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    Can anyone confirm if the screentearing in menus’s is fixed in the rpi4 build?

    Which emulators are working on the rpi4?


    Found the issue, I had set REMOTE_SUPPORT=no in my options file :)

    96-e2scrub.rules is nowhere to be found in LE though. Not needed as my images use F2FS anyways.


    Beetle-saturn is heavy, not much you can do except maybe enabling threading or frame skipping in the core (which has other negative consequences). Perhaps you could give the kronos core a try (not included in my build), it's an x86 version of yabasanshiro which should be lighter.


    Hm, I fixed that issue but looks like maybe I didn't upload the new image. New RPi4 image with the latest and greatest on the way in about 15 min :)

    EDIT: New image ready, let me know how it works :)


    Found the firefox issue, can you try the generic image under "test"? If you look at /usr/bin/ it tries to launch "firefox-developeredition", it should just be "firefox". I used the Arch dev package a while but now FF 72 is released and it works great on Wayland from my minimum of testing.

    That's odd, I can't see any Emulationstation or retroarch logs in there, perhaps you had rebooted inbetween. Looks like something went wrong while extracting the container. These issues are fixable though, the logs are of great help. Please do test RPi2/RPi3 if possible too, although I expect them to work the same. They should perform better with the new Mesa driver as well.

    Let it be said I bear no big grudge against 5schatten either I suppose this ownership thing of mine is a bit childish, just don't appreciate to be talked down to when spending free time on this. Kudos to him for bringing this stuff to more people. Those who do deserve thanks is the LE team for giving us this great base, and also to the libretro team and everyone working on the great cores. Have fun playing everyone :)

    Did I mention that beetle-psx now has the new "lightrec" dynarec? Settings should be "dithering pattern" disabled, multisampling on, dynrec "max performance" and internal resolution 4x or as high as your CPU allows. It looks and runs great on 4x with my very old i5 NUC (steady 60fps on crash racing) :D

    Wonder if I should make it default settings to make it easy, what do you guys think? Those with weaker CPU's will need to adjust down in that case, not sure what hardware the average guy has anymore these days.

    Any Amiga fans be sure to try out the PUAE core, which has gotten a lot of attention lately. The on screen keyboard, whdload support, LED support etc has brought the glory days of the Amiga back.

    I've been doing a lot of tuning under the hood to make sane default settings that should work for everyone. Later on I will make my tree easy to rebase on the latest LE, at the moment I'm keeping in sync manually due to a lot of my own changes in packages.

    I'm currently on holiday but brought a box with me to play around as there's so much good stuff happening in libretro these days I can't stay away.


    Thanks for being my guinea pig here, can you try out the latest image? The mentioned issues should now be fixed :) I've created a new browser container for ARM as well, escalade1/archarm, which has Firefox 72. It's a bit on the fat side (~1GB compressed), and completely untested as I don't have any RPi available to test.


    Can't get them to play, what does that mean? Why don't you provide the logs as requested, or am I supposed to guess what's going on?

    I found two issues, my kernel config was out of sync with master and this undefined symbol prevented Kodi from starting:

    Jan 22 05:59:11 RetroELEC[1076]: /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: ff_hevc_rpi4_10_hwaccel

    Otherwise it's looking quite good even if you don't have a picture :P I'll see about fixing both would appreciate if you could test another build. Might not be ready until tomorrow as I'm currently on holidays.

    In order to tackle the issues that comes with me changing es_systems.cfg in the image while an old one is in /storage/.emulationstation, I've decided to do some long overdue cleanup of the Emulationstation.

    - Emulationstation config now resides in /storage/.config/emulationstation where it more naturally belongs.

    - It will automatically be populated on boot with an es_input.cfg that will be copied over like before, and an es_systems.cfg which now will be a symlink to /usr/share/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg.

    - If you wish to make modifications to es_systems.cfg simply remove the symlink and copy over the system es_systems.cfg manually. In that case you will need to keep it in sync yourself when I do updates (I will further simplify and clean up config and scripts later).

    - Emulationstation now logs directly to /var/log/emulationstation.log.

    - Platform tags have been added to fix the scraping issues and I've removed a theme tag that was causing noise in the log. It should now be readable again.

    - Kernel was updated to 5.5-rc7, Mesa to latest git and I've done the usual version bumps of emulator packages.

    - The virtual image should now be fully functional and has 3D accelerated OpenGL through vmwgfx, tested on VMware Fusion 11.5.1.

    - I've added the dhewm-libretro core (libretro Doom 3 engine generic only), no automatic setup yet, just the core available at /tmp/cores/

    - The Intel "iris" gallium3d driver is now preferred over the older i965 driver.

    I've uploaded images with the latest changes for generic, skylake, rpi4 and xu4.


    I think you might want to visit an eye doctor then, there is definitely images there I have triple checked from other machines :)


    Always pick the latest one.


    I think so. It seems I had messed up the bootloader. Could you try the one I've just uploaded?


    This is an unofficial image, there's no update channel.


    Give the new build a try :)