. I couldn't care less if people include any license headers either, it's not like it's some special code. I have looked at a lot of your stuff as well you're doing plenty of cool things. The issue is this guy upstreaming stuff that I have provided him in messages without mention (look at other PR's, it's customary to say where you got it from if you didn't do it yourself), and then have the nerve to go on some rant here when I point out to a user that his build should function the same as it's based on mine. We're all using mainly RetroArch on LibreELEC no matter the frontend. He started out copying my packages, just like I did with Lakka years back. It's not the first time he's starting a public pissing contest with me for nothing, so just calling him out on that. This behaviour sure isn't encouraging for me to keep sharing.