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    It's based on master from some time ago, with some upgraded components. There are of course some relatively major differences at this point, mainline runs on X11 while I've moved to GBM. It shouldn't matter much with regards to compatibility though, if that's what you are thinking about. Their plan is to ditch X11 and move to GBM anyways AFAIK, not that it matters much (except perhaps GL/GLES addons, not sure how they behave). Hard to say though, as I don't use Kodi much and community seems dead these days. I mostly hack on this to improve my HTPC gaming functionality and WAF.

    I was thinking about it, do you have any experience with it? Says on their site intel has bugs but lots have happened in mesa lately might give it a shot. I suppose the nuc8 should handle it power wise, at least some games.

    EDIT: Doh, it uses Wine.... Doable, but I think it could be a lot of work, also I'm not convinced how well it will run.

    Some really cool progress on my Wayland builds, see demo here:


    (sound is out of sync and video is off sometimes but this is just due to the recording tool I guess, because it runs great)

    EDIT2: Turns out it was just due to software encoding being heavy. Enabled vaapi in ffmpeg and it's all good, will make a new video later.

    • Xwayland (from xorg git) included (adds about 6MB to the compressed image size) - launches only when needed
    • Emulators with hardware engines pick the best available (Vulkan/OpenGL/OpenGL ES)
    • Every libretro core using Vulkan or OpenGL through EGL directly on Wayland
    • RPCS3 switches to the resolution set in the GUI (needs quit after changing in GUI)
    • PCSX2 through Xwayland
    • Quit apps with Antimicro (Dualshock 4 PS + Left trigger is set up automatically)
    • Included wf-recorder recording utility
    • Alacritty terminal
    • Mesa 19.3-git with Intel and AMDGPU Mesa drivers
    • Kodi compiled with GBM/KMS platform
    • Linux kernel 5.3.5
    • Qt 5.14 beta

    Haven't added NVIDIA as I don't have any hardware to test, but should be possible through EGLStreams. This isn't included though. I'm quite pleased with the results, Wayland is running smoothly. I did have the odd crash here and there, but I'd say it's ready for day to day use.

    Advantages with Wayland/Sway:

    • Input lag comparable to KMS/GBM without needing to switch to a virtual terminal (less flickering when starting emus)
    • Automatic PAL/NTSC refresh rate switch using Sway
    • Lightweight desktop environment without the old and heavy X11 displayserver
    • No tearing due to the compositor doing vsync

    New image available here.

    Others said it couldn't be done... ;)


    I also support the XU4, which is my main motivation for implementing Wayland support (no matter what this delusional idiot may think) as there's currently no way to switch modes on the fly without X11. Sway takes care of that nicely, although I haven't gotten it running on that yet because libmali is broken and soon(ish) is to be replaced by panfrost. Also development has stalled to nearly a halt the last years and everybody is moving to Wayland, so might as well start getting things in shape. My tree will let you choose between them at build time, I am not here advocating one over the other the wayland builds are simply test beds for my current work. I am simply sick of this guy constantly spreading p0ison, so came to drop my two cents on what he's been saying.

    - So users absolutely wanting PCSX2 and Flycast OIT can run Xwayland, so what?

    - Have you even tried the GL backend of beetle-psx? It's absolute crap, and any CPU from the last 15 years will handle PSX in software, which is the best choice these days. I have Vulkan support, but still use software for PSX.

    - Don't know why you're going on about Weston, I use Sway/wlroots as mentioned. This will be ported to the XU4 as well, as soon as Panfrost is ready.

    - AMD support is simply a matter of compiling it in. Coming later.

    No idea what "points" you are trying to prove, I'm here because you stated that I don't care about the average LE user and posted misinformation about Wayland. Craving attention my ass... I'm not the one with a "Reborn Remix" build trying to be me, and actively trying to misguide users. Stay in your lane son and you won't be embarrased again.

    Oh well, off to do some actual gaming. On Wayland of course, I'll post some videos for you later so you can see how it looks.

    "Craving attention" because I won't tolerate you talking trash? The "average LE user" is asking you for Wayland support, and your response is to talk trash about my work? Don't know who's the attention craving one here.

    Yes, the version bumps were just that, version bumps, but you seem to be very proud of PR'ing them since you keep bringing them up. Anyways, feel free to try my Wayland image with working audio, refresh rate switching and everything I know you crave (you were very interested earlier I recall).

    Now put your money where your mouth is or simply shut up and keep doing whatever it is you are doing and leave me in peace.


    This is nothing new & the way Kodi 19 will handle it. But since Nvidia GPUs use EGLStreams you'll rip out support for them. Once there is a LE10 release then I'll switch over too but as long as it's LE9.x it makes no sense to make this dick move and kick out all Nvidia users.

    Well yeah, unless you simply add support for EGLStreams (not very hard).


    As I said the topic came up in may and because of this PR X11: remove vdpau and glx by lrusak · Pull Request #16057 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub I updated & fixed Wayland in LE master in the first place.

    Yep, you sent your PR with Wayland version bumps soon after I added them in my fork when I did testing for my XU4. Great job on bumping package versions as usual. I'm not using Weston so stop acting like you're some kind of Wayland pioneer. Where's your Wayland images? All I see is bitching.

    You don't want to use Wayland that's fine, no need to spread lies and piss on others work though.

    New Wayland build is out just in time for my post #1500:

    • Kodi now runs on GBM/KMS (no X server, directly on the framebuffer like on ARM) - this is actually the future of LibreELEC as stated by the team, AFAIK it's also the only way to get HDR to work. Resolution and refresh rate switching working just fine.
    • Switched to Alacritty for terminal emulator (I've ported terminology from enlightenment as well, but haven't landed on a final choice yet due to cross compiling issues)
    • As RPCS3 seems to have issues with stretching the picture on Wayland, I've added resolution switching to 1280x720 for proper fullscreen gaming
    • Polished systemd services for everything to work seemlessly
    • Downgraded to 5.3.4 kernel as 5.4 gets a corrupted pagetable due to ply-image
    • Mesa 19.3-git
    • The usual libretro core updates

    The wayland build is Intel only for now. Download here.

    It's come to my attention that certain voices aren't very happy with my progress (envy?), apparently it means that I "don't care about the average LibreELEC user" (TALEU for short). Well, "TALEU" used to be stuck with Kodi and not much else. Oh, you have a brand new HTPC and wanted to run some games, or run a transmission server as well? Sorry, no can do. Did you want Plex? A browser? Spotify? Sorry, no can do. "Death of a thousand cuts", have been the usual response to such things when requested on the forums by "TALEU". Well, I actually added all those things for "TALEU" and the same voices (or voice?) have greatly benefited from my work without so much as a "thank you". Well, rest assured that everything I add will find their way to other projects as they always do, but after you see it here of course.

    There seems to be great concern about PCSX2, well I actually am the one who brought PCSX2 to LibreELEC for the first time, and my docker container is in fact used (or copied) to other projects offering it as well. PCSX2 runs fine in Xwayland which can easily be added (I'll probably add options for it so people can build themselves). Doesn't really add that much to the image, and you don't need to run a full X server, so it's still a win. Oh, and beetle-psx actually have a Vulkan backend, so that only leaves Flycast which benefits from OpenGL for it's "OIT" engine, which isn't all that. It's an OK compromise for now. NVIDIA can support Wayland through EGLStreams, although I don't have such hardware for testing and frankly it's not the best pick for open source gaming these days.


    It looks like the future is finally here, as I have a new image ready for testing which is pure Wayland :)

    • Uses Sway (i3 compatible) as compositor
    • Proper PAL switching using atomic mode setting
    • Kitty terminal emulator
    • Qt 5.14 alpha
    • Linux 5.4-rc1
    • No X11 or Xwayland!

    Everything seems to work great, although I haven't done any extensive testing so there might be bugs. Every emulator/core included runs directly on Wayland. PCSX2 is an exception, as it's currently not possible. It can run through Xwayland, but I'd rather not build and include the extra X11 stuff just for that. Hopefully the "Play!" core will mature enough to scrap PCSX2 in the future.

    Unfortunately, Kodi does not yet support switching resolution/framerate on Wayland. I will probably compile it against GBM instead for future builds.

    Download link here.

    Of course I couldn't stop there. Switched to i3 "gaps", the fork that adds spacing to the windows. Also added Compton which is a compositor that can add shadows, transparency etc. Makes the windows look like canvases hanging on a wall. Now multiple windows looks and handles great, which is good for emulators like RPCS3 and Dolphin. Only the skylake image updated for now, it's experimental but works great.

    Obligatory screenshot:


    New skylake build is uploaded with some exciting features, like dumping fluxbox:

    • switched to i3 for a modern tiling windowmanager that automatically handles floating windows
    • antimicro runs in the background and enables quitting apps with L3+PS (if you have DS4)
    • connman_ncurses cli utility for easy connect to wireless (will add it to the ES menu later)
    • bluez 5.51
    • pulseaudio 13
    • vulkan 1.1.123
    • latest mesa git
    • latest rpcs3 git and now uses openal by default (eliminates stuttering)
    • modesetting driver by default for intel again (really the most stable choice)

    Some eyecandy: